Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Industry - Voice Actors, IVR Prompts, Music

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an automated phone response system technology that enables callers to access their desired information without having to talk to an operator. In this, a pre-recorded message is employed for guiding callers through various menus and sections while registering their responses through touch-tone keypad selections or speech recognition. IVR speeds up the whole process by identifying the category of the call and transferring it to a related department or specialist. A well-designed IVR increases the call handling capacity and customer satisfaction. In the 1970s IVR laid its foundation, but the technological limitations hampered its growth and popularity. Later in the 1980s, the hardware advancements in the telephone industry made this technology affordable to more companies. The current IVR system is the result of computer telephony integration in the IVR tools. Among other important aspects of IVR, the choice of the voice that represents your company is of great significance. The voice used in the IVR should be assuring to callers, sound interesting, and interactively provide information about the company. Therefore, Voyzapp-the largest voice marketplace of India has put in immense efforts and found out the most suitable IVR voices. When a customer takes out the time to call your company, Voyzapp’s professional IVR voice overs enable you to interact with them, and sound friendly and interested in them, and give assurance that you care about their queries and they will be helped.

IVR industry analysis

IVR industry has certainly re-introduced itself in recent years, especially in the midst of this pandemic. The IVR industry is estimated to reach the size of 5.54 billion dollars by the year 2023. Considering the current market size of around 4.1 billion dollars the IVR industry has a great future ahead. The growth of the interactive voice response (IVR) market can be credited to the increasing incorporation of advanced technologies and the rise in cloud-based services that meet the industry standards for IVR systems. IVR is being used everywhere be it – medical, banking and finance, surveying, televoting, healthcare, insurance, community entertainment programs, and many more. This wide variety of sectors have also induced the need for niche or industry-specific voices in IVR, and therefore, having the right voice for your organization is a must. With Voyzapp, you have the advantage of choosing the most suitable IVR voice from thousands of voices and hiring the best voice actor online. Voyzapp recommends voice actors according to their niche-specific suitability.   

Why professional voices are needed for IVR?

Usually, companies think any Jack or Jill or a computer-generated voice can be the voice in their IVR system and do good. In reality, it doesn’t work that way. The voice in the IVR does not only meets and greets customers or provides instructions but also empathizes with them and ensures them that their issues will be resolved. Several studies have also indicated that people prefer an interactive and friendly human voice over a computer-generated or AI voice while on IVR. Voyzapp’s professional IVR voice service ensure you manifold advantages such as: -

Clarity and Professionalism: Voyzapp’s IVR voice services are powered with advanced technology and immaculate voices that deliver your message to the callers with flawlessness and clarity. We focus on enhancing the overall perception of the organization and our voice actors make it sound more professional, empathetic, and catering to customer needs.

Tonal Suitability: Considering the business, situation, and target audience it is important for an organization to have an IVR voice that harmonizes with its nature. Our voice experts at Voyzapp, help you figure out the best-suited tone for your IVR according to the need and demand of the circumstances.

Multi-lingual Recording Facility: With Voyzapp on your side, you have the advantage of creating a multi-lingual IVR to accommodate your callers from different linguistic regions. Rather than language becoming a hurdle in your operations, we help you to make it a vantage point and have an edge over your competitors. Simply browse voice demos of thousands of voice over artists and hire the one that best fits your company brand.

Great Customer Experience: A professional voice in IVR systems is an opportunity for businesses to make their customers' overall IVR experience great. Voyzapp focuses on providing IVR voices that make you sound welcoming and helpful while guiding your callers through different sections of the menu. Our professional IVR voice service emphasizes creating a smooth and effortless guiding process that helps customers to easily navigate the menu and sound interactive while on hold. Thus, we help the callers to have an amazing experience and uplift your brand persona.

What makes Voyzapp’s IVR voice service stand out?

Voyzapp is the leading voice over agency in India, it provides voice-related services in more than 150 languages with accuracy in accents and dialects. Our IVR voices are selected through a rigorous filtration process to ensure suitability and quality. In addition to the aforesaid plusses, Voyzapp always accentuates finding the right voices for the right purposes. Therefore, depending upon the nature of the business we take- Vocal Age, Voice Gender, Pitch, Tone, Accent, and much more into account before recommending voices for the IVR. We are dedicated not only to provide the best quality IVR voices but achieve our clients’ complete satisfaction with our services.

The Bottom Line

The IVR industry is growing rapidly and with further advancements in technology, it will be skyrocketed. With the introduction of new enhancements in the IVR industry, the need for providing impactful IVR voices is also high. The quality of the voices in the IVR are representatives of organizations and therefore, more efforts are poured into procuring the most appropriate voices for it. So, Voyzapp invites you to check out the most extensive demo reels collection of IVR voices and secure the best IVR voice for your organization. We have worked with multiple corporate giants and small businesses of the country as our motto is to provide the best suited IVR voices to everyone who needs them at the most lucrative prices. Don’t miss to check out other services of Voyzapp including quality dubbing services, subtitling, video editing, audio editing and mixing and many more.