Technology Industry - Professional Voice Over Actors for Technology Industries


The Tech industry or technology industry is the sector that is focused on researching, creating, and developing tools, equipment, etc. that serve a specific purpose and help in the better accomplishment of the intended task. So, basically, it is the sector that develops technology-based new products and services that help human life be better. However, mankind has been using technology even before they could name it. From the invention of the first wheel to the latest remote or voice-controlled car, it can be said that humans and technology have evolved together. The Tech industry is often seen as the industry of inventions which means that it is constantly working on creating new things or improving over existing ones to help make a process more efficient. The Tech industry provides products and services like software and tech support, equipment and devices, etc. that assist in the smooth functioning of other industries. Take the voice-over industry for say, it’s the invention of new-tech microphones that could pick up high-pitch voices that have allowed women to do voice-overs or using the latest hi-tech voice recording and editing tools, Voyzapp – the tech-driven voice-over agency can provide you with flawless voice-overs, all these are just because of the consistent inventions of the tech industry.

Market Size & Trends

The global tech industry is expected to cross the mark of $ 5 trillion by the end of 2021 with an annual growth rate of 4.2%, with the US leading the market with 33% of the global share. The hardware, software, and services take up 56% of the total share followed by the telecom sector with 26% of the total share. However, from 2018 to 2023 has been marked as the span for emerging tech, focusing on the development of IoT software, data analytics, drones, augmented realities or virtual realities, artificial intelligence, and complete voice-activated devices and apps, and is estimated to grow by 104 percent. Furthermore, future marketing insights show that there will be more spending on the VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol. The tech industry is constantly evolving and the best way to utilize the innovations is to think ahead of time.

Tech Industry in India

The global impact of the pandemic has accelerated the growth rate of tech-based or digital evolution worldwide and India is seeing a major uprise in its tech industry. The tech industry in India is estimated to reach $194 billion by the end of 2021 showing a positive annual growth rate of 2.4%, excluding eCommerce. With exports being around $150 billion at a modest growth rate of 1.9%, the domestic industry is estimated to have a 3.4% growth on last year the amounting to $45 billion. With governments, established businesses, and start-ups being unequivocal about the urgency of tech base transformations, the investments in the tech industry are expected to grow significantly in the coming 18 months. In the NASSCOM CEO Survey 67% of CEOs voted that India is going to see major growth in the technology industry by the end of the year 2021. The urgency of the transformation due to pandemics has led to achieving the upskilling in months, which was expected to be achieved years earlier.

Voice-over & Tech Industry 

The advent of new technology has enabled the voice-over industry to transform itself completely and become better and more productive. Using voice-overs now tech companies are taking up the world by storm and marking their presence. They are not only using professional voices for excellent advertisement voice-overs or VR voices, for their software and hardware but also to capitalize on the growing trend of voice-activated apps and voice assistants.  

Most people nowadays use speech recognition-enabled devices and apps and have the notion that each brand or business must have a unique voice personality. Therefore, tech companies are more focused on developing better voice-activated options for the business to use. Some of the well-known businesses in various sectors have already joined hands with the tech industry to develop a unique voice-activated portal for them using professional voice artists. For instance, -

Starbucks’ Talking Barista – Starbucks joined hands with top professional voice-over actors to develop an interactive iOS app that has brought its virtual barista to life. Using the interactive app a customer can place an order, pay for it, and have it ready when they reach the outlet to pick it up.

Microsoft and Capital One – Capital One the fintech company has leveraged Microsoft’s voice-enabled AI Cortana technology to allow their customers to manage and regulate their funds. Using Cortana, Capital One customers can have conversations with the AI about accessing their funds, making payments, and more.

In addition to those, Apple’s Siri, Google Home, & Amazon’s Alexa & Echo are very popular and are reaching every household rapidly. Companies in the tech industry are pouring every ounce of their efforts into developing next-level artificial intelligence. But to make it happen they have to find the best voice-over talent to represent their software. Not to be mistaken for a phase, the voice-enabled apps, software, devices, and mechanisms are here to stay and people around the world (almost 90%) who have experienced voice-activated devices or apps feel that it makes their lives easier. That is a big reason why the sale of voice-controlled assistant devices like Alexa and Google Home has almost quadrupled in past years.

The need for voices in the tech industry is not limited to these devices only. Every other app or computer software is now voice-activated. Different text-to-speech software is already in the market reaping the benefits of this trend. Not only that many software developers have worked with multiple voice-over artists belonging to different regions, cultures, and ethnicity and included their voices in the apps and software to target their customers more effectively by providing them voice-enabled software in their native accent or dialect. Even Microsoft word has different voices for its ‘Readout Loud’ feature.


 So, it is conclusive that voice-overs and tech are bound by fate for the future. Every other tech product is being expected to be voice-enabled. Some products like Google Home and virtual assistants are expected to be able to make full conversations. With tech developers, the world is eyeing to have a piece of AI and the personalization it provides. The voices used in various software, devices, etc. have a huge impact on its success. Therefore, tech companies are partnering with top-class voice-over services to find & develop the perfect voice for their products and services. Voice-over is now a thing that has expanded the pallet of branding which was previously dormant, especially in the tech industry.