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Publishing means ensuring the availability of information to the public. Earlier it was done printing and distributing the documents or books, but with time new channels have been added such as websites, apps, etc. The network of organizations that are involved with the selecting, editing, refining, producing, and distributing, in short, publishing information combinedly make the publishing industry. The publishing industry is the area that covers two major subsects – the traditional print media and printing. Conventional print is commonly known as publishing, is mainly focused on consumer products like – magazines, books or different genres, periodicals, etc., covering virtually any or multiple topics. The publishing industry’s consumer products can be classified into –

  • Trade Books – fiction, non-fiction, etc., which are of general interest and easily accessible over retail counters.
  • Religious Books – those include scriptures, prayers, devotional work, etc.
  • Textbooks – curriculum books from kindergarten to graduate and professional level studies.
  • Scientific – technical books, niche-specific, including sciences, medicals, etc.

With changing times, the modes of publishing a book or any such thing for the matter also started evolving. First came the E-books, which pushed the publishers to move to a digital platform and publish virtual books instead of hard copies. Now is the time for audiobooks. As people nowadays are more intrigued and interested in listening to a book instead of reading it, the publishers are rushing to find suitable voices to narrate the books. So, Voyzapp – the torchbearer of voice-over agencies in India has been providing publishers and authors with the most apposite voices to narrate their materials to be published.

Publishing Industry – Stats and Trends

The global publishing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% and go from $51.06 billion in 2020 to $56.09 billion in 2021. The growth is further charged due to the surge in demand due to the Covid pandemic and the rise of demand for more digitized books. The industry is further expected to reach $75.4 billion at a CAGR of 8% by the year 2025. The paradigm shift in the publishing industry is due to the high demand for digitization of books and educational information due to more users accessing books through audio channels, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Publishing Industry in India

India is among the top seven countries in the world and positions third in English publications after UK and US. The industry is witnessing a CAGR of 30%. The Indian publishing market is not uniform and is configured according to region and language. Including English, India has 24 languages that give ample scope and variety to the Indian publishing industry. More than half of the total titles published in India are in Hindi and English, with Hindi constituting about 26%, followed by English at 24%. Currently, the Indian publishing industry is expected to reach ₹800 billion by the year 2024

Voices in Publishing Industry

Irrefutably the voice-powered tools and apps are at an infant stage but are maturing at a rapid pace. Especially, in the publishing industry, more and more readers want books to read to them or at least books be available to them in audiobook voice-over formats so they have any time anywhere access to it. Many people prefer to have the summary of the books read to them instead of the book itself. With smart voice-activated speakers are becoming a common household thing the demand for audiobooks has risen significantly. Global research data suggests that the number of voice assistants that was 2.5 billion in 2018 will rise significantly, and is expected to reach around 8 billion in 2023. This data has made quite a stir in the publishing industry as now publishers are facing the challenge of digitizing their businesses and products for better voice-enabled searches and adapting to this tech-driven era.

This has compelled the active publishers of the industry to launch voice-activated apps and start publishing their magazines, books, and newsletters there, mostly in audio formats. Many publishing houses have adhered to podcasts and videos, but these very few and very huge publication houses. Specifically, during and after the pandemic people have developed the propensity to listen to books or other published materials while doing their work or household chores. That is why in the last few years the number of podcasts and audiobook platforms has skyrocketed. Now authors and publishers understand that conventional book reading habits are not very common these days, and the future of the publishing industry is in evolving with time. The popularity of audiobooks and podcasts was only limited to generation Z, but due to the pandemic, everyone now has had a taste of it.

Therefore, Voyzapp is all buckled-up and ready with the best voice-over actors of the country to provide voice-overs, narrations, etc., to any and all the authors and publishing houses out there. With years of experience in narrations and voice-overs for the industry, the voice-artists are well-versed in the technicalities of the literature to sci-fi, from children’s books and rhymes to serious thrillers and self-development books. Our voice artists have exquisite talents that could make the characters of a story come to life.

To Sum it Up

Well, the publishing industry might be seeing its ups and downs and finding it hard to meet the needs of these modern-day readers, but for sure it has shown a great level of adaptability. Evolving with time and accepting the changes the industry is for sure is doing great, contrary to common belief. Now the world is leaning towards listening to books rather than reading them and publishing industries around the world are not only fulfilling the need but also preparing for future demands. Searching voice talents, categorizing voices, recording the excerpts, editing, and finishing up the final products. Well, instead of going through so much trouble, you can contact Voyzapp – the leading voice marketplace in the country. Voyzapp provides you with the most cost-effective yet eminent voice services in the least turnaround time. We invite you to check out the demo reels and find the best-suited voice to publish your book in.