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Voice over services are a great way to ensure that your brand has its own identity. Voice over is a narration or dialogue done by an off-screen narrator or a professional voice artist. Voice over and audio recording services find their extensive usage in radio, TV, films, animation, documentaries, IVR, etc. An ideal voice over is not only capable of reaching numerous people, but also connects to masses at large. Great audios tend to be catchy and memorable. They are meant to be engaging and immersive to listen to, and thus are designed to grab your audience’s attention and to keep them interested in what you have to say and offer. Having the right voice over and audio overlay services is therefore important to keep your brand image fresh in the audience’s minds for a long long time!

Voyzapp is a leading voice over marketplace that offers quick, efficient, cost effective and
professional voice over recording services through a reliable network of voice actors. Delivering audio recordings requires professional voice actors who can make the content come to life. Finding a talent who can fit the role of the content can create a huge impact on the listeners. Voyzapp is a professional voice over agency that has voice actors who are well-trained, understand the functionality of the role they are performing, get the tone right, pause where needed, and portray their emotions through their voice by providing high quality audio editing services. It is essential for voice actors to understand the significance of a message, the target audience and the business’s requirements. Communication is never just about establishing an understanding, but also about conveying feelings and being credible. Voyzapp ensures that the right audio matches the project and appeals to the listeners. Get matched to the best voice talent in minutes through our search matrix and browse hundreds of voice over demos and samples to find your perfect voice!

We understand that you need more than just a native speaker for your project, and we know that you want more than just an actor. Through extensive voice auditioning, screening and the strictest quality standards, our audio recording services will be key in your international success. We work with professional, mother-tongue voice over actors, in every single language, to ensure that your media can be enjoyed by audiences around the globe. Our professional actors, audio editing team, audio mixing team and sound engineers can bring your story to life in any language, genre, or elocution imaginable.

We adopt a multi-dimensional approach to deliver our audio recording services. Our experts are capable of delivering voice overs and professional dubbing services for the following:

  1. Advertisement Voice Over Maximize your advertisement’s appeal by choosing multi-language recording services from an industry leader. Not only do we provide voice over in all languages, but we ensure quality recordings through seasoned audio casting.
  2. Elearning Voice Over : Your content will be perfectly portrayed by highly trained professionals, with the ideal pitch, tone, and rhythm. You can easily select the right native talent for your project and receive the highest recording quality at a minimum turnaround time.
  3. IVR Voice Over : Our IVR actors ensure that your callers and audience only think of you as being warm, friendly and professional and provide excellent narration services for your phone greetings and IVR voice prompts.
  4. Radio Voice Over : Discover the perfect Radio audio recording services with the assurance that we work with only quality voice actors. As a tech powered platform, Voyzapp hosts specialized radio voice over artists, working 24*7 to provide you the best voice over services. 
  5. Commercial Voice Over : Give your TV commercial the flair it needs through professional recordings and quality subtitling services. Voyzapp hosts thousands of professional Commercial voice artists who work in multiple languages to provide you quality voice over services at a rapid delivery time.
  6. Audiobook Voice Over : Search for your preferred Audiobook narrator with our user-friendly online platform and listen to the top voice actors from all over the world to get matched with the right talent for your voice over services project. 
  7. Jingle Voice Over : You can listen to umpteen audio demos of top Jingle talents, compare prices and hire the perfect voice. Working in hi-fi studios, our skilled voice artists have a rich experience in multiple languages, accents, roles and styles.
  8. Mimicry Voice Over : Find experienced Mimicry actors in various languages and accents from our voice over marketplace, and get your recordings done at hi-fi audio recording studios, equipped with the latest recording equipment and acoustics. 
  9. Video Game Voice Over : Voyzapp can help you provide immersive Video Game voice over services at a button’s click! Compare prices and TAT of thousands of professional artists from the largest voice over marketplace of India and hire the one that fits your project!
  10. Explainer Video Voice Over : Voyzapp has numerous professional Explainer Video voice actors who work round the clock to provide you the best recording services in the quickest time possible! You can review the audio and suggest changes till you are satisfied!
  11. Documentary Voice Over : You can listen to a number of audio demos of our best Documentary talents, compare prices and hire the voice that fits your requirements. Our skilled voice actors have experience in numerous languages and accents. 
  12. Child Voice Over : Voyzapp is a premium voice over company India that hosts a number of experienced Child voice talents who are adept at working in different languages and accents. Get Child voice overs completed in well equipped studios, with the highest audio recording services.
  13. Animation Voice Over : Find professional Animation voice actors at Voyzapp and browse our search matrix to compare thousands of recordings to find the one that suits your requirements. Our skilled voice talents will get started on your project at a button’s click! 
  14. Podcast Voice Over : At Voyzapp, you can find a wide variety of experienced Podcast actors who work in various languages and accents. Search for the best talent through our search matrix and browse umpteen samples, to find your perfect voice instantly! 

Voyzapp can offer professional voice overs, audio trimming and sound mixing services in a cost-effective way that can be delivered under strict deadlines and tight turnarounds. We combine high tech equipment with experienced artists to give you a complete package. Voyzapp is one of your best options for getting professional voice over services, and here’s why:

  1. Professional Voice Actors : We carefully vet and only work with experts who have proven voice over experience, so you’re guaranteed to hire professional voice over artists for audio mixing and trimming, and receive perfect results every time!
  2. Instant Cost Comparison : Our extensive search matrix allows you to compare the costs and turn-around times of various artists and hence select the voice that fits in! 
  3. Fully Equipped Studios : By using the latest and best technology and well equipped studios for recordings, we ensure to yield the accurate and best output of voice over services.
  4. Quick Turnaround : Most projects are delivered within a few hours. Larger projects may take longer, but we are ready to take on any challenge. in a rush? Contact us today!
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee : We promise you’ll be happy with our audio recording output. You get plenty of review options, quality checks and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  6. Intuitive Feedback : Voyzapp hosts an inbuilt feedback mechanism. You can request for umpteen reviews, till you are satisfied with the recording.
  7. Safe Payment : Your payment is kept secured in our escrow account and is disbursed to the artist only after you are fully content with the audio recording services. 

Whatever tone or impression you want your product to express, we have the personnel, talent, technical knowledge and the experience to deliver it. All of our voice over artists are professionals and fluent native speakers of the target language to deliver flawless quality.

Make a positive impression with voice overs that elevate your professional image. Contact us today with your requirements and enjoy sound gripping audio recording services within your budget!