Growing Demand and Popularity of Voice Over Industry

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  • 11-Nov-2019
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It does not come as a surprise that for creative professionals in entertainment, advertising, corporate, e-learning, education or marketing, voice over is regarded as a critical component. Do you like listening to audiobooks? Do you like humming to the tunes of your favourite commercial or try to mimic the sound of your favourite animated character? Well, then you know that sounds play twice an important role than visuals. A high-quality, powerful voice adds life to a video in a literal sense. As the technology is advancing and reaching new heights, there has been an increase in the demand of voice overs for GPS, text to speech, videogames and umpteen applications. From the voice of Google, to commercials, to radio voice overs and jingles… voice acting is everywhere. And as the world is becoming more and more digital, the demand for voice talent is also increasing.

The essence of this massive and rapidly expanding industry are professional voice actors who use their voices to connect with customers. Successful businesses know that communication with your audience is very crucial. Voice artists can instil emotion in any video or script which in turn helps to build the brand credibility. With the changing time and scenario, people are looking forward to voice-integrated and audio-rich content, with which they can relate to.

With the value of the global voice over market reaching $4.4 billion dollars and 90% of survey respondents agreeing that a human voice conveys better message to the audience as opposed to a synthetic voice, the growth trend in voice industry will continue in the coming years too. Moreover, sectors like E- learning, Corporate, Medical, Explainer narration, Animation and Commercials are embracing the value of voice overs to accomplish success in their respective field. So, new technology and an intensive focus on audios for advertising and marketing means that this trend will continue to rise in future.

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