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  • 13-Apr-2021
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Have you ever started singing along with the radio ads you heard at home or in the car? And what about your friend or relatives who starts singing with you when you hum famous jingle. That’s the impact of Jingles which influences everyone. 

Radio has always been a steady form of advertising, publicizing media, news, and marketing copies to listeners worldwide. Notwithstanding the rise of digital artifices, radio ads still maintain their foothold in the industry. Approximately 51 million Indians tune radio to seek credible information which is close to TV’s reach of 56 million and social media reach as 57 million; quite impressive! 

So, with such a colossal listener base nationwide, radio advertising can be an excellent way for your business marketing campaigns. Therefore, a business needs to Hire Jingle Voice Actor/Artist that composes likable jingles to engage the listeners through the radio ads. You can amplify your brand through these impactful jingles; in return, you will see growth in sales when your brand spreads like wildfire. Be sure to get professional voice over recording from your chosen voice actor.

Whether you are a small business or a well-known brand, radio ads are effective for both. Thus, grab user attention by creating a successful radio jingle. Drive and influence the audience to take action for your brand with beautiful radio ads. Here are the best five tips that will help you create that popular radio jingle for your brand!

Good Understanding of Product or Services

The first and foremost tip to consider while creating a radio jingle is to have a good knowledge of your product and service. It is necessary to know about your product’s USPs and other essential features, benefits you have to focus on in your jingle. Therefore, to deliver the right message to the right audience, it is vital to know the products and services. 

The Message Must be Clear

The radio jingle you are going to create should precisely deliver the core message of your business, and it must be clear to your audience. The jingle script should keep a core message that connects your audience with your product or services. Your message must have the right tone, language, and voice, which helps the listener connect with your brand. The risk of losing the audience becomes low if your message is compatible with the jingle. Remember that your message should be delivered in the first few seconds as people change the channel if they listen to a program. Hence, always try to deliver your message initially. 

Focus on Lyrics

Lyrics play an essential role in creating jingles; it must be simple, clear, and easy to understand enough for your listener to memorize and sing along. In simple words, lyrics should have continuity so that your audience remembers the words when they listen. Repeat your brand name and product in the lyrics and make sure that the user connects with it. When writing the lyrics, mention the qualities of your product or services that create a visual image of your brand in the listener’s mind. 

Relate to Target Audience

It doesn’t matter how much money you spent and how prominent your ad is if your audience doesn’t relate to it. Audience connection with the brand is more critical when composing a jingle. If the listeners do not imagine your brand after listening to your radio jingle, all your efforts and expertise will go waste. A good jingle paints the brand picture in the audience’s mind when the audience relates with it. Hence, consider that the jingle should connect to your audience with your product or brand.

The Right Choice of Music with Pleasant Voice over

Good music can make or break the radio ad. A choice of the right music attracts the listener’s attention and binds them with the jingle. When you choose catchy and powerful music, it creates a long-lasting impact on the audience’s minds who listen to it. Also, you must check that music should be original and not a fusion or copy of famous music or lyrics. You may face copyright issues in such a case. A good Jingle Voice Over Services provider can help you create unique and original music. 

With a selection of good music, you must hire professional voice over artist online to give you the best voice to your jingle. Make sure that the voice over should match the tone of your message you want to deliver. If your statement is bold and robust, your voice should be very powerful; on the other hand, the voice should be soft and polite if your message tone is gentle and respectful. 

We believe that the preceding tips will help you create a good radio jingle for your brand! A good jingle adds value in the radio ads. If you are looking for a jingle production company, look no further, Voyzapp is ready to serve you. Voyzapp is the largest online voice over agency in India where you can review thousands of professional voice actors and hire them instantly.

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