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  • 21-Jun-2021
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Evolution in Technology and Innovation could be a part of life. This busy world needs innovation so everyone can do their work smoothly and achieve their goal. The millennials who were enlightened with reading printed books after evolution read eBooks; as technology changes, now audiobooks are trending. Traveling to work, lying down on the couch, or busy in some housekeeping work, the audiobook could be a pleasure to lose yourself in another world, forgetting the stress of everyday life. After popularizing the audiobooks within the market, the chance to listen to a decent story has become easier now.

We all have a hectic schedule with little time to read. If you’re on the move, driving, feeling restless or ill, or within the gym to keep your eyes open on the pages of a printed book is just about tricky. The most effective solution is an audiobook. You can listen to your favorite story with or without earphones; you can do other things at the same time. It’s also an excellent way to calm and nod off to sleep – remember your childhood how your mother was soothing a bedtime story! It also allows you to use your imagination while listening to the story in audio format, which describes it in far better detail. The image in your mind will be far more graphic than a movie. It could happen with the help of good audiobook voice over artists. A voice artist binds the writer and the audience with a powerful bond with the bridge of voice. Voice artists add lifeblood to any story – a professional voice recording – as such can make or break an audiobook!

Audio Book Vs. Reading, How To Choose?

In recent years, the increase in demand for audiobooks has transformed reading into something done while cooking, commuting, or falling asleep. Millennials are a part of this transformation. They readily understand which one is best; reading a physical book or listening to the audiobook. Both things have two different paths that lead to a similar destination. Each creates differing experiences and memories, but neither is best or worse than the other.

If you’re doing multitasking, then the clear-cut winner in this category is the audiobook. You can efficiently operate machinery while listening. Whether it’s household chores, your workout of choice, or driving, there’s no doubt that audiobooks help busy readers read more. As indicated, the audio voice plays an important role in binding the listener to the audiobook – for instance – a well written Hindi book would sound convincing and binding only when narrated by a professional native Hindi voice actor.

You might face difficulty pronouncing some words while reading a book, but this may not happen with audiobooks. You can’t read the emotion and the intensity of the lines, but you feel it quickly in the audio. Reading and listening affect our health in different ways because reading affects the eyes, and hearing affects the ears. On the other hand, reading and listening improve your vocabulary skills. So, there’s no clear judgment by book purists in between reading and listening.

Scientifically Know Why Millennials Prefer Audiobooks?

Audiobooks have become incredibly popular, especially among Millennials. But why the Millennials prefer listening to the audiobook over reading from printed or eBooks? Why is it so desirable in today’s world? Its one-word answer is multitasking. 

With the increasing involvement of smartphones, tablets, and AI assistants in our daily life, audiobooks have grown in popularity in recent years. Through the rise of audiobooks, consumers have been reconnected with reading because of its ease of use.

It seems that, when it comes to reading a book, audiobooks are becoming very much fascinating, especially to millennials and Gen Z readers. Among this generation, about 25% reported that they had listened to an audiobook as mentioned in a Pew Research Centre survey.

Dr. Daniel Willingham, Psychology Professor at the University of Virginia, mentioned in his study that reading a physical book is not that different from the mental process of listening to an audiobook and can be an immersive experience.

The recent study of Edison Research & Triton Digital consumer mentioned that listening from the audiobook format is helping them to get more from the books in a shorter time. They also said audiobooks were also the preferred choice among Gen Z readers when they needed to get through a book more quickly.

After all, such studies come to us because listening to an audiobook is more effortless and practical for Millennials. That is why the audiobook becomes immensely popular among Gen Z book lovers.

From incredible convenience to the ability to transcend powerful emotions and beyond, there are several reasons why audiobooks have become such a popular choice among Millennials.

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