How a professional voice for marketing strategy will help you to enrich your brand’s image globally

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  • 08-Feb-2021
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These days, a power-packed marketing plan is filled with different plans, layouts, and strategies on how to approach customers and amplify their future loyalties. Every brand today is signified either through an audio, visual, or a catchphrase. The companies consistently use the “voice” element to create an immersive experience for their users. A lot of preparation goes into creating any marketing strategy – from time and monetary investments to creative ideas.

Professional voice overs, creative dubbing, and expert subtitling services in multiple languages can provide instant life to any character by adding another dimension to the process. Hence, you need to focus on veteran voice artists who can provide interactive storytelling along with voice acting. To create a professional and credible reputation, more and more brands are inculcating audios that have made voice overs an important element of any campaign. A good audio recording can strengthen your brand image by either creating or perishing your company’s reputation. Here are some of the reasons why adding a professional voice over is an important strategy to help set your brand instantly recognizable:

  1. Leverage from the power of Human touch : Alluring voice overs can make you feel happiness, compassion or excitement in any audio or video. The voice sets the particular mood of the video and adds a human touch to the story. Professional voice actors online know exactly how to add the right highs-and-lows, pauses and flow to the story, so they’ll always lead emotions the right way.
  2. Stand out from the competition: By incorporating dynamic and engaging voice overs in your audio or video, you can gain a special place above your competition. As the web is full of videos, customizing yours with a quality voice over will make your audience believe that the video was specially made for them.
  3. Build brand awareness: If you include the voice of your brand in your video, it will help you reinforce your identity and make it easier for the viewers to recognize and identify with your message. Also, voice overs can help to retain the message better in the minds of your customer and make your marketing campaign ‘conversational’.
  4. Add creativity and imagination: A powerful voice over builds a world of creativity that can persuade your audience to take a call to action. This can also be a very good move to guide them in a specific direction you want them to take. Voice overs will give you a  better chance to explain to your prospects what you do, how your product can help them and why they should pick you out as their vendor, all through your video!
  5. Improve your ROI: Engaging voice overs will help to captivate your target audience and make them stay longer on your site to watch it. This way you will have more time to pass out your specific key messages, while you grow trust and empathy. Hence, you will also increase conversions and sales.

Choosing professional audio and voice over service is extremely important while selecting your brand voice. While some brands prefer infusing humour in the advertisements through voice overs, some focus on a smooth and attractive voice to engage the audience for their commercial or Explainer video voice over. The selected voice artist needs to be emotional and compelling enough to bring life and fervor to the script. Here are some pointers to follow to that you end up with that perfect voice for your brand:

  1. Mark your target audience: The first step of any branding process starts with doing thorough market research and chalking out the potential customers. This will help you understand your audience’s preferences and taste, and you can eventually select the right voice artist who can represent you best in the target market. Knowing your audience will help you to gauge what you require in the voice of your brand.
  2. Understand the core message: The next step helps connect the right emotions of your brand’s message with that of the target users. Knowing the core message is important to know the objectives and outcomes of the product or services. A strong brand message fosters positive relationships and nurtures customer’s loyalty. This will also help understand the voice over the requirement and select the marketing campaign’s right voice. 
  3. Consider vocal range and technical expertise: Can only achieve the right pitch, vocal tone, accent, enunciation, and pacing through professional voice actors with years of experience in the voice over recording. Providing clear directions and context to the artist will ensure that you get the required output that meets your requirements. Also, pay attention to the talent’s vocabulary and pronunciation before settling in for the right voice. Remember that a quality voice actor will have the technical knowledge of handling studio equipment and will get the recordings done in hi-fi studios with the best acoustics.
    A conversational voice over for Advertisement and Animation video is a unique talent that you cannot find just anywhere. When you need one, it takes time, resources, and deliberate steps to land the right person. Remember that the voice over artists become a part of the brand since their voices represent the perception of the market towards your brand. Here are some points to keep in mind while searching for the right voice actor for your marketing video:
    1. Absorbing the essence of characterUnderstanding the character means capturing the soul of any script. According to the scenes, knowing the character and reacting with the appropriate emotions can only be produced by professional voice actors.
    2. Performing multiple roles: Voice acting is a challenging role as it requires playing multiple roles and coming up with something that the actor hasn’t done before. Doing different character voices requires experience in maximizing voice separation, and the professional talent will infuse liveliness with each line of recording.
    3. Bringing characters to a new world: The persona and situations can only seem ”life-like” when performed with true emotions. This can only happen when the voice artist uses various techniques to ensure that the character has substance and depth. To make the character more genuine, the voice actor needs to get the right tone, accent, pitch, and style.
    4. Well Connected To The Read: Being connected to the character and story is vital to the talent’s performance. Professional narrators always sound like they’re intrinsically interested in what they’re talking about. Being connected also means literally being physically connected to the page. Voice actors use a number of different techniques to stay connected: using their hands to make points or gestures; inflecting when and where appropriate; making facial expressions to convey emotion and using their body to physically interpret action into their voice.
    5. Conversational and Natural: Being conversational in voiceover isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes an innate ability to lift words off the page effortlessly and speak at conversational speed–the typical pace that we speak in everyday conversations. This skill is the result of not over- or under-articulating, and is key to engaging the listener and maintaining their attention.:
    6. Springing Life In The Script: Dull and monotone voices can’t represent any brand the right way, because they tend to push people away instead of growing confidence and identification within them. A professional voice talent adds a strong personality and makes your marketing video stand out every single time.
    7. Right Pace And Consistency: A voice actor’s articulation has got to be impeccable. Each word needs to be distinctly understood, not swallowed, mumbled or garbled. An actor needs to make sure that they’re balancing their enunciation between over-articulation and under-articulation. Also, with voice artists having consistency in their volume, energy, pacing, articulation, characterization and eye-brain-mouth coordination, you can be assured to receive professional and high-quality dubbing services and audio recordings every single time!
    8. Trust and Credibility: Potential customers have to trust in the voice talent explanation. Thus, a native voice over (of the same Country of the target audience) is the right choice to make your users feel more comfortable and receptive to the message. Sometimes, a non-native voice artist may generate mistrust, thus you need to pay focus to the accent of the artist before hiring.
  4. Enforce longevity of voice overs: The voice you choose will eventually represent your organization, so you need to take sufficient time, weigh in pros and cons, and ensure that the voice actor you select can be entrusted with future assignments. As customers familiarise themselves with voices and retain them in their minds, the right voice will click and relate them to your brand. Familiar voice breeds credibility, and creating long-term relations with the voice actor or voice agency can help build up your brand image immensely!

A professional voice over agency such as Voyzapp hosts thousands of professional voice actors where you can listen to voice demos, compare prices, and finally select the perfect voice – at a button’ click!

The voice you hear is an important element of any audio/video project as it conveys the brand’s tone. Hiring professional voice over artists/actors will ensure that the context delivered is proper and will enact the script to seem convincing and persuasive to the customers. Knowing how to choose the voice rightfully can help to make your marketing campaign a success, enhancing your brand position in the market!

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