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  • 08-Nov-2023
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Apart from the summer or winter season, there is one more season in India. It is the cricket season, also the most anticipated one! Cricket in India is not a mere sport, but it is an event that makes people feel a full rollercoaster of emotions. It won’t be an understatement to say that people are crazy over it especially for matches like India v/s Pakistan.

Be it T-20, one day series or any bilateral series, cricket entertains people throughout the year. But the biggest one of them all would definitely be the World Cup.  Joy after your team hits fours, sixes or any nail biting moments is what makes it more thrilling to watch. Cricket season is currently ongoing in India as the world cup is happening. The excitement of all Indians and cricket lovers all over the world is at its peak.

Cricket is not just a game but an emotion that brings all generations together. Right from the toss, to the players hitting the ground to play, cheers and buzz starts happening all over the stadium. This enthusiasm and excitement is communicable as it spreads from person to person.

Players play with all their might as they have the responsibilities of the whole nation on their shoulders. People in the stadium also extend their support to the players by chanting their names, slogans etc. to support their teams.

India! India! is chanted all over the stadium this world cup in all matches of India by the domestic crowd as it is happening in India. Friends, relatives, family stick to their television so as to not miss any amazing moments. Chai stalls become a hubspot for strangers to talk about cricket over chai with enthusiasm.

These matches are also very important platforms for new emerging cricket talents. Many of the younger generation cricketers get a chance to showcase their talents and needless they give it all. The bond of celebrating team’s victory and feeling sad over defeats creates the ups and downs in cricket.

The happiness of watching your favourite team play with good commentary is what makes a cricket match worth watching. This experience is improved ten times when the commentary or subtitles provided are in your own local language. There are companies in India which provide such engaging voice over services. One special thing that makes a game special is the essence of enjoying it with the comfort of your own language. Especially in a diverse country like India when there are so many different languages, especially marathi voice over services by skilled artists play a very important role. This diversity extends to people of India who speak different languages and would enjoy the game more if the commentary given was to be in their own language.

Companies like Voyzapp can come to the rescue here as it provides professional voice overs in different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali etc. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your room and watching cricket while the commentary is going on in your mother tongue. It will add more to that experience. This imagination can be turned into reality by all types of voice over and dubbing services including documentary voice over services provided by Voyzapp. How cool is that right!

Although cricket has fans all over the world, it is celebrated way more in India. It is just like a religion here where fans love their favourite players to the point of no extent.

But amidst this shine and popularity around cricket, this fact is not to be ignored that it requires much hard work. Players spend hours and hours on practice to sharpen their skill sets and talent. This talent is what is ultimately shown on the ground on the day of the match. It is the passion, dedication and hard work of the player that makes them great from ordinary and takes them forward for a long run.

Cricket match is won by the efforts of all the players in the team, not just one. That is why it is extremely important for all team members to work on their skill sets and fitness. Cricket is a game that has a fan base in both young and old generations. It acts as a guiding force for many young minds who also aspire to be a cricketer someday just like their idol.

Kids play cricket in the streets, parks, schools etc. to become like their favourite player one day. Cricket is also about sarcasm and sledging between players. Especially playful banter and sledging between India and Australia is well known. Sometimes aggression is also at peak between players and things get heated. Virat Kohli is one such player who is aggressive on field but he channels it into giving his best performance. Thus he uses his aggression to his advantage and this is what makes him a tough opponent. 

There are various light and funny moments also shared between players on and off ground. These are the things that add more thrill and fun to watch the game. Along with this, there are also various memes of cricketer’s funny expressions floated on social media which increase the laughter. It is an event just like a festival which brings joys, happiness and celebrations to life.

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