Podcast Industry - Professional Podcast Voice Over Services In India

What is a Podcast?

 A podcast is a recorded audio available at various platforms, usually dedicated to a particular topic like culture, arts, world affairs, etc. The word podcast itself is a combination of two words “pod” meaning portable and “cast” here is short for broadcast. Thus, the word podcast means a portable broadcast that can be heard or tuned into anywhere. Podcasts are themed meaning a podcast is focused on particular subject matter like interviews, documentaries, business, etc. Podcasts are like radio talk shows with certain digital enhancements. Unlike old radio talk shows one can listen to a podcast anytime and anywhere. In addition to that, podcasts are far more than just a repurposed radio talk show. A podcast can have a varied length, it can be a minute snippet to two-three hours long deep conversation about the topic. It can also be of any frequency like - daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Even the formats can also vary, it could be a person talking about something, or interviewing someone. Podcasts are commonly believed to have originated in the year 2004, but from 31 October 2003 through 2004, a dark comedy series about zombies named Dead End of Days was launched as a video podcast. In India podcast started in 2005 with apple’s iTunes update to support the podcast. Since its dawn podcast industry has come a long way and is now a widespread market. Along with other sectors such as the Audiobook publishing industry, Podcast industry has also been booming over the years.

Podcast Industry – market size, future market share

The audio podcast industry has been around for almost two decades but the major upsurge in the industry has been in past few years. The development of better smartphones and more accessibility to the internet to people around the globe has marked the rapid growth of this industry. Podcasts have the flexibility of listening while doing other things simultaneously and this is the driving force for this industry’s growth and popularity. In addition to that, the ability of podcasts to provide raw and unfiltered content on various sensitive topics is another factor marking its growth. The global market share of the podcast industry for the year 2020 was recorded to be USD 11.46 billion. With an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.1%  from 2021 to 2028, it will become a USD 94.88 billion industry by the year 2028. The podcast industry makes money majorly by advertising but certain podcasts also charge subscription fees from the listeners. When in 2020 the Covid pandemic had shut down almost all other industries, the podcast industry grew abruptly. More and more podcast channels and platforms were opened and the number of global listeners also grew enormously. With the rise of the industry, the competition or the popularity race has also begun. Nowadays, many popular podcasts employ professional voice over services to intrigue the audience and grab their attention.

Importance of professional voice over in Podcast

The podcast industry making its mark on the global market and is already winged to fly higher. Now, most people listen to different kinds of podcasts available on different platforms. The podcast arena is now flooded with several different podcasts, the competition is getting fiercer every day. That’s why many podcasts seek professional voice overs to stand out of the crowd and create a separate identity. Using professional podcast voice overs helps podcasts to snatch the audience's attention and also increases the podcast monetization opportunities. Professional voice overs are indicators of the authenticity of podcasts. The intros and outros of a podcast are the places where voice overs are mostly used. These are also the places where podcasts make their first impression. Therefore, using professional voice overs in podcast intro and outro provides critical value.

  • Intros: - Intros mean the introduction of the podcast. These are the first critical moments in which a podcast clutches the interest of the listeners. Being introduced by a professional voice adds to the credibility of the podcast. It adds a layer of sophistication and professionalism to the podcast. An experienced and polished English audio provides a distinctive identity to an English podcast along with making the opening sequence smooth and impactful.
  • Outros: - A professional voice over outro of a podcast provides the same benefits as intros with the addition of a strong emphasis on the call to action. It is the place where podcasts try to leave an impression on the listeners to retain them for the future. Therefore, it is of great significance to employ certain taglines delivered with a certain style that makes a place in listeners' minds and encourages them to tune for the particular podcast.


The podcast industry is booming sky high and is going to go even farther with time technological augments. The industry has just risen and it is yet to shine to its potential brightness. From children of age 12 to senior citizens it has captivated every age group, culture, community, and ethnicity. So, it can be said that the podcast industry has the world’s present and future as its audience. Due to its popularity, the marketing and advertising industries are also favoring it and advertising on podcasts is a new marketing trend. But amid this exponential growth of the industry, it has now become an arduous task to make a name and stay a step ahead. Professional voice overs are now playing the role of decisive factors providing the edge to a podcast. The podcasts created with expert voices from Voyzapp can withstand the winds of competition and create a unique identity. Voyzapp is the largest voice marketplace in India, providing the most economical and eminent podcast voice over services. With the largest collection of professional voice artists, Voyzapp stands out as the leader in terms of the quality and effectiveness of voice services. So, what are you waiting for! Contact us today for professional, fast, and affordable Podcast voice over services.