How To Choose The Right Voice For Your Audiobook

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  • 15-Jul-2022
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Finding the right voice-over talent for your project might be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, finding the appropriate talent or project has never been easier.

People nowadays lead hectic lives and rarely have time to sit down and read a book. With everyone attempting to combine job, social life, family, and personal development, the ability to multi-task are essential and audiobook makes multitasking easy.

Audiobook narration is a booming industry and multiple formats are important in choosing the right voice. They make your content more accessible and, in some situations, more affordable to a larger audience. However, with more people accessing your material than ever before, it is important that you select the correct voice actor to complete the voice-over work. You are not required to sit down and devote hours of your day to reading alone. You can read while doing other things like working out, performing chores, or even walking to work. This ease of use is what drives the popularity of audiobooks.

You must have faith in the actor performing the voice-over for your project because he/she will be the voice that people hear when they read hard or soft copies. They portray the author's story in large part.

Furthermore, the sample of their voice-over could be the decisive element in whether or not listeners purchase or respond to the work. At Voyzapp you'll first get to hear the samples and then make the right choice. The voices readers hear and the texts they read are inextricably linked, just as the listener and podcast host is. As a result, it is important that you pick the correct voice-over artist for the project.

People often get confused about which gender to choose MALE or FEMALE for their audiobook.

The first question you should definitely answer is whether you should hire a male or female narrator for your audiobook. If your book recounts a tale and is written in the first person, making a choice should be very simple. It is advisable to choose an experienced audiobook narrator that is the same gender as your primary character.

Even if your book is written in the third person but it's obvious who the primary character is, you'll know which gender to use for audiobook narration.

If you don't have the main character and instead have numerous characters, ask yourself whose voice you heard in your head while writing the novel. It's best to trust your intuition.

When it comes to nonfiction literature, it's usually a good idea to think about what the book is about. For self-help books on depression and anxiety, for example, a soothing and serene female voice may be preferable to an authoritative male one.

A few factors to be considered while choosing the right voice for your audiobook are:

  1. Tone: When looking for a voice talent to handle your voice-over, the tone and style of your content should be your first consideration. Are you looking for someone with whom one can have fun? Perhaps your story is either a thriller, romantic, children's book, or comedy.
    Voice actors have diverse abilities, and some are better suited to certain genres than others. Consider their experience as you look for prospects for voice-over work. It will assist you in determining whether they have the specific talent required to do your story justice and interest as many readers as possible. A seasoned Hindi dubbing artist for example might have an entirely different dubbing style as compared to a Bengali dubbing artist.
  2. Reading speed: Another factor to consider while looking for voice actors to read their work is reading speed. The number of words in a book influences reading speed.
    If you can't search for a voice-over talent who can pitch things at the tempo you want, voyzapp has 25000+ talented artists with demo samples that help to choose the right fit for your character. People are more likely to become immersed in a slow-paced story, especially if they are listening while doing housework.
  3. Cost: Finally, you should think about hiring a voice-over actor for your product because it will save you time and money.
    Many individuals believe that anyone can read an audiobook or host a podcast. After all, all you have to do is sit down in front of the microphone and record. Things are a bit more complicated in actuality. For every hour of recording, you hear, a professional voice actor spends hours of rehearsal, retakes and editing.

In a  nutshell, Voice-over is not as easy as it sounds, and finding the right match for your audiobook is much more difficult. This blog must-have gives you an idea about how to choose the right voice for your audiobook. Considering all the factors and choosing the right match, voice-over gives the real essence of the content that makes people connect with it and you can reach a new audience with your book. The right voice makes the real difference! Voyzapp – a  unified media marketplace hosts thousands of professional voice actors who work round the clock to offer professional audiobooks, animation videos, documentaries and so on..

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