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  • 08-Apr-2021
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There is an increasing trend of digitalizing new or old publications and converting them into audiobooks. If you are a writer looking for a narrator, then this blog is for you.

Sometimes, being an author, your mind can debate for doing narration work yourself to save cost? You can also support it with the argument that you know the emotions behind your write-up, so who else can narrate it better than you? There are a few powerful reasons why one should always consider professional narrators for the success of audiobooks. 

There is a contrast between being a good narrator and a good writer. A good writer is the one who can make readers create a screenplay in their mind while reading the text itself and a good narrator is the one who does the same for the listeners. Choosing the right words is essential for the writer to achieve visualization features in the content, and choosing correct voice modulation is vital in the same write-up narration.

It also helps the writer focus his energy and time on promoting his books rather than giving voice over. This way, he can promote the books even before the launch of the Audiobook. Popular voice over agencies in India in the market can help you find a good narrator, but you may have doubts if the artist is perfect for you or not. To resolve this problem, go through the essential qualities of a narrator to ensure you found a good agency and the artist.

Voice quality matching the content requirement

The Voice quality of the narrator should suit the provision of the write-up. Every book targets people of different demographics and needs a different voice to capture the listeners. Remember the story-telling by teachers in mimicked voice in early school days on picture cards, and we as kids visualized the screenplay. Would you listen to the same voice if you listen to a cook-book or a book related to business tactics?

This is why a good voice over agency tries to keep the collaboration of many skilled voice-artists with varied voice qualities to suit all requirements.

Choose The Correct Text Sample for Voice-Testing.

It may not appear, but it is a significant step in the selection of the perfect artist. Selecting too large or too small text size may not help you in judging the voice quality. This way, you may misjudge a good artist. Considering its importance, devote time to selecting samples so you can focus on evaluating the qualities of all participating artists on the exact text.

Gender of Voice

Selection of the correct gender of voice which looking for professional audiobook voice over services online is also essential. Male voice has more aggression and dominance and thus suits male-dominant industries, but female voices have high pitch and softness. So selection of gender needs looking in the target listener group.

For instance, the female voice is always preferable if your listener is a kid, female, or an older adult who needs more compassion while listening. But, the male and female voices; both stand equally in competition depending on their skills.

Accent & Pronunciations

Voice-artist should have a clear voice with perfect pronunciation of each word used in the book. You still cannot ask an artist to read the entire book to judge that. So, choose the sample with the most challenging words.

An accent is necessary for an audiobook; as the accent is specific to a region, so it is imperative that a voice actor with an appropriate accent is chosen for an audiobook – considering the character and the geography targeted. For instance – the English language accent varies widely = the US English accent is quite different from the UK English which is turn is different from the English spoken in India or the middle East.  

If you are not sure about it, always trust your voice over agency because an experienced agent would have worked for different books and knows what works for whom.

The Technology Used by Artists

Voice over work does not require artists to be present in the agency studio. They usually do have their studio from where they record and submit their work. If you hire Hindi voice actor online directly, it is advised to listen to multiple samples of the voice artist across various genres to judge the voice modulation, clarity, presence of background noice, editing etc.

In an ideal situation, professional voice over agencies keep a check on the technologies used by artists on their panel and take steps to fix the bugs. 


Hire a professional voice over narrator for your Audiobook so you can sit back relaxed and focus your skills in writing and promotion of the book. Voyzapp is an online voice over marketplace where you can browse thousands of voice samples across different categories – listen to voice demos, compare prices and choose the best voice actor that fits your project and budget.

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