How using a professional voice helps your brand reach target audience

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  • 03-Mar-2020
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Every marketing plan today is filled with different strategies on how to reach customers and encourage their future loyalty. Whenever people think of any brand, they specify an audio, visual or a catchphrase to it. Hence “voice” is an element that cannot be overlooked while creating an impression on the minds of the consumers. As more and more brands are using voice overs for ensuring a professional and relatable reputation with the audience, voice acting has become a requirement of almost every campaign. So how will a good voice over help with your branding?

It does not come as a surprise that voice overs can create or demolish any brand’s image. So having a professional voice over service is extremely important while selecting your brand voice. Not only you require a smooth and attractive voice to engage your audience for your commercial or Explainer video voice over, but also the voice artist needs to be persuasive enough to bring life and emotions to the script. If you are trying to find a voice over agency for your corporate video you have to ensure the following, before selecting that perfect voice for your brand:

  1. Specify your target audience: This is the first step which ensures that you do a market research and chalk out your potential customers. Also, you need to specify what representation you require in the voice of your brand.
  2. Match the voice to the target customers: This step is crucial as it will help you to connect to the emotions of the target users.
  3. Consider vocal range and right enunciation of voice over: Ensure that the voice has the right pitch, tone and accent that meets your requirements. Also pay attention to the pronunciation and enunciation of the voice artist before making your big decision.
  4. Enforce longevity of voice overs: As the voice represents your organisation, take sufficient time and ensure that the voice artist can be entrusted with future assignments too because customers familiarise with voices and will relate them to your brand.

If you are looking for professional voice over artists for your advertisement or marketing event, then Voyzapp is the best voice over marketplace where you can get multiple samples all at the click of a button. We host thousands of voice over talents on our portal who are working in numerous languages and dialects to ensure you get the perfect voice for your video. Just log on to our portal and browse hundreds of samples, review the profiles of the artists, listen to their samples and select the one that fits in. Not only this, all the recordings are done in hi-fi studios with the best acoustics and you can be confident of the quality of the recorded output.

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