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Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a broadcast, film, video, live event, or other production into text and displaying the text on a screen or monitor.

Usually placed at the bottom portion of the screen, captions enable those who are hearing-impaired to benefit fully from media materials. Adding captions, apart from offering better reach to your videos, will also boost your SEO presence significantly. 

If you are looking for a captioning company that can take on different video formats, and deliver your captions in the format you want, then you have come to the right place. 

Voyzapp is the leading captioning service provider, delivering the most reliable and accurate and cost-effective captioning services in the industry. We provide high-quality, time-synchronized captions, customized for your platform and requirement. Be it movies, television shows, web-series, broadcast media, corporate necessities or standalone projects – you name, we’ll deliver it. From transcription to encoding, we perform our captioning services in-house. This allows us to offer our clients fast turnarounds, strict quality control, and extremely competitive prices. Our broadcast captioning services provide a multitude of benefits like accessibility, access to broader audiences, and improved learning outcomes. Whatever your goal may be, to educate, inform, or inspire, Voyzapp will help you maximize the value of your video content through high quality captioning and voice over recording services.

Captions significantly add to the viewing experience of your videos, enhancing their appeal. Voyzapp provides the following captioning services to its clients:

  1. Closed Captioning Services : One of the most widely used types of captioning, closed captioning provides viewers the option to view captions that are carried with the broadcast signal and the viewer is required to switch the captions on or off. Voyzapp provides professional closed captioning services to help improve the user experience by making the videos viewable In different environments.
  2. Open Captioning Services : Sometimes it’s important for everyone to receive the message and Voyzapp offers Open captioning, burned in and hardcoded captioning services in the language of your choice. Open captions are a permanent fixture on a video and we deliver open captions in a variety of fonts and styles, even for YouTube channels.
  3. Live Captioning Services : Live captions are created at the time of broadcast and are used for live TV programs such as news and current affairs, sports coverage, program finals and corporate events. Voyzapp has highly-trained captioners and stenographers, who can listen to the live audio stream and re-speak what they hear, including punctuation and grammar, which is converted into text and then streamed to your live device. 


  1. Our professional transcribers carefully assess the video and transcribe all audio elements, including the dialogue, sound effects, and other essential, nonverbal features. All unfamiliar terms are diligently researched for proper spelling. 
  2. The text is then formatted into easy to read captions and timed to appear with the related audio and video of the program. The editors break the text  into individual captions, assign appropriate screen placement to each caption, and time each caption to the associated audio.
  3. Following the caption production, the caption editor and specialist perform an initial review, comparing the captioning against the original programming to check for accuracy and timing.
  4. A senior editor performs a final review of the captioned program and makes any necessary changes to the caption file. The entire captioned program is checked, and errors  and inconsistencies between segments are corrected.
  5. The final step is the integration of the caption data with the video portion of the program. Our experienced technicians can embed your caption data to virtually any digital video format. 

Professional audio captioning service involves integrating transcribed text from dialogue and sounds as they happen.  As a reputable closed captioning company and
largest voice over marketplace, we have an expert team of professionals, competent enough to place the captions correctly on the screen that makes it easier for the viewers to recognize who is speaking the dialogue. What this means for you is confidence that the work will be done correctly and on time at an affordable cost, along with an increased viewing audience, whether they watch on their televisions, computers or smartphones.

Voyzapp is a quality closed captioning service provider, offering superior dubbing services and quality captioning services, and our team understands the importance of accuracy in captions. A rigorous multi-tiered Quality Control process ensures superior quality and time-bound delivery for your captions. Every project we undertake involves our expert transcribers and a highly-trained quality analyst, who specializes in providing open and closed captioning services. This unique process is implemented for all projects, regardless of the volume or the delivery timeline.
Our unique system of reviews and checks ensures quality and accuracy, with the highest attention to detail.

Our approved transcribers and experienced project team ensure that the subtitles meet the highest technical and content standards and your content is accessible for all audiences in the format and language of your choice. We support all types of file formats [.SRT (SubRip), .VTT (WebVTT), .SCC (Scenarist Closed Caption), .STL (Spruce Technology), .CAP(Common Caption), .XML (Flash) and many more] and our services are also scalable for large volumes with fast turnaround times.

Get fast, cost-effective audio dubbing and subtitling services through a wide range of transcribers, voice talent, translators and highly-skilled audio engineers. With a fast turnaround time and an accuracy rate of 100%, we can offer you closed captioning transcription and video captioning services that's easy on your pockets due to our nominal rates. At Voyzapp, you experience rapid turnaround times and simplified cost-efficient processes. And most importantly, consistently superlative quality. Apart from this, we also provide quality voice over services through our
professional voice over artists.
Do not wait for the next business hour to communicate your captioning needs to us. Anytime, in any urgent situation, we will be there to support your video captioning requirements.


Our dedicated Project Management Team and supportive helpdesk are there for you throughout the process. Our team is available 24x7 and will do whatever it takes to make sure that your project is delivered to your complete satisfaction, and without any unnecessary hassle.

Wherever there is a need for high quality captioning services at affordable rates, we are there to meet it!