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  • 09-Jul-2020
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In the quest of expanding your business’s reach, you must continually think of ways to get your products and services in front of as many people as possible, all without breaking the bank! And Youtube can be an incredible tool for your business and must definitely be a part of your marketing strategy.

The power of Youtube can be assessed with the fact that each month more than 2 Billion logged-in users visit YouTube and over a billion hours of content is consumed every day on this platform. If you haven’t yet started Youtube for your business, you are definitely missing out on a lot of opportunities and potential customers!

Just like an influential advertisement voice over or any compelling Animated movie, Youtube videos capture the storyteller’s emotion in a way that words alone simply can’t. Creating a Youtube content can capture more attention for your brand with an added degree of personalization. Here are the top 5 compelling reasons for your brand to be on this platform:

  1. Expansion: Tap Into The Horde of YouTube’s Traffic
  2. Escalation: Marketing On YouTube Will Help You Get Found On Google
  3. Diversification: Grow Your Audience Worldwide
  4. Engagement: People would rather watch videos than read
  5. Conversion: YouTube engagement helps you acquire new customers

Tips for creating an intriguing and engaging Youtube channel

  1. Define your goals : Before you do anything, it’s important to consider what you’re hoping to get out of YouTube. This will help you decide what kind of videos you want to create and define the right audience for your content. It is also important to keep in mind why you want to be on YouTube to begin with. Are you looking to spread the word on your organization’s mission? Or are looking to increase the sales on your website?
    Having a goal in mind from the start means you’ll be better able to create content that your audience will want to subscribe to, comment on, and share. If you focus on content that is useful to your audience, particularly if it’s something you are an expert in, your viewers will see you as a trusted resource for information. 
  2. Determine and get to know your audience : Knowing your audience is critical. If you don’t know your audience, it’s all but impossible to make any Youtube content. Understanding your audience will guide you to make key decisions about your videos as well as to opt for a top voice over agency for voice recordings. If you have a product or service, talk to your customers about how they use your product and where they struggle. If you’re thinking of starting an educational content, find out what learning outcomes your students hope to gain. This will eventually help you to choose topics essential for your brand and business. Analyze your audience on the basis of demographics, gender, age and occupation to know about their likes or dislikes and adapt your product or content accordingly.
  3. Write a storyboard and script : Once you have your topic and know your audience, create a storyboard to outline and visualize what you plan to show. When you finish storyboarding and you have your plan in hand, work on your script. A script (even a simple one) will help you be efficient with what you want to say or portray. The more clear your script is, the faster you’ll have your recording done, the fewer chances for needing to go back and fix it later, and the less it will cost you.

    Here are a few script writing tips to get you started.
    1. Write your script that sounds conversational and natural. Try to be as straightforward as possible with your language.
    2. Use abbreviations and stay away from complex sentences.
    3. Practice as much as you can. Read your script aloud and see how it flows. If you find yourself getting tripped up, go back and make sure you’re using natural language.
    4. Get feedback. Find someone who’s not afraid to tell you what they really think and send them your script and make it an essential part of the scripting process.
  4. Record your voice over : With your script in hand, it’s time to record the voice over narration. To engage your customers and persuade them to take a call-to-action, it is necessary to hire professional voice actors who can communicate, and not merely read your story. You can expect the following from a professional voice talent:

    1. Better versatility and range : A professional voice-over actor will have the ability to deliver exactly what they promise so that they meet the needs of your video. Their versatility will mean that they will be able to listen to your directions and suggestions to help create the Youtube content that you want. Listening to their demos and contacting them directly or through online voice over companies will give you an insight into their versatility.
    2. Higher authenticity :If a voice-over actor has an extensive background in acting in front of a camera or on stage, you can be sure that they will be able to offer real authenticity to your video. Many of them are experienced to the point where they are tried and tested and they have the ability to apply direction so that they deliver your Youtube content message in the right way. Working with a talented voice-over professional will make the world of difference.
    3. Better relatability quotient : Once you hear the difference between a script that has just been ‘read out loud,’ and one that has come ‘alive’ under the care of a professional voice actor, you’ll never forget it. How a word is read and perceived changes dramatically depending on what the intent is and the subtext – and voice actors have committed themselves to ensuring they can pick up on and enhance all of those intentions. A professional read compels the audience to listen and pulls them in the right emotional direction.
    4. Ability to meet project’s need : Your Youtube content may cover a number of different subjects which requires a voice-over actor who is versatile and diverse. A professional will be able to undertake a number of different projects which means understanding the exact project requirements will come easy to them. They may have experience of providing high quality English voice over services and will be able to add the personality and character to your video that you desire. They would have also worked on a number of different videos throughout the years making it easier to relate to your needs.
    5. Greater brand familiarity : One important thing that you require from your voice over is that your customers are able to relate to your product and immediately recognize that it is you. Listening to a professional voice talent’s audition and hiring a veteran can really come in handy when carrying out the marketing through your Youtube channel. If your customers recognize the voice, they will recognize your brand and that, in itself, will help to drive up sales.

What makes a good voice over?

Here is a list of the top qualities to look for in any voice actor to ensure that your content stands out – and blows your audience away.

  1. Vocal and Communications Skills : To have a great quality read it requires great communication skills – good knowledge of grammar, perfect enunciation and ability to read words clearly and with proper phrasing. A great Youtube content should also have the type of voice that is pleasant to your target listeners. A professional voice artist has all these qualities and understands the dynamics and components of sound and voice.
    1. Audio clarity and volume : The clarity of the voice and a comfortable volume may be the most essential parts of great audio. If the voice over recording is faint or muffled sounding, it will be difficult for people to understand. Audiences likely will be distracted and unable to absorb the information or may simply move on
    2. Pronunciation and Pacing : Part of a great voice over recording is ensuring that each word is pronounced correctly and clearly. Pacing is also an important factor to consider as rushed pacing can deviate the audience from the intended message and slow paced recording is likely to make them feel bored. The best voice overs have a natural and deliberate pace, with strategically placed pauses.
  2. Technical Skills : A professional voice talent will only record using high-quality recording equipment to produce clear and noise-free recording. Also he or she will understand the components of a voice-over project better and what is expected of them, including understanding the script requirements. Experienced voice artists will have:
    1. In-depth knowledge of types of microphone and their use
    2. Working knowledge of all equipment used in studio recording
    3. Knowledge of editing and sound engineering. They know how to use their microphone and other tools to deliver a clean, clear, quality sound.

A professional actor will be able to deliver a flawless performance in front of a microphone and can interpret your script for its intended audience and the medium in which it will be heard. Remember that ‘saving’ your money by getting a colleague to lend their voice will eventually add up to the cost of retakes as well as be a time consuming task. Also, post production editing costs can add up faster than you anticipate!

An experienced voice talent would either own a home recording studio or have access to one, you can be assured of the overall voice quality of the audio. Hence, by getting the best voice artist for your Youtube content, you’re making your investment go further and protecting yourself from costly post production charges. Voyzapp is a leading voice over company in India, where you can hire the top-notch and best-in-class voice talents easily and compare their costs to select the one that fits your budget!

So what are you waiting for? Get discovered through your Youtube content by investing in quality voice overs that will make you ‘heard’ worldwide!

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