How Impactful Voice Overs Can Strengthen Your Radio Advertising Message

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  • 15-Feb-2021
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Radio advertising still remains a popular medium that offers brands the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers that may be interested in their product or service. Though traditional broadcast radio is still important, the medium has done a wonderful job of adapting with the times by growing into online streaming options and more. For brand strategists and creative producers looking to expand their breadth and disseminate their advertising to as many ears as possible, creating effective radio ads and using persuasive Radio voice over services is the way to go.

Advantages of Radio Ads

  1. Radio ads can reach certain demographics very efficiently. There are some people who do not quite listen to audio ads, like the elderly. An advertiser tailoring commercials for such a target group should use radio ads.
  2. Certain local and regional radio outlets still have a steady, loyal following in their particular area. Sometimes radio ads in such stations may prove specific enough and thus highly successful for advertisers.
  3. Although radio is traditionally distributed, there are possibilities to stream radio online as well. Many radio stations have a robust online presence as well as a traditional presence. Internet radio in particular is a rising trend.
  4. Radio is still a potent medium, with listeners who can be a prospective audience for any advertiser. Radio ads are –still– an important form of advertising as radio still reaches a great number of people.

There are several types of radio ads, including:

  1. Live Reads: This style of radio ad is when commercial copy is read, live, by a radio announcer.
  2. Sponsorships: These are similar to live-reads though they are a bit more pointed. They basically sponsor a specific section of the show and are usually read immediately before the show.
  3. Produced Spots: These are radio ads which are more produced. They are perhaps what first comes to mind when thinking about radio ads. They may include professional and catchy jingle voice overs.

What to Include in a Radio Ad
There are several things which should be included in a radio ad, such as the following:

  1. Know your audience: First of all, who is the radio ad for? When researched well, radio ads can be targeted correctly. Moreover, knowing the audience will dictate the content and the general feel of the radio ad as well. The more we know about the potential listeners of our radio, the more specific our copy can be.
  2. Understand the purpose: At this stage the question is quite simple. What will the radio ad try to do? What is the effect that it intends to have on the listener? It is essential that the creator of the radio ad understands the specific reaction desired: increasing sales, boosting the awareness of the particular brand, putting a product out there in the market etc. There are two essential items to be aware of. First, is the benefit. What is the benefit for the listener? It is important that this benefit be transmitted, and made explicit, so as to truly motivate a listener to take action. There is also the issue of the reaction that is expected. Once the call to action of the ad is made, what exactly do we want the listeners to do? This will eventually help you to choose a professional dubbing company in India for your audio recording needs!
  3. Write a Great Script: It is important to remember that a radio ad is short. Most of them clock in at around 30 seconds. Naturally, radio ads can vary. Some of them will feature a ‘hard sell’. These are ads which have a sense of urgency and thus have a higher rate of speech. They may very well put in around 90 words in those same 30 seconds. This is very usual on the radio, where ads have to compete for the attention of a listener, as we explained earlier. Employ the services of a skilled copywriter to help you craft an effectively communicated market objective within such limited time frames. The basic structure of a radio ad, can go something like this:
    1. Hook: This is the start of the radio ad. It must grab the attention of a listener and not let go throughout the ad. This is very important when trying to capture the attention of a listener on radio.
    2. Middle: Keep it pithy and simple. Time is limited to create an impression, so it is better to concentrate on the kernel of the message fast.
    3. Call to Action: A radio ad must have a strong ending. The call to action is basically what we want the listener to do specifically.
  4.  Invest in quality voice overs: A voice over artist can change everything in an advertisement because it’s a voice that conveys the message and helps you to tune into your marketing campaigns through the magic of audio branding. They can transcend the message to connect to the viewer. A great ad finds a perfect balance between the voice and the message itself. A good voice over artist gives the entire audio great dynamic, even if the message is simple. A voice carries many meanings. It is the link that binds together your brand and your audience. If the voice is really suitable for the brand, it will evoke the emotions you meant to evoke. The wrong voice could at least leave your customers indifferent, and maybe more negatively than that at the worst.
    Therefore, the voice and the actor behind the voice is what you need to focus on because this is what will give your Radio advertisement an edge over others. A great ad requires a quality voice over, which makes it even more important to hire a professional voice over artist who will get you the required services at a quick turnaround time. So why should you use the services of a professional?
    1. Conveying The Right Tone: If you think that adding the right tone to your story is easy, think again. A professional voice over will be able to add the right tones as well as the right pauses when required. If the voice over is uninspiring, boring and lacking tone, the audience will simply switch off and that will mean that your ad will fail miserably.
    2. Identifying with the audience: You will want your advertisement to be influential in every way and it will be, if you have the right voice over actor. Professional talents can make your audience feel like you are representing them and this will make them feel like they have been identified with. Understanding your audience will help you to choose the perfect voice actor for your advertisement.
    3. Foster Credibility: Your audience wants to be able to build trust with your brand and your product or service. This is what your ad aims to achieve but a voice over will add a level of credibility that will make your audience feel like they can relate to you. You will need to use a native voice over because the familiarity will work wonders.
    4. Encourage Call-To-Action: At this point you will already understand how important a voice over really is and how it can enhance your brand image. The idea is that it results in your audience taking action by purchasing your goods or services. This will mean that your voice over will need to announce the call to action clearly and concisely. This will direct your customers to the action that you want them to perform. The right voice over will take them by the hand and guide them in the right direction.
    5.  Brand Retention: You will need your Radio advertisement to stick in the minds of your audience. You want them to see your brand and associate it with who you are and what you are all about. This is where voice overs and quality voice over recording services can become part of the overall brand. In fact, they can be catchy and that will instantly make your brand recognizable. When you consider some of the biggest brands in the world, many have had a voice over on their ads that can be instantly recognized and that makes their brand stick in the minds of their audience.

Other points to remember to run successful Radio Advertisements:

  1. Schedule your Radio Ads to be Airing During Off-Peak Seasons during Each YearAdvertising during off-peak seasons can also be beneficial to budget-conscious advertisers. During such periods, the demand for marketing will likely drop, leading to a reduction in advertising costs. One such period usually occurs between mid-January to early February across major world markets. Consequently, radio stations will offer attractive ad packages and rates during off-peak periods. The prices can even be more than half the regular rates.
    Do not overlook such periods as being unproductive business periods. Advertising during these off-peak times will still be consistent with your overall marketing objectives.
  2. Capitalize on Quality, not Quantity: When it comes to managing advertising costs, utilizing quality avenues will always be better than those offering quantity listener numbers. Do not just place your ads on a radio station having a large number of listeners. Look for a station offering you a high concentration of potential customers. Because you’ll be paying for an entire station’s audience, it’s only right to pay for quality rather than quantity.

When choosing a voice over artist, think how this particular voice will change the perception of your entire brand. The main job of an advertisement voice over professional is to promote and influence the audience, therefore it is important to choose a voice that stands out from the crowd. Listen to a number of voice over artists until you hear the right one. It might be easier to find what you are looking for using the help of reputable voice overs and premium video editing and development services. Voyzapp is a top voice over company in India that hosts thousands of professional voice artists who can provide quality and cost effective voice overs in multiple languages and accents.

Remember to conduct efficient research about the quality of the radio voice overs to make your advertisement a success!

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