How to Create an impactful Artist Profile and get voice over projects regularly.
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  • 02-Jul-2020
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You’ve spent so much time in your voice over studio refining your reads, working on your pronunciation and voice technicalities. And now is the time to focus on your marketing efforts, work on your voice over profile, and think about how to get voice work.

To get started on the right note and be successful in your voice acting career, filling out your profile at Voyzapp – India’s first online voice over marketplace, is an important step. After all, the more accurate your profile information is, the more easily clients can find you when they search the site. In this article you’ll learn how to properly fill out your artist profile to increase your exposure and ultimately land up with more voice over projects with Voyzapp.

Make Sure Your Voyzapp Artist Profile is 100% Complete

A complete and updated profile is important because your profile pairs you with jobs. Therefore, it is important to get your profile as close to 100% as you can. If you’re not sure how to find this information, it’s easy! Just login to your Voyzapp profile and check out your profile score at the top!

Voyzapp helps to match your profile with clients who are looking to hire artists for voiceover jobs. If your profile is incomplete or inaccurate, your profile won’t go live and eventually you will not feature in the search option.

How to register as a voice artist on Voyzapp:

If you are just starting out on Voyzapp, you need to first register as a voice artiston Voyzapp portal.

  1. Use your accurate email id and contact number to sign up successfully
  2. Click on the verification link sent on your registered email id
  3. Login to your profile using your registered email id and password to get started.

How to create a prominent profile

Top brands and organizations use the Voyzapp search feature to find a voice actor that meets their requirement, be it a specific accent or style or someone who speaks a certain language, etc. Whether you are a beginner or a professional voice actor, it is extremely important for your profile to be fully filled out to include all of your personal information, details, samples, attributes and skills that will better your chances of being found. Here are twelve points to help you make the most of your Voyzapp profile, so it is professional and attractive to clients who are looking to hire.

  1. Fill in your accurate personal info: When you start to fill out your personal information, ensure that you put your accurate credentials as your profile is an opportunity for a client to find and hire you. Also, having an up to date profile helps you edge towards profile completeness and maximizes your chances of getting hired.
  2. Enter your present location : It is important to mention your location, as sometimes you can be hired based on that information, maybe for a specific accent or dialect reasons or time zone considerations.Be sure to include the city of residence, state, country, pincode/ zipcode and timezone in your Profile and keep it updated to get better voice over job opportunities online.
  3. Select languages and categories: You can select as many languages and categories on your profile, as you are comfortable to work with.
    Click on ‘Languages’, and scroll through the list to choose the languages in which you do voice overs. Similarly for the categories, you can scroll and select as many categories as you like, so that you can easily upload your voice samples later, using the appropriate combination of the language and category.
  4. Select recording setup : In the recording setup field, you need to enter where you usually record the voice over audition or demo or a live project. Do you have a basic or fully equipped home studio or record through your mobile? Or do you go to a recording studio for the voice over recording? Having this field complete and accurate will ensure that your profile is selected for the right voice over projects.
  5. Accents, Styles, Roles: You can add the Voice age ranges in which you can perform and audition – child, teen, adult, middle aged and senior. You can even add various ‘Accents’ to your profile and can select multiple accents to emphasize on your voice over skills better.
    Next we have the ‘Styles’ and ‘Roles’ section. Like your languages, it’s very important to go through these lists carefully to make sure you select relevant styles and roles that contribute to your profile strengthening. You might do an animation voice over in a totally different style than an audiobook narration. Therefore, you need to pick these fields accordingly.
  6. Enter price and TAT: You can enter the prices in INR (including the studio charges) and even indicate your rates for different word counts. The Turnaround Time section is where you can highlight your speed of service. Depending on project complexity, we encourage our voice artists to complete projects as quickly as possible. Remember, the Voyzapp search engine is driven by the prices and TAT of your profile and audio files.
  7. Indicate your availability : Gain a strategic advantage in the search rankings by indicating your availability in your profile. Mention if you would be available 24x7 for any project or select your availability days and time. Be sure to complete this field as it will play an important role in determining the voice projects you receive.
  8. Upload your voice sample: Without any voice sample, you won’t be able to showcase your voice talent. In order to land the roles you want, it is crucial that you upload impressive voice over samples that will lead the clients to hire you for voice over projects.
    1. Ensure that the potential clients are hearing you at your best by uploading professional demos, free of unwanted noises.
    2. The ideal length of the voice over sample can range between 30-50 seconds and this sample should not have any personal information.

      If you work across multiple categories & languages, it is always advised to upload one sample in each combination to increase your chances of getting hired. And don’t worry if you do not have your voice demos handy while creating your profile. You will have ample time to upload them once our team approves your profile.
  9. Enter other recording details: Think of every section on your profile as an opportunity for a client to find you. This means mentioning types of microphone you use for recording, details of your recording/editing software and any special equipment that you use.
  10. Include your experience:It is beneficial to include your experience in the voice over industry (beginner, professional or seasoned) to increase your exposure and ultimately get more work with Voyzapp. Also, as you grow your voice over business, be sure to come back and update this section too!
  11. Highlight other offered services: In addition to being a talented voice-over artist, it’s likely that you have some other amazing skills as well. For instance, you may offer dubbing, subtitling or translation services. Don’t take these skills for granted or assume that they don’t relate to your voice over career. Clients appreciate when talent can offer additional services and they will pay you accordingly for the ease of keeping everything in one place.
  12. Mention your education and website/blog: Try to include the previous clients you’ve worked with and your education background as these can play an important part for you to get hired easily. To complement your profile you can even include your website, personal blogs and social media profile links to stand out in the voice over marketplace.

Also, keep your profile up to date with changes. If you invest in new equipment, move, have new demos, or get fresh profile pictures clicked – make sure you let everyone know by including it in your profile!

Be sure to save all your changes in the end. Your profile will be approved within 24 hours and if the profile contains inaccurate details, you will be informed regarding the same. You can even contact our helpdesk, if you face any query.

These tips will provide you with some helpful insight in your voice acting journey. Understand how the site works for you, add in professional voice samples and keep making the most of your Voyzapp profile by updating it. 

Make The Most of Your Profile

Your Voyzapp profile can be an integral part of getting new voice over opportunities and also your marketing strategy; if you haven’t filled it out in full, you could be missing out! Now is the time to fill out any missing information, optimize your descriptions, including your extra skills and make the most of your artist profile.

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to fill out your profile, go ahead and complete it as much as possible. As you gain more experience and skills you should add that information to your profile too, to keep up to date.

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