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To simplify and enhance productivity and efficiency for voice recording services, Voyzapp is a technology powered platform where you can get quality voice over for your projects through professional voice actors!

Our platform provides 30000+ artists working tirelessly 24*7 to provide you the best voice over services online in the quickest time possible! These professional voice over artists  are working in 60+ national and international languages to provide you the highest quality voice over audios in a reliable and quick manner.

With hi-fi studio equipment and acoustics, our certified talents have a rich experience in their respective language and genres. Just log on to our portal and browse through a matrix of thousands of artists to get your perfect audio with the minimum turnaround time from the largest voice over marketplace in India

Voyzapp is a leading voice over agency that connects people searching for voice overs with voice artistes across the globe. Our artists have years of experience in different genres and categories and you can easily hire voice actor online by listening to their demos on thewebsite. You can simply logon to Voyzapp and easily listen to custom demos of the voice talents for free. The prices you see on the Voyzapp portal are the prices you pay as we do not believe in any hidden costs.

Finding the right voices with Voyzapp is super easy, insanely fast and completely free!

Making the process of identifying the right actor for you as easy as possible is our goal.

Browse our search matrix by selecting the language, category, age or gender of your choice, listen to voice demos from qualified voice talent and hire voice artist online- all at a button’s click! Our intuitive dashboard allows you to give special instructions and revisions to the artist, without any anxious delays or tedious wait

Because we only work with the best voice actors, we know you’re going to be completely satisfied. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to meet your deadlines and provide quality recordings. Also, in case you are not satisfied with the recording you can review and recommend changes till the quality meets your expectations. Our support agents are online 24/7 to assist clients with any issue or query. You may visit our FAQ help centre to get answers to most common queries.

How We Work

  1. Search for your perfect voice: Simply search for voice demos/samples based on our extensive search criteria involving language, gender, age or category/genre. We have professional Indian as well as international voice over artists in various categories who have abundant exposure to various genres and technical proficiency. So, no matter whether you are looking for an English voice over online or a Hindi voice over for your audiobook or Elearning module – you can hire voice actors online for all these! Sounds fantastic? Just visit and register at Voyzapp and browse thousands of professional voice artists to find your perfect voice!

  2. Listen to sample voices/demos: As a top voice over agency in India, we host a myriad of voice samples on our portal. So, you can be well assured to find the voice for your project that you desired for so long! Do you require an e-learning narration in Bengali? Or is there an urgent requirement of a corporate IVR in Hindi? Now you can listen to the voice demos of artists, review their profile and then select the one that fits in! As we provide professional voice over recording services, all our recordings are done at hi-fi studios, so you can be assured of the voice quality and clarity.

  3. Enter Script/Word count: Just type in the script to be recorded or simply enter the word count to compare Prices and delivery time for various artists. Voyzapp, being a leading voice over company in India, lets you choose your preferred voice based on your project requirement and project budget at the click of a button! 

  4. Special Instruction for the artist: Have a specific instruction that needs to be followed? Want the output in mp3 or wav or any other format? Or do you want a certain pace of speech so that your audience is able to listen to the recording clearly? You can now hire voice actor online, provide any special recording instructions and the project will start at the go!

  5. Payment: Once you find a professional voice over artist for your voice over from our extensive list, you just need to login to your account (you can register free if you don’t have an account already) and process the payment so that the project can get started. Your funds are safe with us and are released to the professional voice over talent only when you are completely satisfied with the recorded output and quality of your project.

  6. Review for any changes: You can request for a review in case you find some issues with yourvoice oversonline at Voyzapp. You can get the review done any number of times, till you are satisfied. In case you are not satisfied with the end result, you may get in touch with our support desk for a prompt response

How Much Will My Voice Over Cost?

Creating an account and searching for voice actors online on Voyzapp is completely free. Voice over costs vary depending on the type and volume of project you’re working on, and the voice actor you select. Searching for the perfect voice over for your projects with Voyzapp does not cost you a penny. At Voyzapp, you can expect professional voice over services from talented voice actors by accessing their auditions/demos instantly. As we are the top-most Indian voice over company, you can easily view and compare the charges of artists on the portal - directly and transparently.

With Voyzapp, you will find voice actors online for any kinds of voice jobs: Commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, animation videos, advertisements, jingles, IVRs - to name a few. With a huge network of voice actors, you will always find the voice that matches your specific project best.

You can always contact our support desk if you have any query or you can chat with us on our live chat for any additional support.

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