IVR Voice Overs: A building block to your brand’s image

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  • 25-Apr-2020
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A company's image isn't built in a day. It takes years of efforts and hardwork for the results to show up. And customers are of prime importance to drive the revenue. But what happens when someone calls your company number and no customer executive is there to attend the call? Or when the executive is busy taking someone else’s call? Or when the incoming volume increases and you don’t want to invest in more manpower for picking up the call?

IVR is the first interaction of any company with it's clients, and is used to gather the required information from them and route the calls accordingly. By allowing a pre-recorded voice to interact with the clients, IVRs are typically used for handling bulk volume calls. This interactive system hence allows your users to navigate and find solutions easily by routing to the right recipient. This overall means that your customer executive can focus on appropriate leads as the IVR takes care of your client’s needs in general. This also means lower operational costs, build up of a users database and increased efficiency of the employees.

Deploying IVR services also helps to ensure that the customer feels that he/she is being attended to which reduces the chances of dropping the calls in case the executive is busy. Also IVRs ensure the business keeps running 24*7 and can be personalised to different segments of customers.

As IVR has so much to offer to the organisations, its use and deployment has increased manifolds. And voice over being an integral part of any IVR, can help to improve the overall customer’s experience. It is true that companies can always opt for the computer-generated voices, but a human voice adds a personal touch to any message. A human IVR recording ensures a welcoming and on-brand message and therefore, companies always opt to record their own IVR in a personalised manner. If you are trying to find a voice artist for your organisation’s IVR, you must do your research and choose the professional voice artist who can understand the intent of your brand’s message.

  1. Always opt for voices that are clear and sound confident. As IVR is the initial stage of interaction with your customers, you must ensure that the voice resonates with the script and is convincing to the listeners.
  2. The pronunciation should be of prime importance as it helps to deliver the message accurately. Always remember that professional corporate IVR voice over services will make all the difference to your customers’ experience.
  3. Always ensure that the voice actor “knows your audience” and is familiar with the terminologies of the brand. This will help to instil confidence in your audience regarding the product or services that you offer.
  4. A consistent voice is required to deliver an IVR that sounds professional and engaging to the clients. An IVR voice actor should be cordial and should be able to connect with the listeners on a personal and authentic level.

With so many agencies operating in the voice over industry, finding the right voice for your IVR can be a bit exhaustive. Finding a professional voice over agency and picking the right voice talent would seem a daunting task to many. To simplify this conventional method of finding voice actors, Voyzapp is a tech platform that hosts thousands of voice artists on its portal who are working in multiple languages, dialects, accents and genres. These professional voice actors have extensive experience in working in IVR and will record the highest quality output at a rapid turnaround time. You can easily browse thousands of samples of voice artists, review the profile of the artists and hire the one that suits your requirements. You can even compare different prices and delivery times of the artists, hence taking care of your budget as well as voice over needs. Our Escrow payment mechanism ensures secured transaction and the payment is released only after you are satisfied with the recording. You can also review the recording any number of times and can connect with our support team in case of any query.

Improve your customer’s interaction and the company’s efficiency by hiring professional voice over artists for your IVRs. Contact us today!


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