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  • 01-Jun-2020
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Just like our ordinary reality, Virtual Reality is not just a visual experience – it is multi-sensory including the auditory sense, the sense of touch, and sometimes even the olfactory sense! Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment that uses sensory mechanisms to simulate a user's physical presence in a virtual environment. Today the Virtual reality (VR) technology is applied to advanced fields of medicine, engineering, education, gaming, design, training, and entertainment.

Sound plays an important role in this multi-sensory unity by guiding users about the virtual happenings and giving detailed information about the nature of those events. And just like video game voice over, brands use VR voice overs to create compelling stories and to provide additional sensory information. Voice overs help in making virtual reality seem more plausible and realistic and open up creative possibilities in terms of storytelling, emotions, and interactivity. Voice overs are now becoming an integral part of the VR projects and are being used for the purpose of:

  1. Marketing
  2. Training and testing
  3. Gaming industry
  4. Documentaries
  5. Medical field

A quality script, an intriguing story and creative voice overs can add another layer of intrigue to an already intriguing project. Here are the reasons to incorporate voice overs to your VR project:

  1. Engage your audience thoroughly: VR is meant to captivate your audience and to create an alternate reality. Voice overs help to achieve cutting-edge and very stimulating user engagement. The voice must be consistent enough to guide the users  about events, even if they aren’t in their view field. With no voice overs to match the visuals, the brain will not be able to understand the premise, hence immersive voice overs are an important aspect.
  2. Provide an intense and ‘real’ experience: The 3-D graphics need equally fascinating voice overs that can let the users believe that they are listening to ‘natural’ voices. To make an authentic experience, it is important to use personalized sound that makes people forget that they have a headset on. This realism can only be possible through powerful and conversational voice overs that can convince people to take action.
  3. Capture full attention of your users: A VR-world that is ripe with voice overs is far more able to induce a sense of reality than a silent one. In addition, it heightens the opportunities to deliver more vivid and memorable experiences to the audience. A professional voice over will put you in the exact sound field as originally intended and make the total experience wholesome and realistic.
  4. Add creativity to your brand image: With the right strategy in place, voice overs can help to add an extra dimension to the storyline by connecting emotionally with the audience. Users can gauge the right emotion and intent, if the voice overs can add to the feeling of presence that is difficult to achieve with the visuals in VR. Using voice overs can steer the user’s attention to look in the direction of the sound and can give an unusual sensory experience that they might not have felt before!
  5. Increase credibility of graphics: Voice overs can entrance the audience such that they don’t lose any of the suspense or enjoyment that is crucial in VR. When voice overs are incorporated with a visual stimulus, the credibility of the virtual experience is greatly increased. Human voices can magnify the impact and depth of a VR experience and make them more believable.

As VR applications and cinematic experiences grow in popularity, adding VR voice-over to your scenes can add a lot of value to your overall project. And working with a voice over agency that has access to multilingual voice talents ensures that the intent and emotions don’t get lost along the way. Voyzapp provides premium voice over recording services through professional voice artists who work in numerous languages and categories to bring your project alive. You can easily compare prices of voice artists and can be assured to receive the highest quality recording at a quick turnaround time.

With VR technology accelerating at the rate it is, it makes sense to add voice overs that could give a relatable and realistic experience to the users and attract them better. Create a phenomenal VR experience for your audience - use immersive voice overs!

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