Audiobook Industry - Audiobook narrators, characters, background music

Audiobooks – Introduction

Audiobooks are voice recordings of the texts of a book, which you listen to rather than read. An audiobook can be a verbatim recitation of the original text or a curtailed version. The audiobooks have been around since 1930 and were referred to as 'talking books,' mainly used for educational purposes and found in libraries. But the dawn of the internet has broken the shackles limiting it, and audiobooks have seen the new light of the day, bringing enormous growth in its creation and consumption. Audiobooks have gained significant popularity all over the world. From daily commuters to people driving to work, and from a person walking down the street to people working out in the gym, it is found everywhere. Although audiobooks had a late start in India around 2010, it is now one of the fastest-growing audiobook markets. Audiobooks require the most suitable voices narrating the stories, maintaining the flow, and delivering the emotion. This necessitates the need for professional voice overs and voice over artists. With Voyzapp-India's largest voice marketplace, you can have the most professional and accurate text to audio transition. The experts at Voyzapp are experienced and well-versed in the field of work and provide you with a flawless audio conversion of your books in the most cost-effective way.

Audiobook Industry – Intro & stats

The audiobook industry is growing at a rapid pace. The global data suggests that the audiobook industry had a global market size of $2.67 billion in 2019, which raised to $3.30 billion in 2020. The further analysis predicts that the industry is all set to be a big player by 2027, having an overall increment of around 24% with an estimated value of $15 billion. The steep growth in the global market of audiobooks has marked the importance of voice qualities in them. Now the audiobook industry has become more competitive than ever in terms of the quality of the content and the voices and techs used in producing an audiobook. Voyzapp, however, has always been an epitome of excellent quality voices. With us by your side, the quality of audiobooks produced is second to none. We offer the best voice-tech services required to make the audiobook production process smooth and unhinged. Our eminent services can make your audiobooks stand apart and your platform the most go-to place for quality audiobooks.  

Why the massive upsurge in Audiobook Industry?

Audiobook Industry has advanced so much in recent years. The advancements such as ease of production, distribution, and preference for audiobooks have created an upward graph for the industry. Also, the rise of voice marketplaces such as has further added to the audiobook industry's growth. Voice marketplaces (Voyzapp) aid in the technical aspects of audiobooks production by providing various voices to select from, recording in hi-tech studios, and delivering quality work as quickly as possible. The benefits or advantages that have caused the rise in the audiobook industry can be summarized in two major categories:

  • Benefits to the Authors and Audiobook Producers
    1. Lower production cost and higher profit margins.
    2. Widens the audience scope and reach, connecting with a new audience.
    3. Budget-friendly with Voyzapp - providing the services at the most competitive prices.
  • Benefits to the Listeners
    1. Allows multitasking and improvements in time management.
    2. Learning by listening, as about 85% of what we know comes from listening.
    3. Allows people with learning disabilities or vision impairments to enjoy books.
    4. Efficient in easing up anxiety and depression.

These benefits have created quite a stir in the audiobook industry by booming sales and introducing the race to produce audiobooks with an even better voice, tone, narration, and overall impact. Voyzapp's voice services are the pioneer for providing quality audiobooks to listeners. Our quality assurance program ensures that the audiobooks we record are immaculate and engaging. Our experience in the audiobook industry sets us and our services a class apart. While working on an audiobook project, Voyzapp emphasizes on following key factors to produce an impeccable piece:

  1. Bonafide gender voicing for both male and female characters of the book.
  2. Variations and modulations in voice to make each character sound different.
  3. Accent authentication for the story and characters.
  4. Editing the recording to sound smooth and seamless.
  5. The narrator's involvement with the story and flow of the book.

These major factors are crucial in deciding the eminence of an audiobook and its impact on the listeners. Therefore, Voyzapp makes no compromise with the quality of its services, be it recording or on-time delivery of projects. At Voyzapp, you can have audiobook voice overs in the language of your choice – a dynamic Hindi voice over, for instance, in a jiffy.

Why is the audiobook industry selective about narrators?

Voices narrating audiobooks are vital for listener engagement and experience. Different listeners have their favorite time of listening and the genre they prefer. Each genre has its voice-specific requirements. An audiobook on self-help should have an amiable and calm voice that can be energetic and drive the listeners. Hence, choosing the right narrator voice is vital to ensure a smooth listener experience and success of the audiobook itself. Voyzapp accentuates the following points while selecting a suitable narrator for an audiobook:

  1. Voice compatibility with the genre is foremost.
  2. The balance in articulation - neither under nor over presentation.
  3. Great voice modulation range and ability to sound distinct and authentic.
  4. Instinct about the flow, knowing when to stop, pause or pace up.
  5. Consistency and dedication throughout the recording journey.
  6. Professional equipment, studio, and work timeline.

The bottom line is audiobook industry is all set on its journey to emerge from being a niche to become a substantive market. The stats predict an immense growth in the audiobook market. For audiobook publishers and producers, it must sound like a melody. Recent trends suggest a significant increase in the audiobook industry every year globally. It is on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry, and with the flawless audiobooks recorded with Voyzapp, you can be a big player in this industry.

So, do not get left behind; procure professional and tech-driven voice over services at Voyzapp – a highly professional voice over agency and have the competitive edge in the audiobook industry. We provide you the most extensive collection of demo reels to choose from and compare our prices. What are you waiting for? Contact us.