Payment for voice over: A perpetual industry dilemma

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  • 06-Dec-2019
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It is not a surprise that businesses in today’s world are fascinated by the world of voice overs.  Although the process may seem elementary, there’s no denying the fact that it comes with its own harsh realities. For finding your perfect voice, not only you need to spend hours for chasing the agencies which provide the voice over recording services, but also there’s no guarantee of getting the project as per your expectation. This whole process is hassle-bound and you have no control on the amount of time and money spent on the inconvenience.

Hiring right artists for delivering a good output whether for E-learning voice over or Animation video is essential, but it is also necessary that you are well assured about making the payment as a user and are paid well as an artist.

Voyzapp is a marketplace for voice over artists and its primary goal is to eliminate the need of middlemen so that the artists can showcase their talent to the world and the customers can have a complete peace of mind regarding making the payment to the artist.   By introducing the “Escrow-mechanism” for payment, Voyzapp ensures that the client’s payment is held securely in escrow till he/she is satisfied with the voice over and the artist is paid well for the work after it is completed. Additionally, as a customer, you receive constant updates about your project and can review until you are satisfied with the quality!

Here’s how our Escrow-mechanism works:

  • Browse thousands of voice artists to find your preferred voice

It all starts with finding the right voice for your project. You can search through our extensive network of professional voice over artists registered across various languages and categories/genres. Give your project a voice over in any language, genre, or elocution imaginable, as Voyzapp provides the best voice over services in India.

  • Listen to the samples and compare the cost/TAT:

You can listen to numerous samples present on the portal and select the voice that fits your project! As all the recordings are done in our hi-fi, well equipped studios, you can be assured of the voice quality and quick turn-around time of the output. You can also sort the samples and artists on the basis of the word count and the delivery time. Hire voice artists online and get your recording done with a professional voice over artist and minimum turn-around time while all your requirements are taken care of.

  • Making the payment:

After you make the payment and hire the voice artists online for your project, you can be at peace regarding the payment. Your payment is kept secured in our escrow account and the funds are safe with us and disbursed to the artist only when you are completely satisfied with the recorded output and quality of your project.

  • Reviewing the changes:

You can request for a review in case you find some issues with the recording. The review can be done umpteen times, till you are satisfied. You may also escalate the matter to our customer service team in case you are not happy even after multiple reviews.

So login to to ensure a risk-free financial transaction and get the voice over of your choice!


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