Subtitling Services - Professional Video Subtitling Agency in India

Are you looking for a quality subtitling agency for your television series, commercials, online videos or feature-length films? 

As a professional subtitling and voice over company in India, Voyzapp provides you accurate, powerful and clear multilingual subtitling services for your videos and movies to ensure that your story resonates with all viewers, local or international. Our highly experienced and professional team works 24/7 to provide quality subtitle translation services, with a fast turnaround in any language. 

Subtitling is the process of adding text to any audio-visual media to express the message that is being spoken and allow people to read and understand what is being said, even if they don’t understand the language of the speakers. The process comprises the conversion from audio to textual mode (transcription) and the conversion (translation) from one language to another, if required.

If you have been searching for a dedicated team of specialists for high-quality video subtitling services, then Voyzapp will provide you a one stop solution - from professional voice over services to post production services. With extensive knowledge and experience in video and audio captioning and subtitling, we are one of the best subtitle agencies in India, offering a range of other services like voice over and dubbing, to companies and individuals. Our clients range from top marketing agencies, financial institutions, global corporations, start-ups, local authorities, design studios, publishers and many more.

Let us take care of all your subtitle needs so you can broadcast your video content worldwide. We have a global network of thousands of mother-tongue translators and veteran voice talents for your Animation, Audiobook, TVC, Explainer video or IVR voice over requirement, who are always ready to serve those who want to achieve global success!

We offer the following subtitling services to our clients:

  1. Hard (hard-subs or open) Subtitles : As a reputable subtitling company, Voyzapp is proficient in providing the hard subtitles for any video by permanently adding the subtitle text in the original video frames, that cannot be switched off by users.
  2. Soft (soft-subs or closed) Subtitles : A Soft (softsubs or closed subtitle) is a subtitle that is a separate file, having specially marked up text with time stamps that are displayed during playback. Voyzapp provides high quality closed subtitling services that can be turned ON/ OFF anytime. 
  3. Intralingual subtitling : We provide professional Intralingual subtitling in the same language that is being spoken,  usually created for the same-language movies or footage.
  4. Interlingual subtitling : Subtitling that is in a language besides the spoken one requires Interlingual Subtitling and Voyzapp provides subtitles for all sorts of movies and TV Shows in every possible language.

If you’re aiming for worldwide success, your subtitles need to be translated and localized for your target audiences, so that you can easily convey your brand’s original message and cultural references in another language. Voyzapp provides localized subtitling services that will make your audience forget that your script was originally written in another language.

Voyzapp offers subtitles in any language and format you require. Our team of 10,000+ native translators and transcribers enable us to handle the more complex global day-and-date content for broadcast series, blockbuster features, documentary series or worldwide OTT releases with ease and confidence. Apart from a leading subtitling company, Voyzapp is a reputable online voice over agency, providing high quality and professional voice over recording services.

We at Voyzapp give preference to native experts who understand the client’s requirement and work as per the demographics of the project. These native transcription experts and linguists are well versed with the traditions, culture, local and common dialects of the country and can give the right feel of localization for the job. This helps the end user to understand and enjoy the subtitles and video much better.

Language evolves continuously and is a reflection of the changing times. Truly great subtitling is a unique craft and remains at the heart of our valued and experienced translators. Whether you require an SRT format for YouTube or STL for a DVD project, you can provide us your video in any format and our professional experts will deliver the final output in the language and format for your choice.

Subtitling is not just about translating the words we hear – it is truly about capturing the essence of the dialogue by carefully choosing the right words and creating the perfect meaning. Our experts subtly set the tone of the translation understanding the emotions of the viewers and ensure that the output is delivered within the shared timeline.

At Voyzapp you get the best prices for any of your projects. Our team evaluates each and every requirement and allocates the project to the best and the most qualified expert. Our global network of experts and linguists gives us the advantage to get the most suitable specialist to do the job and that too at affordable. Hence, we are able to give the highest quality services at the best rates in the industry.

Our subtitle translation services are performed by a team of qualified and competent subtitling artists who are experts in the art of subtitle translation. Our subtitling experts perform this service with complete dedication and can handle various types of projects. Apart from this, we have a network of thousands of professional voice over artists who can provide you the best voice over recordings at a quick turnaround time!

Voyzapp is known for delivering the projects as per the required deadlines. Once any inquiry is received, we discuss the project with our subtitling experts and accordingly commit the timeline to the client. This is where our excellence and years of experience matter most. We always ensure that the project is delivered well before the deadline to the client. 

Unlike other subtitling agencies, we have developed a world-class and streamlined process for subtitle translations. This helps in making the videos and films reach a broader population in different regions with different language bases.

  1. We receive, quote and check your video content
  2. We convert the audio to text through our expert transcribers
  3. We translate your video content into the required languages
  4. There is an independent check on the quality of the subtitles produced 
  5. We deliver the translated subtitles to you

With high standards in our quality management procedures, we pay attention to every detail and ensure that the final video subtitles are delivered back to you at the highest quality.

We provide professional captioning services, quality video subtitling, voice over and dubbing services, across the globe! Our impeccable customer service is the reason that we deliver the best and high-quality subtitling transcription services to the clients as per their expectations. From news broadcast stations to television programming, live sporting events and to businesses using webinar technology, our experienced subtitles make sure that the process is as worry-free as possible for our clients.

Subtitling services can help get you exposure to an international audience. Voyzapp promises you high quality, user-friendly and affordable services for your next project. So what are you waiting for! Contact us today for professional, fast and affordable subtitling services.