The Best voice recording Software for 2022

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  • 23-Dec-2021
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A reliable and efficient voice recording software is a necessity for high-quality voice recording. Irrespective of who you are – a voice actor building a home studio, a podcaster, a singer, or an agency dealing with any or all of these, you just cannot afford to compromise the quality of your output. You may be thinking of saving money or using free software or maybe you think that a high price guarantees high quality. But actually, none of the two notions are universal. While people equate the money with the quality there are few recording software available for a free and easy download, and give you a nice quality recording. However, there are a few important things to consider before you get into buying or downloading voice recording software. These questions are prudent in deciding the viability of software in accordance with your work. So here you go –

Are you a professional? If you identify yourself as a professional then there are some added expectations and responsibilities from you. For instance, as a professional provider of voice-over services you are expected to provide your clients with impeccable quality voice-over recordings, and it becomes your responsibility not to mess it up. Therefore, do a little research about the recording software being used by industry professionals.

What do your clients use? If you collaborate often compatibility is important. The software you use should be compatible with the one in the studio. Obviously, it is impossible to know which software is used by every client, but it would be wise to know the industry standard. Again, researching the popularly used recording software in the related industry would give an idea about the compatible options. Like in a survey conducted, it has been found that ‘Adobe Auditions’ is widely popular in the voice-over industry.

Is it User-Friendly & has all the tools you need? Some software might be easy to operate and learn while some may be a bit more technical or have a complex functioning. You must make sure whether or not the company provides proper explainer videos, manuals, and help in comprehending the software’s functioning. Also, define your basic needs, lay down a list of basic functions that you want to be able to perform with the software. Based on the list it would be much easier to identify the best fit software for your voice-over works.

How is the Quality & what does Feedback say? Quality of output is imperative for excellent voice-over recordings; you simply cannot make adjustments with that. Even professional voice-over actors understand that even after applying proper recording techniques one needs to give a little touch up here and there in the recordings. So check well before you buy. Make sure you read all those reviews available online and look for recommendations and feedback videos or articles provided by known professionals.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most widely used and efficient Digital Voice Recording Software to consider for 2022, however, we will not get into much detail but give you a basic idea about top-performing DAWs of each category -

Let’s start with software available for free:

Audacity – it is a free and easy-to-use multitrack audio recorder & editor that is compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems. It is regularly updated, improved, and user-friendly.

GarageBand – this one comes pre-installed and pre-equipped with Mac. It is preset with everything you need to record and process the audio and therefore takeout the complexity of the process. It comes in-built with Mac so consider it free for Apple users. Not compatible with PCs, but it is great for music productions and voice-over recordings, also considered to be best for beginners.

Some of the best recording software available for purchase:

 Reaper – it is rapidly popularity gaining DAW and is becoming to be the talk of the town, thanks to the professional voice-over actors taking time to praise its functioning and smooth operation. Despite being of comparatively low price, Reaper is quite comprehensive in its features and provides great sound quality. It is compatible with MacOS & Windows, and is constantly upgraded, and allows plugins for enhanced quality.

Adobe Auditions – as said earlier it is the most popular recording software used by professionals. It comes with wide-ranging, toolkits, waveforms, multitrack recording, and a great display feature for recording, editing, mixing or imposing the audio. It is widely used for voice recording in different kinds of video productions, like mixing sounds with advertisement voice-overs, with animation voices, etc.

There are many other recording software of course, but these are some of the popular and widely used or can say top-performing ones. However, you can do your own research regarding the details about these and other software. But before you decide to invest in recording software make sure you have a clear idea about your needs and also your budget. Don’t be tempted to save money or buy an expensive one, have a clear vision before investing in a DAW.

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