Creating a jingle? Choose the voice actor and music director wisely

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  • 09-Jul-2021
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Has any tune or song ever lingered with you for a long time? Have you ever hummed a tune after listening to a commercial on TV or a Radio? That might be a “jingle” telecasted on the TV or a Radio. A jingle is a short tune or a song that is used in advertising a product, for maintaining a brand name, or for any other commercial use.

Whether you love them or hate them, jingles are part of our advertising culture for quite a long time. Some jingles from your past can still make you nostalgic. Brand jingles are the most effective way of promoting any brand name. Advertising through catchy jingles is the most effective way. A melodious and catchy jingle sound can immediately connect the listener to its brand, which results in a long-lasting relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Some famous commercial jingles of all the times

  •  Airtel’s famous jingle (har ek friend zaruri hota hai)
  •  Mc Dowell’s (ye number one yaari hai)
  •  Nirma ( sabki pasand Nirma) and many more.

Creating a jingle
A Jingle, though short, should be melodious enough to catch the listener's attention immediately and simultaneously able to connect him/her emotionally with the Brand. Music and advertisements always go hand in hand. If you want your brand name to be heard by the masses, you need to have the jingle that gets stuck into listeners' minds from the moment it is heard. So, whenever they hear the song, they get associated with the brand at a different level altogether and eventually form a trust relationship with it.

Things to remember while making a jingle -

  • Use the brand name, and it should be used repeatedly.
  • The rhythm should be melodious and entertaining.
  • It should be simple and easy to understand.
  • It should be telecasted frequently.
  •  Identify the target audience, identify their needs as a consumer and then finally add the elements accordingly.

Radio Jingles are the most happening thing in the field of composing and broadcasting jingles. It is the oldest and the easiest way to ensure that the Jingle reaches out to the masses. The radio may be the oldest medium, but it is an effective one.

Voice-over artists and music directors can really move things around. For achieving the best results, the selection of a professional jingle voice over artists and the music director has to be done very wisely. They have to deliver few words in a short and powerful jingle with music that stands out from others. Though it might sound easy, it's not so. That is why so many people such as a writer, music director, voice-over artist, production team, and singers come together and work to get the final copy of the jingle ready.

Every voice-over artist has its own specialty, while some are good at narration; the others are suited for radio jingle voice. Therefore, the artist should be recruited according to the demand of the project. Choosing the best option amongst many is also a crucial part. There are many leading companies that promote talented voice actors and provide professional services. is one such leading company in India that offers professional voice recording services through their vast network to voice actors. To be selected as an artist for a voice-over work, one must have the skills that make him/her stand apart from others.

Skilled voice-over artist are preferred as they have-

  • Ability to produce more than one voice
  • Professional vocal training
  • Regular practice with different voice modulations.
  • Strategic work on accent and dialect.
  • Have the stamina for performances.
  • To polish the skill, internships are a plus, to know more about the technicalities of the industry.

Voice-over artists work on the creativity of a music director. Jingles of many reputed firms are the shortest, yet the most effective way of advertising their commercial ads. They are able to spread their message in a very effective way. For making a jingle effective in just a few seconds of the telecast, both the voice actor and the music director play an important role. In order to ensure the success of any brand, the music director should have the capability to identify the target audience and know their taste.

The music director must have a keen eye for both Indian and Western music, ability to adapt to a multiplicity of genres. He must be acquainted with all the new technologies and skills and be up-to-date with the current trends. Every music director has his own style and taste of music, which makes him/her different from others. Choosing which will suit the requirement best, for producing a jingle, will always be a tough task. Delivering a quality product is the most substantial responsibility of any music director.

People with varied talents such as voice actors, production team, music directors, etc., come together to produce a jingle, that will rule the minds of the masses.

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