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  • 08-Jun-2020
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Ever wondered what are the elements of a good demo and how can you use them to create a successful voice over business? While your vocal tone and performance can make you unique and can help set you apart from other talents, you must also know how to properly market yourself. The best voiceover demos illustrate the sort of work you intend to land and seamlessly reveal the sort of work you’re best suited to book. Whether for Animation voice acting or Advertisement voice over, these demos are an important component to build your career as a professional voice actor. Here are few essential factors that can add up to a truly successful voiceover demo and can strengthen your chances of getting hired for the best voice over jobs.

  1. Quality of voice over demo : You should always read over your script several times before going to the studio as it will give you better results and less chances of re-recordings. Needless to say, this way you’ll not only have a better ‘feel’ for the script, but you’ll be more comfortable in reading it, which ultimately makes for a smoother read and better quality output. Follow these tips to enhance the quality of your voice over recording:
    1. Relax and breathe: This might seem an obvious tip but it's easier said than done. You must try to maintain your calm when you read the lines to avoid making mistakes. Doing breathing exercises in between recordings can help you to record better and to stay relaxed.
    2. Audio clarity and volume: Not enough can be said about the clarity of your voice and a comfortable volume. For delivering professional voice over recording services, you need to understand that your audience will be unable to absorb the information or miss your message if your audio and volume are unclear and continuous practice can help you to record your perfect voice over demo.
    3. Pacing: Pacing is really important in any audio. Too fast and too slow voice overs can leave any audience befuddled. The best voice overs have a natural and deliberate pace for which you must record and listen to your voice to help you speak at a more natural pace.
    4. Vocal tone and inflection: Like pacing, vocal tone and inflection refer to ensuring you speak in a natural and pleasant manner. Your voice should be friendly and engaging and free of monotony.
    5. Pronunciation and enunciation: Part of great voice over work is ensuring that you pronounce each word correctly and that you speak clearly enough to be understood. For good pronunciation, try to practice the script as much before hitting the studio.
  2. Voice Over Demo Duration: While different scripts have varying voice over length, you should be crisp whenever recording a demo. An ideal voice over demo should be of highest voice quality and depending on the type of genre, can range between 30 seconds to 120 seconds. Always consider the category of the demo before recording your voice over. While IVR demos can be of 30 seconds, an advertisement demo would be able to showcase your skills in one minute. Correspondingly, an audiobook demo can take upto 5 minutes for you to portray the characters or a section of dialogue. Also demos less than 30 seconds might not grant you enough time to fully demonstrate your vocal range. Therefore you need to plan accordingly on the demo length before submitting it to the client or agency.

    And if you plan on uploading your demo to any premium online voice over company like Voyzapp,  you might want to keep it within the one minute margin, so that it can gain the attention of the listeners considerably and sounds invigorating even after multiple listens. Your goal is to get as many people as possible to press play and listen to what you can do.

  3. Marketing and Promotion: Is there any point in having a demo if no one knows you have one. Just like every industry, you need to promote your skills so that you get better opportunities. Promoting your services far and wide is a vital element that clients know about your skills and hire you for relevant jobs. Without proper promotion, your best efforts will lie dormant and could very well die on the vine. While networking with other voice over artists and communicating and building relations with clients can help, you should also use the digital platform for marketing yourself. Build a website to create a buzz, advertise online, and use social media to promote your voice over services. You should also register yourself on online voice over marketplace like Voyzapp to land voice over opportunities without going for auditions! Always remember that it’s your responsibility for ensuring your demo is available to those who are most likely to hire you.
  4. Persistence: You may need to go for multiple recordings, submit your demos in numerous studios, converse with hundreds of clients and promote yourself everyday to land the perfect voice over opportunity, but the wait would be worth it. Building a career takes time and you must expect a substantial wait before a big start. In today’s world, technology, business management, and marketing, when harnessed effectively, can be pivotal to your professional voice acting career. With a great deal of due diligence and hard work, you can take your voice-over career to heights.

To provide opportunities to voice over artists, Voyzapp has come up as an online marketplace for voice overs. As a voice actor, you can simply register at for free, upload your voice samples/demos and showcase your talent to the world! You can start expecting projects from clients looking for talented voice artists for their projects. 

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