How to create an engaging script for your business IVR

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  • 01-Oct-2021
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The interactive Voice Response or IVRs are almost everywhere, doesn’t matter if you are calling a bank, an IT company, or any customer support desk of any company, you will be greeted first by an automated voice. The multilingual IVR industry has been growing manifold in the past years and is expected to grow at an even faster pace.  This automated voice response system guides you through various services the company offers or the remedies to your problems. It helps you navigate through the options or redirect the call to the concerned department if needed.

IVRs are the voice of your company, what they say and how they say it, is critically important. Let’s assume you have an IVR system set up and you also have found your perfect IVR voice over in English or any other language from Voyzapp’s vast collection of professional IVR voices, now you need to focus on writing an engaging IVR script. What your IVR says to the customers makes an impression about your business, therefore, scripting your IVR is an essential element to have a successful customer service desk. Understand that an IVR can have both positive or negative effects on the callers, depending upon how it is written and how it is being said.

Well, an IVR recorded by a professional IVR voice artist from Voyzapp assures you that there is no compromise with the quality of the work, how to make those IVR scripts as impressive and engaging? Just follow these simple steps: -

Understanding from customers’ perspective. When you want to create an engaging IVR script, it becomes a necessity to understand why your customers would call?  What they would like to hear?  How would they feel on hearing it? Different callers’  have different concerns, your IVR script should be inclusive of that. So, understanding the callers’ perspective is very important to map out an effective outline for the IVR script.

Start with Pleasantries. You should open by greeting your customers warmly. It should be as if you are present in person and shaking hands with them. Assure them they have called the right company for their queries. Include polite and positive words to make them feel they are valued and welcomed. Sometimes you need to add certain greetings depending on the time of the year, for example, if it’s a festive season you might want to include wishes for that also. The standard should be met whether you are creating a pro Hindi voice over or in another regional / international language.

Simple and catchy. Make sure your IVR script is simple and attention-grabbing. It should be able to catch the caller’s attention right from the beginning. Creating a catchy and simple script allows your customers to easily navigate through the menu and get to the relevant department. Here is a quick example for it –

Hello, thank you for calling XYZ company. For tech support press 1. For sales press 2. For billing and payment queries press 3. To know more about XYZ press 4. To speak with our representative press 9. To repeat the message press 0.

Now it is very important while creating an IVR script that it represents that you are a professional organization and value the time your callers have taken out for you. Therefore, understanding this point is very crucial.

Keep it brief. If you don’t want your callers to get bored or irritated by hearing unnecessary options or messages from your IVR, keep your phone menu options to a minimum. Do not include verbose to sound more friendly, interactive, or overly professional. So, instead of saying “ if you would like to talk to a member of our customer support department, please press 0 for customer support representative”, just “for customer support press 0”, can do the job effectively.

Numbers at the end. It is very crucial to mention the options first and actions at the end. Meaning present the numbers for actions at the end of the sentence. For instance, press 1 for tech support, press 2 for marketing, leads to mix-ups, therefore, for tech support press 1, for marketing press 2, makes it clearer and callers won’t get confused with the menu options.

Avoid over the greeting. Yes, that’s also very important. Your IVR script should not include “please” and “thank you” after every sentence. The repetition of these words, instead of making you sound courteous, bores or annoys the caller by lengthening the time duration.

Testing and optimizing. When writing an IVR script you should be flexible to changes and adjustments. Once you have written the script implement it and ask customers and callers for their feedback and make changes accordingly. Monitoring the effectiveness of the IVR script leads to a better understanding of your callers’ requirements and thus, helps you achieve better customer retention.

The IVR system has the word interactive in it and so your script should also be. While creating an IVR script, it should be in your mind that it not only guides your callers to reach a particular department it also is a reflection of your company’s persona. So, you should adhere to your brand tone and professionalism and not get carried away in being interactive. In addition to having an engaging IVR script, a suitable IVR voice adds to the engagement of the script. Therefore, find your brand voice on the largest voice marketplace – Voyzapp.

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