Why should you start your ‘dream’ podcast in 2021

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  • 24-May-2021
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PODCAST….. The modern era radio. It existed in the market for more than a decade but recently got in the limelight with new investments in the market due to an emerging change in people’s working and entertainment patterns. 

COVID19 pandemic has set a new trend for significant market segments, and we can easily say that the podcast industry is no different. There is a steep upward graph of podcast listeners after big player’s entry like Google, YouTube, Apple, Spotify. Fall in the internet usage prices, easy & affordable reach of the podcast with massive digitalization of other industries has made podcast a profitable venture for both the industry and the artists. Given this online inclination, we have many professional voice actors coming up who are up and ready to dive into the podcast audio market.

Today people want to listen more than reading as it is a convenient and stress-free option in this stressful life. The young and elder generation both love to start their day with the morning melodies of the podcast and end it with the learning ones. Statistics say that people who are out of the podcast audience group are unaware of locating and using it. People listen to podcasts at home, while driving, in metros, or while trying to sleep, and where not?

So, if you are still struggling with your decision to start your podcast channel, then drop your worries, as 2021 is the best landmark year to create it. You must be thinking, why 2021? Because more than half of the world population is sitting at home in this pandemic, what could be the better time to attract the audience to your channel.

If starting your podcast was your dream and you were stacked in your bread-earning job, then it is the best year when you can pursue your dream without risking your career by taking few extra miles in a day. After all, the podcast is the most potent medium nowadays to reach out audience. The best part is; it is not just a 2021 medium but also a sustainable medium for the future. So you cannot afford to lose this ice breaker time in the podcast stream to pursue your dream. In case you feel you may not be the right voice for your podcast, you can get quick voice over services from a professional agency.

Let us now discuss some key points which you should keep in mind while starting your podcast.

Know Your Competitor and Sketch a Clear Point of View

Before launching your podcast, always listen to your competitors in the industry and sketch up your clear point of view, which makes you stand out from the crowd. To distinguish your voice from competitors, introspect deeply what your competitors are offering to the audience and how your podcast can make the difference. 

Create Solid and Impactful Content

Content strategy is the key to success in the podcast industry. If you want your podcast to create the impact you dreamt of, you have to think out of the box and make the most powerful and unique content strategy to capture your audience and retain them in the future.

Try to be your audience and introspect what and how you would like to listen in your own podcast. Decide the frequency of the episodes and design the outline map to keep the flow going.

Choose the Right Platform

It is a necessary action to take before you launch your podcast. It requires thorough investigation. This decision is crucial as the budget constraint binds it and involves studying the audience on a different platform. You need to ensure that you made the best choice within the budget and that the chosen platform captures your target audience. 

If you feel doubtful about this point, never hesitate to consult the professionals because choosing the wrong option can make your podcast lost in the crowd. 

Choose the Voice-Actor Who Can Mark and Influence

Some people feel like the best voice actor for their content, being emotionally connected to the content. However, voice acting skills are much beyond emotions. They need a professional approach and versatility in the voice. You have to be very careful in selecting voice over artists, and once launched, the success of a podcast depends upon the quality of content and skills of a skilled podcast voice actor

When it is about selecting platforms and selecting artists, it is always a wise approach to go with experts in the field.


If you also dreamt of having your podcast and have the power to create impactful content, believe us 2021 is your year to hammer the nail. For your worries about the right platform or choosing the voice actor, you can simply contact the top rated voice over agency in India – Voyzapp.

We have a large panel of voice artists at Voyzapp. We have an experienced team to advise you on selecting the most suitable platform for your podcast content and targeting the maximum audience in your budget. Being on online voice over marketplace hosting professional artists, Voyzapp offers an opportunity for the customer to review thousands of voice actors’ profiles, listen to their voice demos and hire instantly!

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