How Voyzapp is Simplifying the Conventional Voice Industry Process

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  • 18-Mar-2020
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Voice overs are the need of the hour. From any marketing campaign to any corporate IVR or animation video, voice over is required in each and every field. With more and more brands realising that voice overs are essential to create a long lasting impact on the minds and emotions of the users, there has been an increasing trend in the voice over requirements. Also, as this off-beat career opportunity is becoming a lucrative career path to many, voice artists are becoming more and more inclined to explore new opportunities in this field.

Hiring a voice artist can be done through countless agencies, either operating in online or offline mode. But chasing after various voice over agencies does not guarantee that the project will be done as per your expectation. Also, running behind auditions and lack of resources may hinder the right voice talent to prosper. The conventional process also involves numerous intermediaries, delayed payments and tough competition for the artists. This whole process is also hassle-bound for the client and you have no control on the amount of time and money spent on the inconvenience caused.

To make this process more streamlined and technology friendly, Voyzapp is creating a voice over marketplace where users can easily assess the voice of their choice at a button’s click. Voyzapp has an automated platform with highly competitive costs and quick delivery time, which eliminates the need of following conventional voice over process and going after different voice agencies.

If you want to find the right fit for your voice over project, you can login to our portal online and can search for samples of thousands of professional voice actors who work in numerous national and international languages to provide you the best quality voice overs with minimum turn-around time. Due to this customised portal, you get unmatched customer experience and full customisation.

You can browse through our extensive network of professional voice over artists registered in various language, age and category to find your preferred voice. Hence you can get a voice over in any language, genre, or accent through our powerful search matrix and can listen to numerous samples to select the one that fits your needs. All the recordings are done in well-equipped studios which guarantees highest voice quality and quick turn-around time. You can also sort the voices on the basis of the word count and the delivery time and compare costs to analyse which artist suits your budget.

Also, Voyzapp ensures that you are well assured about making the payment as a user and are paid well as an artist. With the “Escrow-mechanism” for payment, Voyzapp ensures that the work is received to the client until he/she is satisfied and the artist is paid well for the work after it is completed. Also, you receive constant updates about your project and can review until you are satisfied with the quality through our robust feedback mechanism. You can also escalate the matter to our support team in case of any query or issue.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get your recordings done at Voyzapp today!


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