Growing Opportunities for Voice Artists in Voice Overs

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  • 23-Nov-2019
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With the growing market, the demand for experienced and professional voice over artists in India has been on the rise. From audio books, podcasts, jingles to education and internet videos dominating the space, it seems like voice is everywhere in this digital era. Whatever may be your field of work, you expect to see a rise in voice over opportunities, as people are opening themselves to a new, audio-rich way of life.

The industries now require the assistance of a professional voice artist for promoting or selling their products/brand name through advertising, e-learning, explainer videos or jingles. So a strong and captivating voice not only helps to capture the audience but it also helps to leave a long-lasting impression. There are a vast number of opportunities that exist for voice actors. As a voice actor you might be working on a marketing campaign one day, an advertisementl the next and then the following day on an animated video or TV commercial voice over!

Do you have a naturally smooth and impressive voice and are wondering how to start your career in this field?

Voice acting is an exciting and off-beat career choice, where you can use your voice as a medium to earn and be a part of a growing industry. There’s no education qualification required to become a voice artist. What you need to have is a good command in the language you are proficient in. Your voice needs to be clear and distinctive. You need to work on your dialogue delivery to ensure it is flawless. Always remember that the listeners would connect to a voice which is engaging and personable. Also, you need to maintain a sense of relatability, by staying professional, cordial, informative and thorough with the narrative voice. Work on your enunciation and voice acting to own the attention of the audience. If you are confident in your skills and are creative enough to bring any script to life, then you can start looking out for profitable opportunities straight away. Although there are lots of ways to get voice acting work, i.e, online or via a voice over agency, but the competition might make it difficult to get first few projects. Getting started can be exhausting and might take lots of research and practice, but if you have the right medium, planning your career in this industry is possible.

To give you the right opportunity to reach out to the world, Voyzapp, a first of its kind concept in India – offers you a platform where you can register for free as a voice over artist and provide voice over services, across the globe. We host 10000+ professional voice over artists working in different languages and you too can be a part of our ever-growing industry by uploading your voice samples on the portal It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner pursuing this path, Voyzapp can go a long way to provide you opportunities in the voice over marketplace with the help of our tight knit online community!

If you are a voice artist and looking to get projects easily, register now at to see why you need not to go anywhere else!


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