Are Online Platforms The Future Of Voiceover Industry?

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  • 14-Jul-2020
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Voiceover is a niche in the media and entertainment industry that has gained immense popularity in recent years, with a considerable growth seen in Animation voice over and Elearning/training narration. And with digitization, there has been an increase in the number of online casting agencies and voice over marketplaces. As the industry is rapidly increasing its capacity to handle larger and more complex projects online, it is replacing the traditional ‘in-person’ studios and, eventually, offering a better user experience in several facets.

Are you a customer looking for voice overs for your project?

Gone are the days when hiring a voice artist was only done through conventional agencies. Slow internet and limited online resources meant that one needed to physically go to the studio, battling traffic, then spend an entire day casting and auditioning voice talents. Chasing a number of voice over agencies did not guarantee that the project would be completed as per the expectations. This whole process left the client with no control on the amount of time and money spent and the inconvenience caused.

This burden has now come to an end in the new millennium where nearly every business has migrated to the online realm. Incorporating conversational voice overs to marketing campaigns or receiving a professional Audiobook narration has now become easy as companies and brands can search for voice actors through their mobile phones or online websites and applications.

Here are few advantages that online platforms present in terms of diversity of voice actors as well as the ease of selecting the perfect voice:

  1. Cost-effective : For hiring a voice actor through the conventional process, one needs to allot an extra budget for receiving the auditions from a talent agent or any agency. Hiring talents online saves you money as you just need to search your preferred requirements and the online platform does the rest of the operation. Searching for voice actors in an online voiceover marketplace like Voyzapp gets you access to free demos of artists and their prices and delivery time. Also, you get the option to compare prices of the artists so that you won’t have to worry about exceeding your budget and hidden expenses. Forget the ordeal of weeks of auditions and expensive casting directors; you get to listen to samples of voice artists, without any additional charges!
  2. Convenient and time-saving : Online platforms simplify the traditional process of hiring a voice talent and make it efficient and effective. Instead of renting studios at a humongous price for casting and auditions, you just have to undergo these simple steps:
    1. Login to your account in the online platform where you registered for free.
    2. Search your talent in a pool of professional voice actors by languages,categories, gender, or age
    3. You get the option of listening to as many demos that you want to
    4. Hire the artist and review the submitted output till you are satisfied
      With websites like Voyzapp which only work with the best voice actors, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality voice over recordings before your given deadline.
  3. Access to global voice artists: Most of the voice artists in the online voice over marketplaces are carefully screened and vetted to meet your requirements. On that account, you get more opportunities to work on popular voice actors in a fixed rate set on the platform. Usually rates are determined by how many words are in the script that allows the clients to work with popular voice artists easily. Also with a large pool of talents, you can easily work with a global artist, with the required accent and dialect.
  4. Advanced technology:The technology embracing online platforms use an intuitive dashboard where you can maximize your user experience. In your dashboard, you can see demos/auditions of the artists, list of voice talents, payment system and the progress of the ongoing project. Also, you get notified automatically if the talent has accepted your proposal or completed the project, without the hassle of follow ups and umpteen calls.
  5. Better Satisfaction: The online platforms use a secured payment mechanism (At Voyzapp, we use Escrow payment method) ensuring safe transactions and guaranteed satisfaction to the client. Additionally, as a customer, you receive constant updates about your project and can review until you are satisfied with the quality! Due to the customized tech portal, you get unmatched customer experience and full customization for any project!

What’s important in all online voice-over services is that they give you peace of mind. Once you get matched with the professional voice artist, you should make the payment with an easy mind.

Are you a professional voice actor?

With a growth in the demand for voice over artists, there are a lot of aspirants wanting to get into the business of voiceover. If you too are a voice artist who is still indulged in promoting demos through talent agents or following up with agencies for a live audition, it’s about time you consider accessing the digital realm of voice casting.

Any professional voice actor will tell you that having an online presence is a must these days. And being selective about voice overs you audition for, marketing yourself and uploading demos on online marketplaces are all important aspects of being a modern voice over artist. Online platforms provide ample opportunities to newbies as well as seasoned voice artists, where you have the ease to work with global clients at your own pace. Also, as the world moves to work remotely as a means of practising social distancing, voice artists too are now adapting and turning to online voice over marketplaces that provide them an opportunity to change their way of working sustainably and earn the benefits over the medium to long term. Websites like Voyzapp provide voice over jobs and many places where you can upload demos for potential clients that could hire you.

Eliminating the conventional indusry protocols of auditions and middlemen, know how these platforms are helping voice talents to showcase their skills.

  1. Global Work Opportunities: Businesses today are increasingly moving online to keep up with the pace of globalization and as a voice actor, you actually run your own show so you wouldn’t want to get left behind. Online platforms have some of the top brands from around the world and you can receive job opportunities from all around the world.
    Building long-term relationships from repeated business with clients is also one big benefit that online platforms bestow.
  2. Less hassle of auditions: The conventional voice audition process means that the artist has to be physically present while doing a rehearsal, with no surety of getting a new opportunity. While an audition helps the talent to get more experience behind the microphone, it becomes despairing when you do hundreds of auditions without any feedback or opportunity from clients. Moreover, people having prior connections in the industry often curb the right voice talents to grow. With the right online voice over marketplace, you get to work smarter, not harder by letting your previous work speak for you for landing upon better opportunities.
  3. No commute, better management: Commute no more! You are free of any burden to physically go back and forth to the voice over agency just to get things done and record a new audition. This encompasses conservation of time, effort and money altogether. You can easily work from anywhere with a full control over your time, workplace and the earnings you make.
  4. Transparent workflow: Online platforms use technology to empower the process of getting hired. This brings a significant enhancement to both voice actors and clients as it simplifies the burdensome process of manual searching, inviting, and waiting for project opportunities. This also means that you receive quick payments as a voice artist without going through the inconvenience of follow ups and inturn, get the best out of your auditions.
  5. Better Marketing: Just like any other industry, voice over actors need to stay focused and build their network of relationships to get more work and as online platforms are easy to use, this is the best marketing strategy especially for newbies. While marketing yourself is a continuous activity that requires daily efforts, you can easily highlight your expertise on your profile and develop your personal brand when working on an online platform. Above all, this is the way you advertise yourself with the least marketing effort done by simply producing a great demo reel and working on describing yourself in the best professional manner.

Online platforms can go a long way in ensuring the success of voice artists in the voice over industry as well as helping clients to get access to global voice artists at affordable costs! Voyzapp is India’s leading online voice over marketplace hosting thousands of professional voice talents working multiple languages and accents. Voyzapp offers professional voice over services through native voice actors at the click of a button!

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