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  • 12-Mar-2020
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Voice overs are nowadays a lucrative way for brands to attract the customers. Voice overs make any content more accessible to viewers and foster a connection with them which helps them to sense a feel of reliability and encourages them to take call to action. As people are more likely to pay attention to audios, organisations these day are using different techniques and methods to ensure that their products and services reach the masses effectively. Hence, voice over services have become an innate part of any campaign or brand messaging.

Hiring an artist via conventional voice over agency might seem an easy task, but as the voice over industry is a scattered domain, it gets difficult to find the right voice for your project. The whole experience of finding the right agency amidst numerous middlemen and broken payment infrastructure can be exhaustive and daunting for anyone! Another major factor that contributes in this whole process is delivery or turn-around time (TAT). The conventional process of voice over dictates that the voice actor has to go through various bouts of auditions to land any voice over project and the hiring exercise involves countless intermediary in various steps which makes it more and more tedious.

To eliminate the need of following the conventional service industry protocols, Voyzapp is working to make this whole voice over process more customised and immaculate. We offer a platform to thousands of professional voice over actors who are working in diversified languages and numerous accents to provide you quality recorded output. With multitudes of samples on the portal you are bound to find the voice of your choice. Simply browse through the matrix of hundreds of sample, listen to innumerable recorded samples and select the one that fits your requirements. Not only this, you can even compare the prices of countless artists and sort them on the basis of costs and delivery time. With various categories like advertisement, radio, IVR and many more, you have the option to easily classify your requirements, hence saving your time and intensive hassle. By providing an ease of evaluation and comparison, Voyzapp promises an unmatched and user-friendly customer experience! You even have the option of reviewing the artist’s profile which gives Voyzapp an edge over the conventional way of hiring the voice actor. Because of a transparent model where one pays for the voice that is selected solely by the user, Voyzapp is able to deliver projects to you at unbelievable turn-around time!

By emerging one of the leading tech start-up of India, Voyzapp is a ‘voice-over marketplace’, assessable to both artists and users. We follow a robust feedback mechanism wherein your amount is secured in Escrow funds and is paid to the artist only after you are fully content with the recording. Also, you can request for a review umpteen times, till you are satisfied with the output.

Voyzapp understands that a voice can make or break any brand’s or organisation’s reputation and is important to create a memorable impression on consumers. And with our ever-growing pool of talent you can be well assured to receive high quality output with best recording clarity.

Hire authentic voice actors at quick turn-around and best possible quality, visit Voyzapp today!


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