Growing Demand and Popularity of Voice Over Industry

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  • 11-Nov-2019
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Have you heard the phrase ‘a sleeping giant’? Well, the voice over industry has been one for a long time. The hibernation of this giant (voice over industry) is over and now it is awake and ready to conquer the global market. The new advances in technology have enabled the voice over industry to overcome the qualitative issues of the past. Also, these modern advancements have opened up new areas of work where voice overs play a crucial role. There has been a remarkable growth in the demand and popularity of the voice over industry in recent years. The rise in the demand for audio-visual content and the rise of various audio-based platforms have been the key factors for this unprecedented growth. Right now, this giant is all set to dominate the global market and become a multi-billion-dollar industry.

In India, this industry can be found going back to the 1950s, but due to various technological and other shortcomings, it could not score a good spot for itself. But in recent years, the opening of various audio-based marketplaces has revolutionized this industry. Voyzapp – a technology powered voice over marketplace, has been the torch-bearer of this revolution. By providing multi-facet services in multiple languages and also easing up the process of choosing suitable voices, Voyzapp has been the pioneer in lifting the voice over industry. It has also aided the voice artists by giving them a proper platform to showcase their talents and find work accordingly. These small steps have brought in significant changes and have contributed to a paradigm shift in the voice over industry.

The growing demand and the ascent in popularity of the voice over industry is due to the introduction of new areas where quality voice overs are needed, such as:-

  1. Narrations for documentaries, videos, and films.
  2. Voice overs for audio advertising.
  3. Dubbing films and videos in local languages.
  4. Voice announcements, like on metro trains.
  5. Rise in the demand for audiobooks and corporate AVs, etc.

These areas have sparked the need for continuous advancement in voice over-related technologies and thus, have aided the ascension of the industry to new heights.

There are certain trends that, in recent years, have been important factors responsible for this unprecedented growth of the voice over industry. Out of these factors, the crucial ones are listed below:-

Increased Video Marketing on various platforms:

The rapid rise in the consumption of videos has also increased the need for quality video voice overs. The videos cover almost 85% of all the traffic on the internet. Different types of videos are being watched and circulated throughout the internet. Now corporates understand that creating a video is not enough to drive engagement with their ads. A good video ad needs equally good audio and voice to be impactful and drive the results they hope for. There is also a new trend on the rise; it suggests that the C-suits around the globe are giving preference to corporate AVs in the board or any meetings. Such practices have raised the need for voice overs and other voice services which the voice over industry offers.

The Rise of Audio-Based platforms:

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in audio streaming services such as engaging podcasts, audiobooks, and other music streaming platforms. These platforms are gaining popularity at a significant rate and are one of the most influential platforms nowadays. The need for voices to uplift the listeners' experiences is growing exponentially. The demand for different types of voices for different purposes such as podcast hosting, audio ads, or audiobooks of different genres is now a big contributor to the rise of popularity and demand of the voice over industry.

Demand for E-learning and Multi-lingual Training Content:

Especially affected by the Covid pandemic, the learning, and teaching both have moved to online sources. This shift has created a high demand for suitable voices to aid the process. Nowadays, quality voice services are being asked for when it comes to creating an effective e-learning content. Simultaneously, the need for creating multi-lingual training courses in the corporate world to adjust the cultural diversity of employees is also on ever high. So, rather than creating the video training content in different languages, the same video is used with voice overs in different languages. These trends have curated a significant rise in the demand for the voice over industry’s services.

There are other major players which have given a significant nudge to the upward graph of the voice over industry such as:-

  1. The need for efficacious voices in the video game voice overs.
  2. Voice content localization trends.
  3. Increased demand for voice-powered apps and devices, etc.

To sum up, the things we discussed so far, we can easily conclude that the voice over industry is booming upwards, and it will keep increasing for quite some time in the future. The voice over industry is expected to become a 15-billion-dollar industry by the year 2027 or earlier. Aided by the technological advancements and the trends of the ‘new normal lifestyle’ the voice over industry is yet to see its prime.

But for your voice-related needs, you can bank upon Voyzapp to provide you with the best quality voice overs and other services at the most lucrative prices. Voyzapp offers you thousands of voices to choose from in different languages and accents to maintain the authenticity of your projects. To add quality to your projects, check out Voyzapp now. 

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