Voice Over Artists & Talent for Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry also called the medical industry, is the sector within an economic system that deals in providing goods and services for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with preventive and curative care. The healthcare industry takes up around ten percent of the total gross domestic product of many developed nations and it is one of the largest & fastest-growing industries in the world. In simple terms, the medical or healthcare industry is the sector that provides us with things like medicines, medical equipment, life science researches, medical insurances, etc. In the modern digital world, the healthcare industry has also evolved and included various modern methods to inform, educate, and market its goods and services. Explainer videos, educational videos, awareness AVs, and other announcements are made through various channels to reach the maximum number of people. In all these methods of reaching out to a mass audience, the medical industry employs professional voice-over artists to communicate effectively with people and provide clear and proper instructions. Therefore, Voyzapp – your go-to place for voice services, provides the perfect voices for the medical industry. Voyzapp has the aptest voices for the healthcare industry – authoritative but friendly, comforting yet instructional, and the voice artists have experience and familiarity with jargon and technical terms of the industry. 

Healthcare Industry – Stats & Trends

The global healthcare industry is worth $8.20 trillion in 2018 and is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2022. The covid pandemic pushed the healthcare systems of almost every nation to their breaking point. Due to this, the remote healthcare sector has seen quite an upsurge in its demand. With an estimated CAGR of 7.88%, it is expected to go from $ 320.6 billion in 2021 to $ 545.1 billion by 2028.  

Healthcare Industry – India

In India, the healthcare market has seen quite a rise in recent years. The hospital industry in India is expected to reach from $ 61.8 billion in 2017 to $ 132 billion in 2023 at an estimated CAGR of 16-17%. While the overall healthcare industry of India is expected to reach $ 372 billion by 2022. In the pandemic situation, the total global investment in India in the field of drug and pharmaceuticals development was $ 17.99 billion from April to December of 2020. In totality, the healthcare industry in India is growing quite significantly and is attracting more domestic and foreign investors. 

Voice-overs in Healthcare Industry 

The everyday advancements in the field of life sciences have risen the need to deconstruct the methods of providing medical and other healthcare information to the audiences. Communicating the important information in a clear, concise, and compelling way is vital now than ever before. That’s why voice-overs are being efficiently used in the various sections of the healthcare industry. Medical IVRs, Public Health Awareness Campaigns, Healthcare Apps, and Medical Explainer videos are just some examples of it. Voice-overs have also eased up the smooth and continuous flow of vital information in multiple languages to meet the need of the modern multicultural world. 

Uses & Benefits of Voice-overs in the healthcare industry

The evolution of mobile apps, explainer videos, 3D animations, etc., has been quite helpful in transmitting relevant and crucial information across the globe to the concerned people. The medical or Healthcare industry has also been hugely benefitted by these and has successfully utilized them for learning and imparting knowledge about the advancements in the life sciences. Since the healthcare industry is more about treating and taking care of people, the voices used in the industry are also required to be so.  Voyzapp – the leading voice-over marketplace has worked with many organizations working in the medical industry, and have found that professional voice-overs help the healthcare industry in the following ways: -

  1. An authoritative and trustworthy voice aids in explaining complex procedures and comprehending intricate materials to medical professionals. In addition to this, voice-overs have more effective in explaining the conditions to the elderly and children. 
  2. Fine voices are used by medical and pharma advertising agencies. A fluent and caring voice is used in marketing medical equipment, pills, services, etc. Various pharma companies and medical organizations use professional voice-over artists to be their brand voice. 
  3. Professional voice-overs have been of great succor in explaining the working and functionalities of medical equipment and devices to medical lab technicians. They also help to explain the various medical procedures to the medical students in academic hospitals. 
  4. In a recent survey with many physicians, it has been found that ads and videos about healthcare or any specific matter under it with professional voice-overs have been more engaging with people than any other mode. The human touch and direct approach instill the need for awareness about healthcare. 
  5. Combined with 3D animations, visuals, scripts, etc., professional voice-overs are highly used to explicate scientific researches, trial results, and other relevant data and information to physicians, medical experts, investors, and patients. In addition to that professional voices are also used to explain the disease pathophysiology to the same people clearly and concisely. 
  6. At various healthcare centers and doctors’ clinics' professional voice-overs are used along with relevant visuals to educate patients, families, and other caregivers about new advancements, changes to make in lifestyle and behavior, and recovery guidance for after surgery time. With those educational AVs, various topical and promotional messages are also displayed with an empathetic professional voice marketing the new drug or medical assistance services. 

As voice-overs have been an aid to the healthcare industry in tackling various crucial situations like explaining the complexity of research or a medical procedure or surgery. The invention of various voice-enabled medical software and apps has also upsurged the needs and demands for professional voice talents that are fluent and well-versed in medical jargon. So, find the most soothing and assuring medical voices that comfort the patients and their family members or the voices that are a great fit for imparting lessons to medical students and providing instructions to medical professionals. Contact Voyzapp Now.