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  • 01-Feb-2021
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A professionally recorded and produced podcast intro will radiate your values. A professional podcast will radiate your commitment to engaging content for those who choose to dedicate their time to listening to your podcast. It’ll also make your podcast stand out. You’ll cut through the clutter, because it’s not every podcast that reflects a genuine level of committed professionalism. A conversational voice over for Podcast is bound to get your audience’s attention immediately. The trained voice of the right voice actor can make your podcast sound both engaging and compelling; it has tremendous emotional marketing value.

Quality Intro of your podcast can change the way an audience perceives your brand image

Like any piece of content, the intro is going to determine whether or not your audience sticks around for your Podcast on anything from general news to niche interests.

So those first few minutes matter. In particular, the first 2-3 minutes matter. Most of the listeners will listen to the initial portion or intro of your Podcast to make an impression before tuning out. So you’ve got to do whatever you can to convince new listeners that your podcast is worth listening to. That it’s interesting and provides value. Therefore you must consider using a professional voice actor.

A professional voice over can be a really neat tool to tune into your marketing campaigns through the magic of audio branding. Aside from expertly setting the mood and priming the audience for the juicy discussion to come, it also improves your presentation of the podcast. Just about every other podcast has the hosts introducing themselves. Having a veteran voice actor to introduce your Podcast will give a professional outlook to your overall brand image. Aside from a professional voice over, you’ll also want background music, and a rundown of what kind of value the intro to your professional podcast provides.

Picking music is something that’s up to individual tastes, some people spend hours on end searching for the right music to pair with their intro. But something that’s not too distracting, and pairs well with the emotion of your podcast will do well.

As for value, you’re going to want to let your audience know what your podcast is about, what the episode covers, and maybe even tease the best part of it. Who is the podcast for? What kind of problem does it solve? Those are questions your prospective listeners will want answers to. Put together the voice over, music and value, and you’ve got yourself a great professional podcast intro.

Quality Outro of your podcast can uplift your brand identity

Wrapping up the Podcast and closing the show means saying goodbye to your audience. And if your podcast was good enough, there’s a chance they’ll show up for the next episode.

A well-made outro is crucial if you’re trying to maximize that chance. An outro is more than wishing people a good day, it’s also hooking them in for another round of your tantalizing podcast. But how do you make an outro so attractive? With a professional voice over!

After listening to the hosts of the podcasts go on about their interesting topic, it’s refreshing to hear that other, almost omniscient voice pop in again. It’s the same voice that was heard in the intro.

It’s the voice that neatly wraps up the contents of the podcast, throws in some thought-provoking questions, and teases the audience’s interest for following episodes. Once again the professional voice can elevate your Podcast by reminding the audience what a great time the show was. Be sure to include a thank you note for your listeners and leave a call-to-action (CTA). Maybe it can be to subscribe, or leave a comment about what you’ve discussed.

People often listen to podcasts while doing something else. Which means honestly, sometimes they don’t have 100% of their focus on the middle of the podcast. But they will be listening closely to that opening and closing. Just to see if it’s worth listening to, if it’s worth returning to, and if there’s anything better out there. Including a professional voice over, a catchy jingle, pack in that value, and you’ll be in tip-top shape. A professional voice talent has the ability to take your direction and suggestions and make your voice over sound exactly the way you imagine. No matter the medium, the message and emotion of your script are conveyed more effectively by using professional voice over talent or using quality captioning services in multilingual languages. Here are some of the reasons that you must consider when hiring experienced voice actors for your Podcast:

  1. Take Time to Consider Your Brand: Not all podcasts are the same and neither should their voice overs be. Before you set out to find a voice artist for your podcast, the first thing you need to do is consider your brand.
    What kind of voice would best represent your brand? Is there a type of voice that would fit in with your vision and mission statement? Is there a particular accent that would be a good fit? What about pace and energy?
    Audiences typically engage when their state of mind is emotionally elevated. Having an intimate understanding of your target audience and knowing what kind of triggers will affect their mood will dictate your copy and the style of your podcast. Whatever approach you are going for in your podcast, you’ll need the perfect voice to compliment it.
  2. Consider Your Target Audience: Speaking of your target audience, this is another key factor that will influence what type of Podcast voice you should choose. Ultimately, you want your podcast to resonate with your target audience. It must speak to them and touch on emotion or need. It must NOT alienate or distance them. To avoid this, think about the background and demographics of your audience before you hire a professional voice over artist/actor.
    One of the things to keep in mind when considering your target audience is accents. In some cases, you might want to choose an accent from a different region than your target audience. In others, it might be best to stick to one from their region.  Accents can make or break any voice over, hence it is important that you go with native voice artist so that your voice over hits home with the target audience and does not sound ‘foreign’ to them.
  3. Find Potential Narrators and Listen to Demos: Once you have roughly determined what you’re looking for, it’s time to vet out a selection of potential narrators and listen to their demos. If you don’t know where to start, here are some factors to look for when picking a good Voice Actor:
  4. Authenticity, Tone and pitch: The tone of the voice plays an important part as to how the audio or narration will sound. The voice actors should be able to captivate the listeners through their tone and should have a consistency throughout the script. Whether you want to hire an engaging Animation voice over actor or a Podcast narrator, different scripts require tone variation and only a professional voice artist can provide the right tone to enliven any story or character.
  5. Becoming one with the read: The voice artist must be able to morph into whichever character is presented to him/her to play. Also, there must be originality in portrayal and a streak of creativity. It takes years of efforts to master the art of sculpting and illustrating a character and only a seasoned voice actor with years of experience can help you achieve this challenge.
  6. Portraying the aura of the brand: It is essential to create a ‘life like’ persona of the brand through voice.  And this only happens when the voice artist knows certain techniques and has enough experience to modulate his/her voice such that it adds substance and depth to the character. Reacting to different scenes with the appropriate reactions and understanding the essence of the character are required while making any script sound genuine and a seasoned artist can help to incorporate various facets to the same line or scene.
  7. Understanding the context: If the voice artist does not know the context behind the message and is unaware about the terminologies, how will he/she breathe life into the content? Professional voice artists will have a complete idea about what and how to deliver as they are the bridge between your brand and the listeners.
  8. Expertise in Studio Techniques: Knowing the studio equipment beforehand can help to ease out during recordings and produce quality narration. Artists with little experience behind microphones make fidgety head movements that can ruin the recording. A good Animation voice actor will have a thorough knowledge of various types of microphones used in recording, how to use editing software and how to position the mic appropriately.

An important factor to consider while hiring a voice artist are reliability and availability. There are a lot of low-budget part-time voice talent that work full time jobs not related to voice overs. This can cause major issues with deadlines and availability. You cannot afford to hire a semi-pro voice that cannot voice for you during standard business hours. You most likely cannot wait until after business hours or the weekend to receive your much-needed voice files. You certainly can’t have a voice talent go missing when it is time for a scheduled voice over session. It is crucial to hire a full time professional voice actor with a proven track record. Full Time professional talents are reliable and available when you need them.

Listening to voice demos of talents through a professional voice over agency in India like Voyzapp will give you a good idea of how your Podcast will sound like. This will further whittle down your selection until you arrive at the perfect voice talent for your Podcast. By developing a solid understanding of your own unique persona, sound, intended emotional response and selecting the right artist from the professional voice over company like Voyzapp will help you to enhance the overall reach of your brand.

All the best for your professional podcasting journey!

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