Voice Over Artists & Talent for Animation Industry

With technology advancing fast, the Animation industry has expanded like never before! It does not come as a surprise that Animated videos have the power of attracting people young and old. Even in the professional world, many companies and organizations use professional Animation voice over service and Animated videos to communicate, explain or tell stories to their target audiences.

The animation is an imitation of real-world characters and objects through moving pictures and can bring great value to a number of business and entertainment activities. Animation videos can be considered as a superior marketing vehicle. Businesses that use Animated video in their marketing have outpaced their competitors in almost every marketing and growth metric. Animated videos not only help your brand grow faster but also helps to get better attention from the users. Here are a few types of Animated videos that are used by marketers and companies for promotion and for creating awareness;

  1. 2D animation
  2. 3D animation
  3. Live Action Animation
  4. Motion graphics
  5. Whiteboard animations

When it comes to creating an Animated video, the quality of the Animation voice over can help you reach your goals when you present your content to the audience. If you are looking for professional voice overs that can give a powerful boost to your brand’s potential, then you have come to the right place. Voyzapp is the leading dubbing company in India, delivering the most reliable and accurate and cost-effective Animation voice over services in the industry. We provide high-quality voice over recordings through professional voice artists who work in multiple languages and accents. You can easily browse thousands of voice demos in Animation, compare costs and delivery time, review artists' profiles and hire the right Animation voice for your brand at a button’s click! 

We work with professional, mother-tongue voice over actors, in every single language, to ensure that your media can be enjoyed by audiences around the globe. Our professional actors, audio editing team, audio mixing team and sound engineers can bring your story to life in any language, genre, or elocution imaginable. Whether your goal is to educate, inform, or inspire, Voyzapp will help you maximize the value of your Animation video through high quality voice over recording services.

We understand that the right animation voice over will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, and pull them into your world. With different kinds of animation, you need to be sure to pick the right voices to match the characters you've developed. At Voyzapp, not only can you find a wide variety of experienced animation voice actors - you can also find animation voice actors who speak over 100 different languages, and are experienced in dubbing: perfect for sharing your animation on the global stage. By involving the auditory senses, voice overs services from a leading voice over company like Voyzapp can enhance the communication power of any Animated video even more.

Expand your brand image by creating an emotional touch

Alluring Animation voice overs from Voyzapp can make you feel happiness, compassion or excitement in any animated video. The experienced voice actors can set the particular mood of the video by adding a human touch to the story. Professional voice actors of Voyzapp know exactly how to add the right highs-and-lows, pauses and flow to the story, so they’ll always lead emotions the right way. If you include the voice of your brand in your video, it will help you reinforce your identity and make it easier for the viewers to recognize and identify with your message. The professional Animation voice overs from Voyzapp can help to retain the message better in the minds of your customer. This will also help to build brand awareness by adding creativity and imagination. The powerful Animation voice over from Voyzapp builds a world of creativity that can persuade your audience to take a call to action. This can also be a very good move to guide them in a specific direction you want them to take. Professional voice overs and quality subtitling services in multiple languages will give you a  better chance to explain to your prospects what you do, how your product can help them and why they should pick you out as their vendor, all through your video!

You can tell the physical and emotional state of someone by the tone of his or her voice. The professional voice artists from Voyzapp can bring out the emotions and acts to life. Voyzapp has thousands of expert voice actors who can match the envisioned character and can naturally bring-out the character’s persona. Always remember that animations are cartoon characters that move and it will take a pure voice talent from a professional voice over marketplace, to keep the drawing vibrant while communicating the desired brand message.

Versatile Voices to Improve your ROI

Voyzapp helps to deliver engaging voice overs will captivate your target audience and make them stay longer on your site to watch it. This way you will have more time to pass out your specific key messages, while you grow trust and empathy. Hence, you will also increase conversions and sales. Also, potential customers have to trust in the voice talent explanation. Thus, a native voice actor from Voyzapp is the right choice to make your users feel more comfortable and receptive to the message and this will eventually help to drive in more sales and revenue for your brand.

Competitive Pricing, On Time Delivery

We carefully vet and only work with experts who have proven voice over experience, so you’re guaranteed to hire professional voice over artists online for audio mixing and trimming, and receive perfect results every time! We promise you’ll be happy with our audio recording output. You get plenty of review options, quality checks and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, most of the projects are delivered within a few hours! Your payment is kept secured in our escrow account and is disbursed to the artist only after you are fully content with the audio recording services.

Unmatched Project Management

Our professional account and project managers take care of everything, and adjust to your workflow and preferences. Our team takes the time to understand you, your goals and your message. Whatever Animation voice over or expert video editing and development services you require, we help you create a successful audio/video project that speaks to your audience & curates experiences that resonate with your viewers. Quickly and securely connect with top voice actors from all over the world, matched specifically to your project needs, and manage the entire process on our platform.

Take your visions and ideas on a global scale through professional Animation voice overs!  Contact our helpdesk today with your requirements and enjoy sound gripping voice over services within your budget!