Grab Your Customer's Attention By Speaking To Them, Not At Them

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  • 30-Sep-2022
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Marketers face a significant challenge in today's always-connected, information-rich world: a consumer's brain can only hold so much information before becoming weary. A person's attention span is unavoidably short, and with the flood of information available in our hands every day via personal devices, mobile marketers have steep challenges in reaching and engaging their target customers.

In the short span of time when a brand has to market their product, they have to think out of the box, as decade-old technique is not going to sway away the customer's attention. In earlier times brands used to market their product very authoritatively and loudly - Get this product NOW, limited time to BUY, but the time has changed, and customer’s preferred a more conversational tone rather than an authoritative one. For instance, in the global animation industry, the voice over must be very expressive to leave a lasting impression and to improve the viewer base.

People stopped listening to businesses that told them what to do as markets became saturated with innumerable businesses and more brand voices than they could ever listen to. There was simply too much to accomplish with all those voices!

It's important to consider how significantly voice over techniques have evolved throughout the years. Because it will determine if your audience will not only hear you but also listen to what you have to say. For authoritative and declarative speaking, the traditional, resonant-style voice over was used. Ads and content can no longer claim authority and make such assertions.

To keep the conversation interesting, adjust your tone based on what is being discussed - sound excited when pitching your product, express genuine concern if they are telling you about their problem, pause and congratulate them if they share a story of their success, or even simply say, "It's so great we agree!" when you reach a point of mutual understanding.

So what the audience required was a companion. A trusted advisor. Someone to talk to who was aware of their opinions and worries. That is reflected in today's popular: softer, warmer, friendlier, and casual voice. Everyone should adopt a more conversational tone.

Making a conversational voice over sound natural and authentic is more difficult than you may think. After all, it's difficult to put a premium Hindi voice over artist, for example, a recording studio and instruct them to play Mom’s nemesis who’s trying to get her job!

Voice performers must read from a script and speak the lines. They were not supposed to be readable. It's an important distinction between reading and expressing emotion and empathy towards the message being delivered. The phrasing, pitch, beats, and tones must all sound as if the voice actor is having a real conversation. That is the only way to truly engage your audience.

After making a conversational tone, Congratulations. You have their attention. They've made some progress on their "buyer's journey," but there's still a long way to go. You must hold their attention till they purchase. How?

You initially gained it by drawing attention to yourself. Continue to empathize with them and their problems. Give them optimism that a solution is possible. Demonstrate to them that you have a solution.

"Prove it" to them by displaying case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients. And only discuss your product to demonstrate how it benefits them and to support the promises you've made about how you can assist them. One might think all of this cover in an ad can be difficult, but lay out a plan/script and see if it has all these elements covered.

To be more confident while marketing the product, you'll need to avoid speaking to an audience in your script writing. To get quick advertisement voice over services, the script must be clear and the voice actor must give the impression that they are having a discussion with the customer. It's pointless to instruct a voice actor to be more conversational when the script's vocabulary clearly encourages them to yell.

Once the form of dialogue has been established by the screenplay, you can rely on voice acting to captivate your audience. The conversation comes to life thanks to the voice acting. Who's saying what? Is it a frustrated layperson, someone looking for the best office floor, or someone who wants to watch a great movie?

When you start speaking to an audience, a lot depends on your voice actor's talent and ability to make your scripted words sound like their own. So, when looking for a conversational voice actor, listen to their samples and visualize the persona you want them to play during the chat.

Structure the writing as if it were a dialogue, then select a fantastic voice actor. One with a voice that is warm, inviting, engaging, and compelling enough to convey your message. Remember that Voyzapp has some of the world's best 25k+ voice over actors registered eager to give voice to your project! At Voyzapp - a professional dubbing services provider in India, you’ll get guaranteed on-time delivery and full customer satisfaction. We believe in what our customers want and are able to fulfill them to the best of our abilities.

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