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Need an audiobook? Need a hit jingle? Need a persuading voice for your upcoming voice over video, IVR, advertisement, or movie?

Look no further! Voyzapp is a technology powered platform that offers quick, efficient, cost effective and professional voice over recording services through our reliable network of voice actors. Get matched to the best voice talent in minutes through our search matrix and browse hundreds of voice over demos and samples to find your perfect voice!

We have a team of 30000+ professional voices over artists who work in 60+ languages and can get started on your project right at the click of a button. Want to get an English voice over online? Or looking for voice overs for your youtube channel? Voyzapp is a premium voice over agency in India that connects businesses and individuals with professional voice talent. Give your project a voice over in any language, genre, or elocution imaginable as Voyzapp is the top choice for professional voice actors and clients everywhere.

We believe in delivering professional voice over recordings with the highest voice clarity.

Our global network of professional voice talents can complete your voice over projects quickly, and our financial transactions are processed securely, taking the complexity out of hiring voice actors online.


Our goal is to create a unique customer experience, wherein the customers get a fully customized voice over experience at the click of a button! We strive to create a ‘voice over marketplace’, by offering an automated platform with highly competitive costs, custom voice over recordings and unbelievable turn-around time. We aim to alleviate the need of following the conventional service industry protocols by eliminating middle-men and allowing customers to listen to voice demos, compare prices and delivery times and get their projects started right through our web portal.

Rapid and predictable turnaround: Hire voice actor online and get your recording done with a minimum turn-around time while all your requirements are taken care of. Whether you require an Audiobook narration service or TV commercial voice overs, you can easily compare the turn-around times of various artists and hence select the voice that fits in! No matter how big or small your project is, it is important that you get your voice over recording services from a reliable and reputable voice over agency in India like Voyzapp.

Professional Voice actors: Find professional voice artists/actors from all around the world with expertise in radio jingles, TVCs, Elearning voice overs, Movies, Documentaries, IVR, Audiobook narration, Gaming voices or advertising and get your professional voice over recordings done at hi-fi audio/video studios, equipped with latest recording equipment and acoustics. You can listen to the voice samples/demos, review the profile and finally select the one that matches with your expectation by logging on to our portal.

Full satisfaction and best quality: We guarantee to provide you with the best audio voice over quality and top-notch voice clarity. You are free to review the voice recording any number of times and suggest appropriate changes as required. Your payment shall be held securely in escrow and shall be released to the artist only once you are 100% satisfied! With Voyzapp being one of the leading voice over agencies in India, you own the voice-over, as all recordings are done by our artists without any royalty or condition and you can use the voice as, when and where you like!

Feedback mechanism: The website hosts an inbuilt feedback mechanism. You can request for a review in case you find some issues with the recording. The review can be done umpteen times, till you are satisfied. You may also escalate the matter to our customer service team at Voyzapp, in case you are not happy even after many revisions.

Payment: Being the #1 voice over company in India, Voyzapp ensures that you have complete peace of mind while you execute your voice over/dubbing project with us. Your payment is kept secured in our escrow account and is disbursed to the artist only after you are fully content with the audio voice over quality. Till that time, the funds are safe with us so that you can achieve complete satisfaction with the voice over recording services received.

Our voice recording services give you instant access to the best voice actors in the world.

Our easy-to-use website, robust feedback mechanism and quick turnarounds let our clients hire the same dedicated sound that comes from well equipped and hi-fi studios. Being a top voice over agency, Voyzapp can help you hire voice over artists online and find the perfect actor for your project. From TV commercials to promo videos to YouTube videos, we can help you get voice overs for any kind of project. We work with different kinds of companies – from some of the world’s biggest brands to startups to everything in between. Whether you need a volume of voice overs for your marketing campaign or a voice over in Hindi for your new app, our platform will help you connect with talented voice artists. With your Voyzapp account, you can track your project’s progress, review the voice recording services received and suggest changes easily.

Also, having an artist profile on Voyzapp is critical to the success of any voice over professional, and puts him on the grid for getting huge voice over auditions and projects. Voyzapp, being one of the top voice over agencies in India, provides ample opportunities for voice artists to register and upload voice samples to receive a steady stream of job opportunities from clients around the globe. In the spirit of our vision, we want to ensure that all talents have access to the opportunities that exist within the industry ranging from commercials, animations and narration that can be explored by submitting voice-over demos online.


We deliver excellent customer experience: We know our customers are our investors and our quality services are meant to deliver memorable experiences first and foremost to the clients

We deliver quality results: Our focus is to continuously strive to achieve results, on time, every time – and we don’t sacrifice quality to deliver more results.

We are flexible: We adapt to new opportunities and environments and aim to move forward with an adaptive mindset without becoming inconsistent.

We analyze and learn constantly: We understand that experimentation and constant learning are the only way forward. We take decisions based on results and data and work hard to avoid any errors.

We resolve problems: We proactively identify problems and resolve them. We are decisive and overcome obstacles to move forward.

We embrace feedback: We believe in communication. Candid and open feedback have helped us to build solid relationships with our clients.

People from all around the world working at radio and television stations, advertising agencies and top companies rely upon our cost effective voice over services to search for voice demos and hire voice talent with the help of our innovative escrow service.

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