IPL Advertisements: How Professional Voices Drive The Market

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  • 14-Aug-2020
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For the past 12 years,  the Indian Premier League (IPL) continues to captivate the audience – not just for the sportsmanship and the game itself, but for the amazing commercials. While the IPL campaigns have been generating a lot of excitement and conversations, celebrating the fan frenzy, the cricket superstars, the carnival-like atmosphere and fast-paced Twenty-20 cricketing action, it is actually the advertisements that go on to define what it is to be the best-of-the-best in the industry.

IPL is as much about advertising and promotion, as it is about cricket. Ever since the dates have been announced, the finest advertising brains of the country have been coming up with fresh advertisements to lure the audience. Great advertisements stem from the notion that brands want to create a winning perception about the product and/or service they are offering and they ultimately want their target audience to take actions and purchase their products or services.

Advertising during IPL requires a lot of thought on the part of marketing creatives and one of the most important elements of these ads is the professional advertisement voice over! An advertising voice over not only has to convey a specific message precisely, but it must also support the brand image and deliver the emotional message the advertisement is intending to invoke. In addition, a distinctive voice over narrator helps to give these advertisements a recognizable auditory profile that listeners and viewers immediately recognize and engage with.

Following are some of the reasons why brands prefer catchy advertising voice overs and seasoned voice talents during IPL and other sports matches: 

  1. Audience Engagement : Sports matches are not only a source of entertainment but major events that attract a lot of news and discussions. It’s like an edge of the seat thriller where each and every action can lead to a different outcome. Professional voice actors have the ability to deliver exactly what they promise and can adapt and take on different tones so that the audience is gripped to the relatable content. Hence, voice overs command the highest level of attention by the viewers who don’t even change channels or swap the screens during commercial breaks which are much shorter too.
  2. Emotional Connect: In India, sports like cricket is not only a source of entertainment but a demonstration of action, skill, group dynamics, leadership, entertainment as well as pride. The motive to watch sports might vary for the audience, but the emotions are strong and everything that happens during a match leaves a deep and long-lasting impact on the audience’s mind. Incorporating right voice over tone and consistency of voice overs helps to provide authenticity to the brand image and truly enlivens the story or character.
  3. Brand credibility: People develop a sense of trust in what they hear during any commercial between a match and marketers use voice overs to build that trust of the users with their brand. Native and professional voice over artists can build a positive aura of the brand by connecting with them and by attracting attention to a product or service by providing the right character and tone to the advertising message. 
  4. Positive Associations: Sports is often associated with several positive emotions- patriotism, a bias for action, brotherhood, transparency, fair play, etc. An authentic voice aligns with the brand voice by clearly expressing the brand’s identity and values, allowing people to understand the overall vision and form similar positive associations in the minds of the audience too.
  5. Persuasive Power: A good voice over helps in creating a lasting image in the minds of the audience and encourages the listeners to take the intended action. Energetic and enthusiastic voices in advertisements guide and convince the sports fans to believe everything that the advertisement video depicts.

The main job of an advertisement voice over professional is to promote and influence the audience, therefore it is important to choose a voice that stands out from the crowd. When choosing a voice actor for your advertisement, be sure to listen to many demos and decide what voice is best suited for your TV commercial. Voyzapp is a top voice over company in India that hosts thousands of professional voice artists who can provide quality and cost effective voice overs in multiple languages and accents.

Choosing a voice over for an advertisement is a big decision. But it’s not insurmountable. Professional voice overs can serve as a big marketing tool by presenting how your brand tells its stories and showcases its values in the modern world!

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