Thinking of exploring voice artist career path? Here's how to get started

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  • 17-Jan-2020
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If you have a voice that engages others and makes people to pay attention to what you say, then voice acting may be your calling. With voices being used everywhere in branding, advertising, documentaries, IVRs, podcasts and broadcasting, there has been a shift in voice over industry. Marketing and advertising agencies are now pursuing a voice that can hit the target audience as real and instil them to take call to action.

With diverse roles to perform at the ease of home and flexible work timings, voice acting seems like a fascinating career choice in today’s modern world. If you are looking to pursue the voice over career, here are few considerations that you must keep in mind before taking the big leap.

How to kick-start your career:

It’s true that you don’t need any specific educational background to become a voice actor. But for honing your voice skills to perfection you may want to consider up taking voice over training courses. Professional voice over artists recommend taking voice lessons to create a powerful impact on listeners. There are various voice coaches who have years of experience in providing specialized training by exposing actors to new concepts, techniques and knacks of the voice industry. With the world becoming a digitalised space, you can also avail various courses online to sharpen various skills like voice modulation, accent training, accurate diction and microphone handling techniques.

Pros and Cons to weigh in before taking the plunge:

As new horizons are opening for voice artists in video game and mimicry voice over, there’s a huge earning potential in this profession. Working with a well-known and reputed brands mean quick and good money and with right skills and experience, you can be assured of earning huge chunks of income. Also, with globalisation taking over the world, voice actors today lend their voices to projects around the world! Voice acting also means that you get to be the boss of your timing and schedule your work accordingly.

But with a competitive voice over marketplace, delay in payments, tight deadlines and struggle to find potential clients and right medium, it may be difficult to get new projects and auditions easily.

Voyzapp caters to provide new opportunities to artists by giving them a proper platform for showcasing their talent and earn better. We have 10000+ professional voice artists registered on our website who work in 30+ national and international languages and this pool is growing with each passing day.  You can be well assured of quick, secured payments and global exposure and can work around the world, in any location! Simply register on Voyzapp and upload your samples to be the part of the leading voice over agency India!

Still pondering over the thought of fetching your first voice project? Visit our helpcentre today to get started!

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