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  • 02-Apr-2021
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Ever called a product customer care; greeted in a very professional tone and assisted with an Artificial Intelligence towards resolving your query. It is just one thing IVR does for the business out of many and leaves an ever-lasting impression on the customer, but the most crucial part of IVR success revolves around quality voice over work. If the same call starts with a typical marketing voice, we may disconnect the call within 10 seconds.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. In primitive times back in the 1960s, when IVR was introduced, its role was limited to voice automation to interact with the client and direct him to press the button for inputs which are called digital touch-tone systems. It is still used in small, budget constraint businesses.

This blog will briefly highlight what IVR in today’s world does for your business to establish your brand with ease and ensure customer satisfaction.

If a new or a small business wants to compete with a big company, then competitive product or price is not the only solution; it has to think and act smartly. It has to become empowered and present itself as empowered to the customers. So, IVR is the solution, but the only thing is technology has not yet taken over human relations, so IVR can succeed only if it can give an impression of personal interaction with the customer. This can be done with the help of voice over artists.

IVR allows the business to integrate its entire customer cycle right from the prospective customer query to customer satisfaction for its retention. With the rapid increase in online shopping and a human mindset to search for any support at a click 24x7, IVR is an indispensable need of businesses to sustain the market race. Again, the only challenge is that the customer should not get the impression that his call has bypassed some automated calls. Let’s have a look at how? 

IVR in Call Center Environment

professional corporate IVR voice over system establishes automated menus and allows callers to interact with the company and reduce resolution time. It further reduces the staffing cost in handling customer call traffic and prevents customer frustration with probable miscommunication during conveyance of issue from customer to the technical staff to resolve the problem.

There is no need to recruit staff for a 24x7 support system in the IVR system. However, we cannot forget that the call center is still the most critical link between the customer and the company, and a frustrated customer would never look forward to talking to a robot. 

IVR may have pre-recorded responses, but the customer’s psychological need requires it to sound like a regular call. So, the IVR system needs quality voice over artists who can record their responses in an empathetic and formal manner.

IVR in Payment Collections

In an IVR system, companies can call the customer for payment updates, and customers can also call the company and ask for the billing details. Companies should take essential care that pre-recorded payment follow-up calls should be recorded very professionally and may not offend the customer. Hence, the organization generally prefers to create voice over IVR to sound more convincing and give a personal touch. It helps to manage the product cash cycle and offer better services in return.

IVR and Product Marketing 

In the integrated IVR systems, it becomes easy to alert the potential and existing customers about the new sale or launch of a product. There are many success stories of the creative implementation of IVR in marketing campaigns. For instance, businesses in Delhi would hire a leading voice over agency in Delhi to sound more powerful. 

Although IVR reduces the staffing cost in many dimensions, we cannot undermine that to reap all the benefits of IVR; you need an integrated IVR system which may be costly. But before declaring it out of reach, reach out to the IVR system experts and explain your requirement. They can provide a tailor-made integration that may suit your product’s marketing budget without compromising services. 


IVR is a blessing but can be a converse situation if the customers feel lost in the robotic environment where they cannot explain their needs and thus not get the resolution of their problem. It has to be implemented professionally and tested repeatedly to establish a proper interface with the customer and avoid any dead ends. The customer is getting the pre-recorded responses but to make him feel valued, it should sound like personal interaction, and voice over is really important here.

To make your IVR sound more professional in a human voice, you can opt for corporate IVR voice over services. You can contact Voyzapp, a corporate IVR and voice over services provider across all business domains. You can find the best voice over artist in few minutes and browse the best voice demos from millions of artists.

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