Enhancing the platform - Our launches and updates in 2020

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  • 24-Nov-2020
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Seeking out professional voice over artists with minimal effort and finding experienced voice over artists for Advertisement or other categories is one of the most satisfying and time saving online experiences out there. Knowing how important searching and finding professional talent is for an intriguing customer experience, we’re happy to announce some major enhancements in Voyzapp. We have released some exciting new updates, which we are confident shall be very useful for those needing voice overs or looking to offer voice overs. These changes will make finding and discovering voice talents easier, without changing how our search algorithm works.

  1. An Improved Search Experience: We’ve made a number of visual improvements across our platform over the last several months that have not only made our search navigation better but also made the process of hiring a voice actor easier. Some of the important changes include:
    1. Interactive Website: When it comes to finding the perfect voice for your creative project, giving and getting the right information at the right time can make all the difference. That’s why we’ve made a number of improvements on the website to make it more interactive and engaging to ensure that you hire voice actors with confidence. Some of the important features that have been included on the website are:
      1. Improved Search functionality and usability
      2. Request a free demo from the customer support
      3. Get free custom quote for your project
      4. Cleaner and easier hiring of artist from the portal
    2. Better Visibility: Accents, roles, styles and voice ages: We are excited to bring some key pieces of information about the artists to the forefront by making the Accents, Roles, Ages and Styles visible at the sidebar of the artist’s profile. The artist profile now prominently displays the talent’s proficiency in doing various types of Voice age ranges, multiple accents, different roles and styles that will help you to select your preferred voice easily.
    3. Now Showing: Availability and Location: When it comes to discovering new talent for a fresh sound or looking for someone local, we know that the two most important factors when narrowing down your options (aside from language, category, gender, and voice age, of course), are availability, and location.
      In addition to knowing the TAT of the recording, we know how important the availability of the artist is while hiring them for a creative project. Therefore we have included the feature of availability of the artist in terms of time and days. This update is visible on the left hand side, when you click on the artist’s profile and this will ensure that you only hire talents who are 100% able to deliver the recording.
      Also, while working on a time-sensitive job, sometimes it’s important to know the demographics of the artist and with our improved search results, you can now see the location of the talent at the top of their profile.
    4. Latest Voice Section : We closed the first season of 2020 with a new tool designed to help our Client members keep track of latest voices added on the portal and hire the talent with ease. This section has been added for better surfacing and exposure of new voice artists and ensures that the clients make a better hiring decisions
  2. Special Enterprise Plan: September kicked off with the launch of Enterprise solution – to provide most support and flexibility for large enterprises and organisations who want to get professional voice overs quickly and at scale. Now businesses can get their voice over projects up and running smoothly with professional services and seasoned experts at minimum turnaround time.
    1. Recommended voice artists: Hire professional voice actors at unbelievably low costs and fast, predictable turnarounds while all your requirements are taken care of by our team. Get instant recommendation from our team, without the need to browse umpteen voices.
    2. Custom Auditions/Demos: Breathe life into your voice over projects by requesting a customized audition of your shortlisted voice artist. You can be assured to get it within hours at no cost.
    3. Flexible Payment and Legal Terms: Our Account Managers make each step easy with top-to-tail project management services. Select your proposal and hire voice actors directly without any hassle.
    4. Dedicated Customer Support:  Get dedicated customer support and project managers for your project and receive regular check-ins, prompt updates, and highest-priority customer support.
  3. Incorporating more services: We have introduced additional services at Voyzapp by adding dubbing, subtitling, captioning and video development/editing services on the website for ease and clarity. These have been included  to allow clients to hire more efficiently during a job, and provide them with more transparency when hiring decisions are made. In case you have a multilingual team or an international office chain you will need to make sure that your messages are clear and accessible to everyone and you can use professional and multi-lingual dubbing services or quality captioning services. Given the importance and popularity of these services, incorporating them will not only help clients, but also enable talent to showcase their skills and amplify their brand.
  4. Inclusion of new categories – Podcast, Video Games: As the popularity of voice overs continues to grow in Podcasts and Video Games, Voyzapp has included these two popular categories on the portal to help brands and organizations discover professional voice over artists much easily. The update has been made to offer varied options and flexibility to clients to hire high-quality voice artists at affordable prices. Also, voice artists now have the opportunity to get hired by top brands by uploading their voice samples in the relevant categories.
  5. Including more regional languages: With the advent of globalization, many companies are looking for voice overs in the regional languages of their customers. By including more regional languages like Haryanavi and Bhojpuri, Voyzapp aims to help clients to search for their preferred voice and offers a unique way for voice actors to broadcast their versatility by giving them opportunities to provide voice overs in their native language.

We hope you enjoy these updates. There are a number additional improvements planned for this year that will make our intuitive platform even more intriguing!


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