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  • 04-Sep-2019
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Owing to the growing popularity of Audio-Visual content in India, the demand for voice-overs is on an all time high! Because of the fact that a content in audio-visual format is the most easy to comprehend and has a lasting impression, all digital content is going audio-visual, thus creating an enormous demand for voice overs and voice-over artists in India.

The conventional Voice-over process

The conventional voice over industry in India has been much fragmented and unorganized and finding the right voice-over talent for a job has not been an easy task. The conventional voice-over process involves voice over agencies and studios which act as middlemen between the clients and the voice-over artists. So, if you are a customer looking to get animation or documentary voice over, you would usually contact a voice-over agency, which would contact a studio and the studio would contact the voice-over artist.

As such, you would usually receive only a handful of voice samples to choose from. In most cases, the studios share their preferred voice samples, thus, the voices of thousands of talented voice artists are left ‘unheard’. Also, given the long chain of intermediaries involved, the customer usually needs to pay a much higher price and the artist receives a very low remuneration for his/her work. Also, because of this chain of middle-men it is difficult to achieve quick delivery times for urgent requirements.

Voyzapp – A technology powered platform

Voyzapp is a technology powered web platform wherein voice-over artists can register free of cost, upload their voice samples and make themselves ‘heard’ to the world. If you are a voice actor, you can simply fill in your basic details, create your free account, upload your voice samples and yes, you are done! Once your samples are approved, these are live at Voyzapp and are available for anyone and everyone to listen.

As a customer looking for professional voice-over services in Indian languages, one can simply logon to and search for the required voice talent. The website offers an extensive search criteria through language, genre, gender and age and one can simply customize the search based on these filters. The customer can then compare prices and delivery times of various voice artists and choose the one that fits in his project, and hire the voice artist online. Its simple, quick and efficient!

Voyzapp is basically a marketplace for voice-overs wherein customers can listen to voice overs, compare prices and delivery times of various artists, choose the one they like and get their project started – all at the click of a button.


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