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  • 09-Feb-2023
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Bollywood, or the Hindi film industry of India, is the world's largest film industry, producing around 1000 films every year. This business has a remarkably rich history of generating a wide range of films depicting many aspects of Indian life in a wide range of topics, including humour, romance, thriller, horror, and drama.

For a brief while during World War II, the number of films produced plummeted. Bollywood industry started around the independence of the country in 1947 and in that time frame the industry saw tremendous and unexpected growth. Historical and mythological subjects were pushed to the sidelines, and films with social messages began to dominate the business. These films dealt with issues such as dowry, polygamy, and other social ills that were common in our society.

However, there has been a shift in the representation of Indian cinema over time. The process of making movies in the 1940s was vastly different from that of the twenty-first century. The late 1940s through the late 1960s are frequently referred to as the Golden Era of Hindi Cinema. It provided us magnificent films with fascinating music that have remained in every cinegoer's heart to this day.

These films focused on the regular guy, who encountered numerous challenges in life, to which the viewer could connect, and who would eventually emerge as a man with the correct principles. These stories depicted the protagonist as destitute, who, despite straying from his path, would eventually realise his mistakes, become a better person, and conquer his difficulties in a just manner. Just like we now listen to leading audiobook narrator stories. 

From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, it was an era of romantic and action based movies. Violence became a staple of the films, and a strong emphasis was placed on villains, who were essentially underground mafias. The idea of the "angry young man" was established here, a gloomy hero who, with his fists and kicks, would crush the criminals and eventually win the lady's heart. During this time period, several films centred on this core theme.

In the late 1980s and early 2000s was an era of diverse content where romance was still a Hit and audiences were also enjoying the epic comedy movies. In this phase a lot of shooting took place abroad. It was a time when the first sci-fi was released “Mr. India” which was again a super hit. Premium Hindi voice artists performed their best.

Coming to the ongoing era that has been focusing on entertainment to real life stories. In this phase the director's aim is to connect with the common people's emotions. We can see a lot of biography, helpless and poor heroes that make their mark in their career. It is a phase of motivation and dedication.

The fundamental reason for the changes in content and production methods over the previous few decades is that the target audience has shifted. In the early phases of Indian cinema, the intended audience was the poor people hailing from rural areas and the movies were designed so that they could escape reality.

Most movies want to offer what the audience wants, hence the main cause for a movement in the theme and plot of a movie is a change in the thinking of the people watching it. In recent decades, the Indian film business has become more professional, with box office earnings becoming increasingly important. This necessitates that filmmakers work on themes that they know will sell well, not only in India, but also internationally, hence the current domination of NRIs in order to reach a larger audience.

Indian cinema is no longer limited to India, and it is becoming warmly received by international audiences. The international market contributes significantly to Bollywood box office collections. Whether it is a regional or a Bollywood film, Indian cinema has become an integral part of our daily lives. It plays an important function in our culture. Though enjoyment is the primary focus of Indian cinema, it bears far greater responsibility because it influences the minds of its audiences. Voyzapp is a top media marketplace for all media requirements and has 30K+ voice artists onboard in multiple genres and categories.

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