5 Tips To Help Determine Your Price As A Voice Actor

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  • 31-Oct-2022
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Voice-over work is just any type of vocal contribution made to a project in which the speaker cannot be seen. This may be required for a number of duties that are part of a project you are working on. Voice artists interpret and speak aloud the written text on a page in order to bring a script for a film, commercial, documentary, or radio show, or a portion of one, to life. Because the scope of projects is so broad and diverse, different voice actors may be appropriate for different types of projects. It is so important to match the correct voice to the specific project you are attempting to voice. Now, comes the question of how to determine the price factor.

Do you feel pressured to respond immediately if a potential client asks, "How much do you charge?"Do you know the answer, or are you stumbling for words in a rush to keep your job? While some customers have a predetermined budget and cost in mind, others may ask you to price them before proceeding since they have no idea. "How to determine your price without undervaluing yourself?" becomes the question.

In the beginning, it's advisable to be realistic about your starting income and expected annual compensation, because you're bound to lack industry experience when you first start out—and that's good. However, if you're proactive about setting a fair and realistic voice acting pay, you may still make a great amount of money while working from home and creating your own schedule. As a beginner be versatile and try to gain skills like animation voice over, look up to a great animation voice over artist to inherit the same skills. Basically, there are several elements to consider when determining how much to get paid as a voice actor.

  1. Experience Matters: Are you a novice or an experienced artist? How long have you been doing this? Are you working full-time or part-time to fund your voiceover goals? How long have you been able to list "voice actor" as your occupation on your tax returns? Have you won any honors or worked in any notable or high-profile programs or jobs? Give yourself a 1 if you are not yet full-time or have been full-time in VO for less than 3 years. Give yourself a 3 if you've been making six figures for more than ten years.
  2. Word Count and Recording Time: The length of time it takes to record will clearly play a role in deciding the overall amount paid. Depending on the project, a forty-second radio commercial and a documentary film can last anything from a few minutes to hours or even days. Thus, one of the most important aspects will be how much of a person's time you will require. Knowing the word count for the project for which you are looking for voices can greatly ease the process.
  3. Agency fees - Because the majority of voice actors work through an agency, artists most likely do not interact with them directly. This does imply that voice actors should expect a certain level of professionalism, and the budget may influence the character of the agency you seek to source your voices. These agencies also provide the best captioning services. 
  4. All of these factors must be considered while creating a budget for your project or if you have already been given a budget to work with. The more you deal with voice actors, the more natural this component of your job will become, and you will develop intuition about what you can and cannot offer.
  5. Geography: It is an important factor, Where it's heading vs where you're at. Learn more - what country you are from and where it will be aired - are you undercutting your Western work suppliers? Obtain as much information as possible from the client and understand how to exploit the market to your advantage. How much money is required to live in your city?
  6. Voice over value in the Market: How are you perceived in the market? Not your colleagues, but your customers. Are you well-known? Have you accomplished anything noteworthy, and do you publicize it? How does your reel sound? How does your website appear? Is your YouTube or Vimeo channel brimming with examples of your work? What is your online presence? How many LinkedIn connections do you have, or how many Facebook or Instagram followers do you have? Are you well-known in your community? What about your country? 1-3. Make a note of it.

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