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  • 06-Jul-2020
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The day and age we live in, sounding real is more important now than ever. In recent years, every company is looking for conversational voice overs and there has been a shift in the voice over auditioning and narrative. While earlier brands focussed on booming announcer voice overs, they are now frequently opting for voices that seem more conversational, chatty and carry an informal style. Being conversational, whether for an advertisement or documentary voice over gets your audience and your listeners hooked. Who wouldn’t want to listen to someone who sounds as if they are directly having a conversation with the speaker?

But before hiring a voice artist, it is essential to have a script that sounds conversational and natural to the listener. But how do you write a conversation down onto paper that people will want to listen to? Below are few easy ways to make your script come across as more natural and less forced or scripted:

  1. Use simpler sentences: Normally, people can grasp uncomplicated terms better and can retain coherent information more. Simplifying your language gives them a better chance to let the information sink in.
  2. Get personal and use the active voice: Writing your audio script by using first person pronouns helps in captivating the audience better. Using personal anecdotes, examples and stories will bring out the interest in your audience, while keeping their intrigue alive. Don’t be afraid to write your audio script using first person pronouns. Also, people use active voice in normal conversation and implementing the same in your script will help them to understand the script and retain it well.
  3. Practice reading your script out loud: Always read your script out loud, as though it were a conversation. This will help you to automatically detect the extraneous words and you can omit them. Unnatural and awkward phrases and sentences can only be determined by reading the content aloud or by practising it with some other person. Highlight such words, remove atypical phrases and revise your script accordingly.

Whether you need a voice actor for a commercial, a business presentation or an IVR, it is clear that a conversational voice over talent can clearly and lucidly communicate your business, product or idea. Below the few qualities of an exceptional voice artist who can deliver a natural, engaging recording:

  1. Identifies with the audience : The right voice artist is the one who first understands the needs of the audience and the script requirements before delivering. Recording an expressive audio for children is totally different than doing a calm voice over for senior citizens. An actor who does not understand a particular audience can never do justice to your brand. Visualizing the audience is the first step in communicating with them and delivering a flawless voice over recording.
  2. Clarity and Flexibility: Only professional voice over artists have the  skills to deliver clear quality audio. It is extremely important for any message to be conveyed clearly to the appropriate audience. Different recordings will also require various voice personalities. Thus, you need to work with someone who possesses a range of voice qualities depending on the requirement of the project.
  3. Speaks with Body Language: Non-verbal communication is important while doing conversational voice overs. The body language, gestures, and expressions will help to deliver recordings as if conversing in real life. Also, a veteran voice artist knows where to add harmless fillers so that it gives the impression as if the person is thinking and speaking the same way as they would do in a real conversation.
  4. Voice Acting: Voice acting can make any script sound conversational and offers distinguished voice to the characters for making them relatable. You just don’t require exceptional speaking skills but a voice artist who can act and breathe life into the characters. A professional voice artist knows how to enact specific voices appropriate for the script and can own the attention of the audience through different narrating and voice acting skills.
  5. Natural Articulacy: While voice technicalities is something that any talent can develop over time, natural oratory is innate and is always an advantage for voice recordings. Years of professional experience and being the native speaker of the language helps to understand the intricacies of pronunciation and local dialect. Working with a naturally expressive narrator means it won’t take long for him or her to master the script and deliver the lines clearly and interestingly.

Always remember that the script is just the beginning of things. The clear, appropriate, natural and creative delivery of your message helps to hook the attention of your audience from beginning to end. If you are looking for conversational voice artists, you can easily hire professional voice artists from Voyzapp – a voice over marketplace in India.

You can easily make your project sound natural by mastering conversational script writing and hiring the right artist who can deliver effortless voice overs!

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