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  • 22-Feb-2021
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The world of animation is full of nostalgia and an intense longing to live the life of our favourite characters. By showcasing the stories in a whimsical manner, animated movies help us to relive our childhood because no one is really too old to watch cartoons! So what is it that makes these movies so entertaining for both adults and children? The answer is the storyline and the character’s personality for which voice overs play a quintessential role.

It's true that there’s a lot that goes into making an Animation video - from huge investments to creative ideas, programming and software. It’s true that a good story line is important but dialogues and audios are equally significant as that’s what an audience remembers the most after watching any video! Quality Animation voice over services help to strengthen the bond of the viewers towards the characters and hence provide credibility to any story. Voice overs can provide instant life to any character by adding another dimension to the video, making the content more immersive. By providing emotions and humanising the bond, voice overs help to reinforce the visuals into the minds of the audience.

Create an engaging Animation script

If your listener remembered just one key message from your video, what would you want it to be? Choosing one important message, and focusing your effort on driving it home should be your aim while writing the script for a polished Animated video. Here are some important points to consider while drafting your Animation video script:

  1. Know your audience and purpose: Make sure you know which audience you want to target. The more specific your messaging and target market, the higher your conversion rates. Also, having a purpose behind your Animation video is imperative. And this purpose needs to be tied closely to your business objectives. Do you want to create awareness of brands, products, services, and ideas? Or do you want to influence consumers to take action and switch brands? Focusing on the benefit to the prospective customer and building everything around emotion can help your purpose-driven creativity to thrive and soar!
  2. Length of the video: While there are a variety of Animation videos, having a clear, short video will make it less skippable, without sacrificing the narrative or brand lift effectiveness. When listeners are watching any video, it’s likely that they’re multi-tasking. Having a concise Animation video is exactly what you need to hook your viewers and convince them of your value proposition from the outset. So make your video memorable by cutting back on the information that the listener has to remember and make them short enough to keep viewers entertained and long enough to create a meaningful impression.
  3. Form Connection with the Audience: When you’re writing a script to hire professional voice actor/artist, one must know that the voice over artist only has a limited amount of time to deliver the whole read. You don’t want your Animation video to sound like the rapid chatter! Give time for the audience to mentally absorb what they’ve just heard and take action.
  4. Focus on retention: A great Animation story should grab and hold an audience and the challenge is to figure out how to blend the story and brand successfully so that it gets retained into the minds of the viewers. As we’re all bombarded relentlessly by a huge number of other videos that are trying to achieve the same, it is the most difficult thing to do. This is why you must immediately provoke the listeners’ curiosity, imagination or surprise!

Hire the right voice over artist

As a social being, humans like listening to friendly people, who speak clearly and in an empathetic manner. This has never been truer in modern times, when the conversational Animation voice over reads are dominating the Animation space. The sound of the human voice always carries intent and meaning with it and is therefore used by organizations to tune into the marketing campaigns through the magic of audio branding. A ‘right Animation voice’ can help you to reach your content to a wider user base and will understand the intent behind the brand’s message. Most seasoned voice artists have their professional home studio setup, and the right equipment to produce top-notch recordings. Hence, you need to focus on veteran voice artists who can provide interactive storytelling along with voice acting.

  1. Fitting the character accurately: Just like any other acting role, it is crucial to understand the idea, plot, setting and characters of the Animation video project that the voice artist will be acting in. Knowing the story, concept and personality behind the character, the artist can create a strong and impactful performance. Also using creativity to mould a character’s voice can help to add depth to the whole script and enliven the character in the minds of the viewers.
  2. Sound technical knowledge: Having a wide emotional and tonal range is incredibly important for Animation voice talents since they may be called on to voice multiple characters throughout the video. If an actor voices two different characters and they sound too alike, it can confuse the audience and pull them out of the experience. Voice talents have to be able to make each character's voice distinct and give them each their own personality even for minor characters.
  3. Expertise in non-verbal communication: Recording action or emotive lines for a video is a challenging job as the voice actors have to imagine themselves being a part of the action while performing the script. Coming up with different sounds and scenarios requires experience. Professional voice over artists know that to provide credibility they have to use their bodily movements while voice acting, so the sounds seem convincing.
  4. Using professional recording setup: While this applies to any kind of voice over project, pay extra attention when hiring voice actors for Animation videos. Digitization and remote working has allowed many voice actors to work from their own environments by setting up professional home studios, and the seasoned artists have the equipment or the recording spaces to produce top-notch recordings. Try to listen to as many demos of the artists as possible before taking the plunge. Voyzapp is an online voice over marketplace and the largest dubbing company in India, where you can find thousands of demos of voice artists and hire the perfect voice for your Animation video.
  5. Mastering the Cold read ability: Professional voice artists are able to improvise a voice when seeing the script for the first time. Animation video productions move at a faster pace which means that scripts can be rewritten all the way up until recording time, giving the voice talent little to no time to prep. Thus voice talents must have the ability to create a unique voice upon seeing the script.
  6. Right Enunciation and Voice Clarity: Pronouncing and expressing words clearly is a vital Animation video voice over skill. Sometimes, great voices are held back by insufficient vocal clarity. Therefore, check for clear and confident enunciation in the voice actor’s demos. If you expect your chosen voice actor or voice actors to slip into different characters, then they need to show off a wide vocal range. As this caliber of talent will make a huge difference to the success of your project, carefully review their profile to determine if they’re up to the job.
  7. Correct Regional Accents: It’s important to consider what regional accent and dialect the Animation video character or narrator should have. Each well-rounded character has a backstory. So make sure that a selected voice actor tells it as accurately and engagingly as possible. Whether you require polished English narration or high quality Hindi voice over services, accent variations hint about the character’s background and portray them as more realistic. So, think about your character’s roots and voice as impressively voiced characters with distinct accents will definitely leave a lasting impression on the audience.
  8. Appropriate Voice Style:It goes without saying that the voice actor’s style of speech should match that of the story and its characters. The Animated character’s personality should go hand in hand with their voice. When it comes to Animation video narration, a clear and well articulated style is often preferred. While character speech can be slightly un-articulated to achieve a distinct feel and mood, the narration should be clear and consistent.

Today Animation videos are ruling the world. This is why it's important to have a professional voice over to create a vibrant world for your audience. Sometimes, amateur voice actors may struggle to meet your deadlines. Therefore, a thorough assessment is imperative before hiring a voice actor because who you choose needs to create an engaging experience for your audience. Voyzapp is a leading voice over company in India, where you can get professional video editing and development services, and hire the best-in-class voice talents who fits your budget!

Live motion and 3-D graphics may have changed the Animation world, but their success heavily depends on talented voice actors who tell the stories within the video. In order to have a popular Animation video, you must design great characters that not only look interesting, but also sound interesting. The right voice over can connect to a wider audience, making your character highly memorable and unique. So what are you waiting for? Hire a talented Animation voice actor to mesmerize your audience with the dramatic skills and bring out the intriguing flair of your story!


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