How to become a voice actor for animation or cartoon movies

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  • 17-May-2021
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The cartoon industry is on boom since forever.  Adults may shift from long-duration movies to short clippings, but kids will always find their entertainment in animated films and cartoons. So one industry that will be on the boom, especially in these lockdown times when kids are home for the whole day, is cartoon movies voice over.

Not only for kids, but animated movies are picking up pace in corporate world also for easy demonstration of subject and explaining the concept in adults. So, if you have those mimic voice qualities and want to be a professional voice actor for animation or cartoon movies, this can be your era ahead.

If you are in a job elsewhere, and becoming a cartoon movie voice actor was your childhood dream, you can now work on it by setting up a home studio, and start working on a few freelance assignments initially. There is no need to make a brand luxury studio. With small tools in the home, it is good to go. So, if you think you have special skills to become a voice actor for an animation or cartoon movie, we have summarized a small guiding list. We hope you will benefit from it.

Setting up a Remote Recording Studio

All you need is a well-configured laptop to support recording and post-recording steps. The next requirement is DAW, i.e., Digital Audio Workstation. DAW is used to record tracks, manage range control, and mixing, etc. You need to research this part to finalize which one suits you the best or may take help from the professionals to set up this. 

Now you need to arrange a Large Diaphragm microphone for the plugin. You can test your voice on different diaphragms and select the one which works best on your voice. There are many kinds of diaphragms available in the market, but one that works for you may not work well for others. If you have confusion, then you can talk to the professionals for help. There are also many helping guides available online for the selection of diaphragms.

The following requirement is the corner of the home to set up the studio. It may seem a simple step, but it is crucial to finalize the right spot in the house, which is noise-free. You can further use soundproof materials like foam to make your studio booth noise-free and echo-free.

In all, it would not cost you too much to set up a decent home recording studio to start your journey as a voice actor for cartoon/animated movies. 

Identifying Your Skillset Is Important.

Setting up a studio, giving those paid auditions, having skills to mimic cartoons is not sufficient to succeed in your journey. You also need to identify where your voice skill matches. Whether you are suitable for action-oriented cartoons or those comedy sweeties like chip and dale, giving auditions in the wrong areas will only give you the false impression that you cannot move in this industry. The problem is actually in identifying the domain where your voice over skills have good standing.

If you are not sure, always invest time and money to find the best voice over agency that can give direction to your talent and dig out even the hidden skills in you. Most agencies offering dynamic voice recording services are looking for talented voice actors and you should not ignore this option.

Skillset Required for Becoming a Voice Actor in Cartoon or Animated Movies

Doing mimicry does not guarantee that you can give voice to a cartoon character. It needs consistent performance and clarity. Understanding emotions between the lines is a vital skill of any voice actor, making him stand apart from others as it is a very competitive field.

Above all, you need to have clarity of speech, as animation voice over does not mean faint robotic voice. It has to be pleasant to the ear and soothing to the mind and should be very clear. You should practice acting consistently for a script and make a connection with the character you are voicing.

If you want to be a successful voice actor in the animation or cartoon world, you should enjoy the cartoon and act like your character while speaking the lines. In the cartoon movie also, you need to get into the character of your script like the voice acting in any other realm. Many customers looking to hire skilled voice actors online can listen to your voice and evaluate your demo if you are registered at an online voice over marketplace such as Voyzapp.

Facing Rejections! Work on Enhancing Your Skills

If you are facing rejections, then don’t be disheartened. You need to introspect your skills. Maybe you need to get yourself trained well before you give your auditions. Many voice over agencies can provide you the training on the practical platform and prepare you for your auditions.

If you are exploring yourself as a voice actor in the world of cartoon or animated movies, you need to act like a cartoon while you audition and enjoy that world. If you look forward to joining this world professionally, you can create your free account and register at Voyzapp – India’s leading voice over marketplace. Voyzapp is a professional voice over agency in India with thousands of pro voice actors working across languages and genres.

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