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  • 08-May-2020
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The video game industry is evolving like no other! The gaming industry is transforming technology, sports and even pop culture! With such a huge revolution, the video game industry presents endless opportunities for voice actors. The voices are required for various characters including heros, villians, side characters and even a primate avatar! As the world is becoming globalised each day, the gaming industry has also eased its way into local markets and has expanded its reach. And this has opened even more avenues for native and professional voice over actor. The voice over recordings in video games are primarily required for:

  1. Action Games:  Action games are one of the most popular video games and are broadly characterised by the fast paced movements that require physical challenges to be faced by the character.
    Mostly popular: Super Mario 3D Land
  2. Racing Games: One of the earliest and popular genres, racing games portray any racing competition with the player competing on land, water or space vehicles.
    Mostly popular: Forza Horizon 4
  3. Role Playing Games: In RPG or Role playing games the fictional character partakes on a quest to an imaginary world and this genre  presents an option of meeting with other online players.
    Mostly popular: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  4. Adventure Games: The oldest or ‘original’ video games involve players to follow the story and reach the target or the last level of achievement.
    Mostly popular: God of War
  5. Simulators:Simulation games are designed to closely simulate real world activities with no pre defined end goals. These can present an ongoing situation or can create otherworldly experiences for the player.
    Most popular: Cities: Skylines

It's true that there’s a lot that goes into making a video game - from huge investments to creative ideas, programming and software. But voice overs can provide instant life to any character by adding another dimension to the game, making the gameplay more immersive. Hence, you need to focus on veteron voice artists who can provide interactive storytelling along with voice acting.


The business of video games demands thorough voice over experience and requires artists to narrate action sentences, screams, non-verbal grunts or other body part movements. Therefore, choosing the right voice talent is immensely important to make any gaming voice over job work.


Here are few skills to look for in voice actor that can define his/her craft of voice acting:

  1. Understanding the essence of character: It cannot be said enough that characters are the soul of any video game lies in the characters it presents. Knowing the heart and soul of the character, selecting the right voice for it and reacting with the appropriate emotions according to the scenes are the basic requirement of any video games voice over.
  2. Playing multiple rolesVoice acting in video games is a challenging role as it requires playing multiple roles and coming up with something that the actor hasn’t done before. Doing different character voices requires experience in maximizing voice separation. A single voice artist should adapt to the style of the script- whether it is the voice of a dragon, an evil wizard or a warrior, with the same energy and enthusiasm in every line.
  3. Bringing characters to a new world:Video games characters are fictional but the persona and situations are required to be created ‘life like’. And this only happens when the voice artist uses various techniques to ensure that the character has substance and depth. To make the character more genuine, the voice actor needs to ensure to get the right tone, accent, pitch and style.

There are thousands of voice artists with different talent and experience to offer and therefore, it's important to analyse your budget too before choosing any veteran voice talent. Voyzapp is a premium voice over agency and has numerous artists who provide quality and cost effective video game voice overs at a rapid turnaround time! With professional voice artists and the option of listening to various samples in multiple categories and languages, you even have the option of sorting artists according to costs and delivery time.

The right voice artist ensures that the context delivered is proper and informs the gamer of what they need to know by enacting the same sentence in a different manner. Therefore selecting a professional video game voice actor can strengthen a player's relationship with the gaming universe by capturing the right essence.


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