How Voice Overs In Your Online Ads can unlock your brand’s full potential

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  • 25-Jan-2021
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With half the world’s population now online, brands have to do more to reach this growing unique market. The advent of digital technology has revolutionized marketing due to the availability of innovative marketing tools. Marketers are already placing their shopping ads on the biggest streaming platform to gain a digital foothold in marketing.

If you are eyeing for a global reach, you’ll need to appreciate and embrace the trending marketing ideas. One of these trends is the use of online ads on mediums such as YouTube and Instagram. With the popularity of video content across all digital platforms, it follows that online advertising should be at the core of your merchandising marketing campaigns. Having the right advertising video is therefore important to make your marketing campaign ‘conversational’ to gain the competitive edge and to keep your brand image fresh in the audience’s minds for a long time!

Advantages of Placing Online Ads

  1. Higher brand visibility: People share videos widely, especially on mobile.
  2. Better conversion: Video ads convert as more people now look for video product descriptions before making a purchase.
  3. Mobile reach: If you wish to target mobile users, video content is a smart strategy. Videos are popular with mobile users on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, you can use different enhancements such as graphics and audio narrations, voice-overs, or other techniques to make your content more compelling.
  4. Versatility: Video ads can inform, educate, entertain, and do much more to encourage the target customer to buy.
  5. Improved ranking: Search engines love video. Hence, you should distribute your videos across all your platforms, including YouTube.
  6. Better engagement: Consumers love video because they communicate more, and you’ll notice an increase in engagement level.
  7. Improved user experience: When marketing products online, you can use video to deliver a better user experience. It’s easier to show than to tell them about a product.
  8. Analytics: It’s easy to collect data on your marketing campaigns.

To understand a character or an idea of something, people often need more than a simple explanation. Humans have the ability to empathize, to connect with something outside of ourselves. A voice over artist can change everything in a video because it’s a voice that conveys the message. Furthermore, the point of view influences the emotional, tonal, and vocal aspects of your narration that will help to enhance your brand image by choosing professional voice overs. Professional voice actors can transcend the video to connect to the viewer. A great video finds a perfect balance between the voice and the video itself. A good voice over artist gives the entire video great dynamic, even if the message is simple. A voice carries many meanings. It is the link that binds together your brand and your audience. If the voice is really suitable for the brand, it will evoke the emotions you meant to evoke. The wrong voice could at least leave your customers indifferent, and maybe more negatively than that at the worst.

Therefore, the voice and the actor behind the voice is what you need to focus on because this is what will give your video an edge over other videos created by competitors. Any online advertising video requires a voice over, which makes it even more important to hire a professional voice over artist who will get you the required services at a quick turnaround time. So what are the elements that you must consider before hiring the voice actor for your advertisement?

  1. Voice ‘of’ the Brand: The voice you choose must match the description of your brand’s story. A wrong choice of voice causes the story or character to fall flat and fail to inspire the target audience. The decision you make at the beginning will influence so much of what you do in the future. Give it all the time and consideration it requires so that when you hire a professional Voice Over actor for Advertisement, the artist becomes an asset to your brand and voice over projects. Voice is a crucial part of an audio/video project because it forms the sound-dimension of the video and gives viewers a sound bite to echo as they reenact the video in their heads.
    While the visual creates the initial spark of interest, it is the voice that will sustain this interest in your character. Although the visuals do not change, the wording does. The advertisement, therefore, rides on voice to sustain interest while passing the message: Hence the need to make the right decision from the beginning.
  2. Create An Emotional Connect: You can tell the physical and emotional state of someone by the tone of his or her voice. The voice artist has the crucial role of bringing the emotions and acts to life. It all begins with a voice that matches the envisioned character and can be manipulated to naturally bring-out the character. When choosing a voice over artist for your Advertisement video, always remember that it will take a pure voice talent to keep the story vibrant while communicating the desired brand message. Therefore, the voice chosen must match that of the character in your script.
  3. Pick an Outstanding Voice: Unique voice is recognizable even without seeing the art that represents the brand. Hence, every brand owner must endeavor to produce iconic voices that perfectly match the characters you have envisioned in your advertisement. Any mismatch will cause your ad to fall flat. The average person sees, hears, and interacts with several hundreds of videos each day. It will take a strong performance to capture the attention of an already overwhelmed listener.
    A strong branding goes beyond the duration of the video. It would help if you had a strong performer who makes a voice memorable and outstanding among the many commercials your target audience will encounter each day. A remarkable voice allows you to build a pool of brand-ambassadors and fans that replay the videos or stop to listen every time it comes up. It is a long term strategy that helps you to retain the customers for the long haul.
  4. Invest in the right voice actor: A conversational voice over for Audiobook and Advertisement is a unique talent that you cannot find just anywhere. When you need one, it takes time, resources, and deliberate steps to land the right person. Remember that the Voice over artists become a part of the brand since their voices represent the perception of the market towards your brand. Here are some points to keep in mind while searching for the right voice actor for your Advertisement Video:
  5. Right Pace And Consistency: A voice actor’s articulation has got to be impeccable. Each word needs to be distinctly understood, not swallowed, mumbled or garbled. An actor needs to make sure that they’re balancing their enunciation between over-articulation and under-articulation. Also, with voice artists having consistency in their volume, energy, pacing, articulation, characterization and eye-brain-mouth coordination, you can be assured to receive professional and high-quality dubbing services and audio recordings every single time!
  6. Well Connected To The Read: Being connected to the character and story is vital to the talent’s performance. Professional narrators always sound like they’re intrinsically interested in what they’re talking about. Being connected also means literally being physically connected to the page. Voice actors use a number of different techniques to stay connected: using their hands to make points or gestures; inflecting when and where appropriate; making facial expressions to convey emotion and using their body to physically interpret action into their voice.
  7. Conversational and Natural: Being conversational in voiceover isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes an innate ability to lift words off the page effortlessly and speak at conversational speed–the typical pace that we speak in everyday conversations. This skill is the result of not over- or under-articulating, and is key to engaging the listener and maintaining their attention.
  8. Springing Life To The Character: Dull and monotone voices can’t represent any brand the right way, because they tend to push people away instead of growing confidence and identification within them. A professional voice talent adds a strong personality and makes your advertisement video stand out every single time.
  9. Trust and Credibility: Potential customers have to trust in the voice talent explanation. Thus, a native voice over (of the same Country of the target audience) is the right choice to make your users feel more comfortable and receptive to the message. Sometimes, a non-native voice artist may generate mistrust, thus you need to pay focus to the accent of the artist before hiring.

Voyzapp is a reputable subtitling agency in India and the largest online voice over marketplace where you can find professional voice artists who work in multiple languages and categories. You can easily browse thousands of voice demos, compare costs and delivery time, review artists' profiles and hire the right voice for your brand at a button’s click!

The voice you hear is an important element of any online Advertisement video as it conveys the tone of the brand. Knowing how to properly select the right voice over, can help to make your video go viral, enhancing your brand position in the market!

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