Tune Into Your Marketing Campaigns Through The Magic Of Jingle Voice Overs

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  • 17-Aug-2020
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When you think about Vodafone (then Hutch), what comes to mind? "You and I in this beautiful world!" You just sang it in your head didn’t you? That’s the power of a catchy jingle.

Jingles have the power to bring back the nostalgia of a simpler time and thus have become an effective marketing tool that promotes effective brand recall. The right combination of music and emotional lyrics in a jingle can help to strike a chord with the audience. Advertising jingles are musical techniques that businesses use to establish a brand in a memorable, entertaining way and to relay information about a service or product. Therefore global conglomerates have used them through the decades, and top brands today are building a successful brand strategy through captivating jingles.

The perfect jingle can create an emotional connection and humane bond between you and your audience and should be a key part to your overall advertising strategy. Here are few other reasons why a captivating jingle voice over is a super important element to a successful advertising campaign.

  1. Easy To Remember: Just like pop music, jingles are created little melodies that are easy to memorize, despite our tiny attention spans. When the brand name, slogan, or selling points are embedded in this melody, it becomes easier for customers to remember the details of your brand more quickly than if you were to just dish it out in a regular commercial.
  2. Grab audience’s attention : Great jingles tend to be catchy and memorable. They are meant to be engaging and fun to listen to, and thus are designed to grab your audience’s attention and to keep them interested in what you have to say and offer. Without a strong, well-crafted jingle, there could be a big opportunity lost. Your advert or commercial may fail to capture your audience’s attention and it’s main message may not be heard.
  3. Create lasting impression: A memorable jingle can embed itself deep into one’s subconscious and be remembered for a long time far beyond when one first heard it. Choosing the right jingle for any commercial or show is therefore important to make your marketing campaign ‘conversational’ and keep your brand image fresh in the audience’s minds for a long long time!
  4. Represent your brand: The Jingle that you decide and choose to use in all of your marketing videos and campaigns is really important because it represents you and what you stand for.  Your jingle can also help to highlight your brand’s personality. It can become the musical essence of what you’re all about.  It is one way of letting people get to know you and get closer to you.
  5. Create Marketing Consistency: Your marketing message may be slightly different in each campaign and Jingles provide a common thread of audio that you can tie throughout all of your video and audio marketing channels. These jingles help customers mentally link all your marketing efforts together by providing a common reference point for the other ads they might have heard or seen from you in the past or on a separate platform.

As an advertising method that has stood the test of time, jingles offer many advantages to marketers willing to take the plunge. Jingles associate your brand with a source of information, providing a memorable way for your customers to learn more about what you have to offer. Whether your jingle is something short and sweet or a little longer and more informative, the right jingle can make a world of difference in your advertising and marketing strategy.

How to Create An Impactful Jingle

With TV commercials, videos on every OTT platform to audios on most digital ads, there’s endless options for marketing, promoting, and crafting a brand identity through catchy jingles. They are an easy way to convey short snippets of information and embed them deep into your audience’s memory. So what does it take to find success in the craft of the jingle and how can you create your own for brand promotion?

  1. Write an effective script: Creating a jingle is almost like writing a song. You need words and a melody. It’s advisable to first list down information in points on what you wish to convey to your audience. A jingle script should have the following attributes to make it memorable:
    1. Know your audience: Like all marketing strategy requires, know your audience! If you are aiming to create a radio jingle, your language should be inclusive of a wider demographic. If, however, you are planning to go with music streaming channels, look for trending words that might resonate with millennials. Clear description has the power of maximum attraction. Thus, cluttering of numerous words should be avoided.
    2. Use Lyrical and simple language: The script must have punching taglines in short, straight and simple language so that it can nail directly onto the nerves of the targeted listeners since the professional voice over artist has only one option of persuasion, i.e. voice. A good trick for a catchy jingle would be to include words that are simple to rhyme and easy to sing. Repeat some important words and phrases to make them memorable. Use short and easily enunciated words. Also always remember to include your brand’s name in the jingle as means of an effective recall. It’s important especially if you are still trying to establish a new brand.
    3. Section your script correctly: Be consistent with the same lines or words while repeating the advertisement in the jingle format at different points of time. The first section of the script should consist of tempting words to lure the listeners convincingly. The second section of it should have a connective approach to the listener’s heart by briefing their dilemma genuinely depicting that you are the only one who knows them in the best way. The next section should summarize the solution in short, simple and punching taglines uttering the name of your promotional brand. Keep the last section lyrically rhythmic, if possible since it can easily be kept in memory of listeners.
    4. Select Right Tone And Rhythm: To get high quality voice over recordings, it is important to make your script simple, cheery and light instead of rational, monotonous and boring. Try not to include words of more than three syllables in order to keep lines short and neat. Check the flow of your script by reading it out loud several times, cutting short some points if there is too much information.:
  2. Record a professional voice over: Now that you have analyzed your audience and written a terrific script, you need to focus on quality voice overs that can enliven your script. Recording your entire jingle from scratch in-house can be quite an investment. You require to set up your own home studio and invest in the right equipment for clear and professional recordings. Hence, it is always recommended to hire a veteran talent who can do justice to your brand image and bring out the nuances of your creations.

    Jingle ad voices are natural, engaging, persuasive and conversational and the voice artist you hire should be able to connect with your script and understand the message you’re trying to portray. Jingle voice overs require technical vocal skills and years of training, hence a seasoned voice artist is required who can visualize your concept and deliver it for the audience through their voice.While hiring the voice artist, remember to put careful consideration into your desired voice tone, accent, and style of delivery. Try to select a voice actor whose vocal style identifies with your brand image and mirrors your target audience’s preferences. Although a professional voice talent will be able to deliver you quality voice over recordings without much instructions, don't be afraid to redirect the artist, or ask for different approaches.

When hiring a professional voice artists you must consider the following qualities that will help you to enhance your brand image and strengthen your brand identity:

  1. Technical skills: Select the artist who understands the context and intent behind doing the recording. The experienced voice actor should have the right tone and consistency and a clear pronunciation of every word and sentence. The audio must have a high clarity for the customers to understand the message clearly and the pacing should be maintained throughout the script. The best jingles have a talented voice actor who can sing and sell your product through a melodious, smooth and conversational voice.
  2. Creativity skills: Other aspects to look at when evaluating a voice actor’s demo relate to creativity and professionalism. You may want to convey different emotions in your jingle and need a voice actor who can narrate both engagingly and convincingly. Consider pronunciation, clarity, pacing, pitch, and accent as crucial factors that contribute to believability. Your target audience must relate not only to what is being said, but also to who is saying it.
  3. Interpretative skills: Absolutely essential to a jingle’s success is the ability of the professional voice over artist to understand the brief, the target audience and the objective of the campaign. They will need to have the versatility, creativity and talent to bring the right spark into their voice. Understanding the experience of a voice over artist to see how many roles and types of work they’ve undertaken, can ensure that they have the capability to deliver your project with the highest quality possible.

Professional voice talents have the actual skills that allow your audience to focus on your message, in turn making any jingle project a success. A professional voice over actor can help to make your jingle project shine, and reach a wider audience and can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your advertising video. You can easily find seasoned and skilled voice actors for your jingle through Voyzapp at a cost-effective rate. Being the top voice over company in India, Voyzapp assures that the jingles are professionally recorded according to your detailed requirements, with crystal clear acoustics and a great voice.

Knowing how to properly match speech patterns, cadence, and tone consistently is an important aspect when it comes to Jingle voice overs and if your brand is meant to inspire, be uplifting and be trustworthy – take the time to make sure that your jingle incorporates all of these things.

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